manmarzian…different ways to love and to be loved part 1

thanks everyone for welcoming in ur manmarziyan family. …
so here is ur 1st part

scene 1
A milti National Company

as we move inside the company….we can see a girl working on laptop…of course she is our chasni…she have specs….with normal salwar suit..looks simple
suddenly she gets a call
radhi:yes sir..I’ll be there in a minute
she hurriedly goes

inside a cabin. ..
there is a knock on the door
radhi:may I come in sir…
boss :yes….u may take ur seat
radhika sits there
boss :look ms radhika. …there is going to be a big tender deal. I guess that can only goes to mr arjun mehta…so I need u to prapare an interview of him
radhi:bt sir..its not a channel show nor I’m a reporter…after all im just your PA..then how can I
boss :I know its for our betterment. that we can move on….
radhi:bt sir
boss :cammon radhu…..dont behave as if u dont no anything. ..
radhi:do u think that its easy
boss : u are a girl…of course he is handsome. ..u can make him fall for u naa..
radhi:sir behave urself
boss :u have 2 options. .either to choose this or else just go away frm my sight…
radhi:its bettet to move away. ….sorry sir
she goes away…..and leaves the office

on road…
she is lost in her toughts
suddenly a car applied its break. …a middle aged man comes out….
mid man:beta…are u okay okay…and im sorry uncle…
mid man:its okay beta. ..just take care

she sees a temple and rushes to there
radhika:(to god)
hey bagwan…I havnt done anything wrong. ..I just think to stand in my own foot…bt everytime u r discarding it…why….do u think that im not worth for it…or u think that girls cannot do job….
suddenly a voice came:who said that neri chasni….(its our sam)
sam :look chasni…im fed up with u….just think it na…whenever u find any job…u r getting disqualified in it….its not ur fault nor the gods….because god must have seen something for u …and u jusy need to find ur true potential. ..thats it
radhi:how can u say that sam….u knw today also im fired….(tells her everything)
sam :let me see him
radhi:no need sam…boss said that only because he need to grow up
sam :claps het hand…wow….fasntastic..
radhi:sam plz
sam:then wot shud I say….its only because of ur innocence. .all are taking advantage…
radhi:sam just stop it….
sam:come lets leave…else gods too will take advantage of my chasni. .sam winks at her
both leave

precap:ardhika encounter
neil intro

I dont no guys whether u would like this or not…I was just trying…if u finds it interesting. .I can make it much longer…..plz comment..

Credit to: salluzz


  1. Roma

    It’s very good n interesting my dear, keep it up, rads boss just a jerk…Sam wants to set scores but still our chashni think for others…so selfless n naive…loved the epi soooooooo muchhhhhh. …precap is very interesting, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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