Manmarzian again – after 22 years: – Intro

Finally found the link to submit my article!! I don’t know whether dis s fit for an intro or not but plz bear with me!!

Hi this is Jara.Well I have been a silent reader of all ur ffs and sorry for dat . all u guys r awesome… it’s dat I have net problem n whenever I try to post comment my net goes for a toss. From nw on I promise that I will try to comment in all ff’s.

Okok nw to dis ff,actually dis is my first story writing so plz do bear with me . Plz do comment and do not punish me by not commenting as it’s ur turn now!!

Character intro:
All characters as in original manmarzian and some new characters….

Saran Neil Malhotra (son of Nesam,19 yrs. old)
He is a young man doing his studies in business. He was the Neil who would accept the way things come and was good at empathizing others and was the Sam who he cared for his brother Aru(Aradhyan)and adamant to get the right things for him.

Aradhyan(son of aradhika,13 years old)
Aradhyan was more like his father . He will not talk much . But he was very good at academics .Like his father he had interest in business.

Saru and Aru ( as they are called fondly) are not blood related brothers. But no outsider would say or feel so. The bond between them was so strong as their parents, aradhika and Nesam lived together.
Both aradhika and Nesam loved both their sons as their own. They never showed any difference. It is like the children are gifted with two set of lovely parents.

Bird song is now owned and run by Nesam and aradhika . Samrat and piyali have retired and are taking care of their grand children.

One day ,
Everyone was tensed in bird song. Nesam and aradhika were walking to and fro in tension. Teji,Zubin,Krithika were thinking so that something some idea would crack in…

Please do tell me whether I should continue or not. Do post ur comments n feedbacks!!Thanks a lot and stay blessed guys!! And also plz suggest any name for ardhyan and saran bcoz I was thinking a lot and this is wat came to me!!


  1. Rahul

    Hey i am huge fan of manmarziyan and its lyk season 2 so i am so happy plz continue this bcoz i love manmarziyan and i am very happy ..great story and i am expecting much more from u….keep it up …..and thank u….

    • Jara



      Thanks a ton !! Yea Ll try to make it manmarzian part 2 and match it’s standards. Thanks a lot stay blessed!!!

  2. Sammy


    |Registered Member

    First of all welcome jara …here iam the Sammy who make everyone mad from my ffs …and other thing ..if you can ..pls make ardhyan also equal to nesam son’s age …becoz then u can write love story of both their kids …if you are writing love story …and Saran actually it remind me of Saral …so if u can change it then it will be OK otherwise I don’t have any problem ..with that .
    Now for the intro was really cute ..special bonding between them …and try to update atleast once in the week ..your concept is nice…as MY LOST STORY …is also about their kids …so you will get my full support ..go ahead 🙂 .

    • Jara



      U made me go made for sure Sammy by ur ffs!!! Thanks for ur support!! And about ardhyan’s age, trying to bring brother chemistry for them Ll c what it turns out and one more thing you got me Sammy I made up the name saran from saral ly Ll think about it!! Thanks again stay blessed!!

  3. Sweetie


    |Registered Member

    Nice intro Jara..I’m up for MMZ always.. 🙂 Saran and Aradhyan are nice names..As you have already given nicknames,there will be no need to change the names I think..Keep going..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  4. S.v


    |Registered Member

    Super jara that was nice a new start of the manmarziyan . Do continue as it is nice , wanna know what the boys are gonna do in their lives. All the best for the update

  5. sarswati

    generally i dont comment on any ff… but now i m doing so to tell u that ur story is good….it will be nice to see how their life will be after so many years…and names for the boys are lovely….
    keep it up…

  6. rossy

    Very nice jara…m always in for mmz…I am always in ardhika land n nesam also…continue soon

  7. Jessie


    |Registered Member

    Hey Jara.. thats really nice.. and I wud like 2 request u to add Ardhika’s scenes n nesam’s inbtwn lyk a flashback atleast.. Am so interested 4 d story..n bring it on..All eager 4 d update.. Take care.. thanks for writing on mmz.. my fav show yaar..

    • Jara



      It’s my favorite too. And yea will try bring aradhika and Nesam scenes .thank you again and plz keep supporting

  8. Ritu

    Amazing start Jara..a mmz ff…yipee…story on their kids..m excited..but plz include nesam and aradhika’s scene also….plz continue and update nxt soon dear..will be waiting.. 🙂

  9. Brin


    |Registered Member

    Another Manmarziyan, I would love to read anything on Manmarziyan, so please do continue. And also welcome Jara to Manmarziyan ff. 🙂

  10. Jamel Obrist

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