Manmarziyaan : Hidden Love! (Last shot)


Ivy here again. Sorry for not posting yesterday. Her it goes –

1st shot :
2nd shot :

“What the hell do you think you’re doin’ wearing these clothes?” I hear him say.

Great. He did notice me wearing this uncomfortable clothes. I did this for him. I wore this for him.
But to look beautiful in his eyes. To take his breath away. To get a loving look from him.

Every other guy was looking at me when I was standing outside. Though, some did with lustful eyes, some were admiring and some amused.

But with an exception, it was of him looking at me angrily. I mean, what did I do?

“Tell me, damn it!” he shouts.


He’s standing so close to me. When he came so close? Was I daydreaming or something? I didn’t see him coming towards me.

My heart. Shut up! Don’t pound too much that you may come out of my ribcage. He will hear it. And he’ll realize that I’m nervous, very much.

“I… I don’t know,” my lips mumble.

“I can’t hear you,” he takes one step more, towards me.

Literally saying, if I just lift my head to see him, our face will meet. That close. And top of it my heartbeat isn’t getting normal. What the hell?

“I…,” I began saying but he hushed me by placing his palm on my lips. A chill run down my spine just because of one touch.

Holy shit.

What’s he upto? I’m not getting it. It’s not my best friend speaking. His way of saying words belongs to some lover. Is he my lover?

“I don’t like it when other guys look at you with prying eyes. Why did you wear these? What you wanted to prove? To impress that guy who you were talking about last week? Why? Why do you notice other guys when I, your bestie, is there with you?” his whispers were making my heart race. He’s really saying this. He wanted me to look at him? Notice him?

“I did, always. But you go around every other girl without looking at me once. I’m wearing these for you. To get your attention,” I whisper back with trembling lips.

I’m feeling like crying.

All this time, he was feeling the same way I was.

I can’t say how happy I am. I’m feeling the luckiest. The happiest.

“I’m in love with you from the very first day we met. I never showed it to you but you were always there in my heart. I was afraid of losing our friendship. You never gave me any kind of hint which depicted you were interested in me.”

His words.

My eyes are filled with tears by now. Happy tears.

“I’m so in love with you,” the words escape my lips automatically. “What you said right now was the thing that was always in my mind.”

As these words left my mouth, he pulled into his arm.

So warm. I’m feeling the safest. I wrap my arms around his torso feeling him for the first time as a lover.

“I love you,” we say together.


I control my anger when I realize she’s not listening to me. She’s in her deep thoughts.

Now, I again notice her. She looks as breath taking as possible. She always take my breath away even if she’s in her casuals. I move close to her holding back the urge to touch he, lovingly.

Her heartbeat, I can hear, is beating very rapidly. Is it because of me standing so close to her?

She tries to say something. I hush her by placing my palm on her plum lips. So soft. I would like touch them with my own.

I say everything that’s on my mind from the day we met. She looked so babyish. So loving. So adorable. She still is. But also has a naughty side with only I, her bestie, have seen.

“I’m so in love with you,” I hear her say the words I’ve always craved to listen. Finally. She’s also in love with me. She loves me.

I’m feeling as though I’m out of world. I hug her tight. She’s so fragile. Her hands around me feels so good.

As lover, I can say she’s the best girl.
As bestie, she’s the best girl.

She’s everything I needed from life.

I love her and will love her till my last breath.

Thank you

Credit to: Ivy Vinnie

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  1. this was lovely….Hmm…. its like a dream sequence.

    1. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Beatiful story.

    1. Thank you so much Sasha!!

  3. Awesome episode. 🙂

  4. Awesome confession yaar

    1. Glad that you read it! Thanks!

  5. thank u so much for the ff. I just loved it. the way u made it, with a fresh start to the beautiful ending, is just awesome. wish u to update some more fresh n beautiful creations on the page dea…

    1. Wow! I’m so happy… Thank you! And I’lll sure post more of my works!

  6. Superb story dear. Keep writing dear. Luv u…tc….

    1. I will write more. 🙂 Tysm!

  7. awesome story.. keep writing new ff…….tc

    1. I will write more! Tysm 🙂

  8. Wow..thats really awesome..i felt it like you had an experience..its well written…grt..keep writing dr vinnie.

    1. I have no such experience :/ btw thanks!

  9. sry 4 te late cmmnt..its superb!!!!!!!!!!update fast……….who s tis he n hr????ardhika????or nesam????

    1. This was the final shot! And you can think of anyone you want it to! NeSam or ArDhika, you decide
      in your mind. 🙂 Tysm 🙂

  10. Beautiful and sweet

  11. Wowwww, Just loved it very very much. …. 🙂

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