Manmarzian again – after 22 years: – Epi – 6


Hi all,
Sry for posting it late my file got deleted accidentally and I had to retype it again so…. Here I am to bore you guys again…

Let’s start
Something caught Saran’s eyes…
It was a message from Ajay,
It read….
Don’t worry ridhu they will pay for their deed.. What if they are great malothras and mehras they will have pay for what they have done… we will get it done no wrys dear…
Saran was in utter shock …he saw ridhu coming and put back her phone…
Ridhu came and she started to speak with aru…
Sarn didn’t even a speak a word he was just looking at her the way she talked.. Her expressions….
He interrupted and said , I think we should make a move now?? Aru was bit confused he wanted to spend time with her but…?? He just nodded and went with saran…
Saran was all the way back home thinking…
She is here to take revenge but why did she help us first he was confused!!!
He was in his thoughts when someone called him…
He smiled and said shall we meet…
Yes it was none other than rahul, teji’s son….
He was much like Teji…

Same small eyes…same level of stupidity yet soo caring…
And about teji’s love story,
Seeing aradhika Nesam Teji also decided to do love marriage….
He would flirt with every girl assuming her to be dream girl….
Teji’s mom came to know about it and fixed his marriage with a distant relative. First Teji was not OK with it but when he found that the girl is more nut loose than him he gradually fell in love… but unfortunately she is no more now, as she died giving birth to rahul….
Rahul and saran meet in café….
Saran explains everything starting from presentation to the message that he read….
Rahul smiled and said that’s it, agar Maha ekdashi aur ghow matah hi asshirwaad ho we will solve this thing…
Saran was confused cow… ashirwadd???!!?!!?
Arey tumari parents ne story nahi sunayi….
I know it yaar don’t worry we will go to their house today… and find out
Rahul, have you lost it, one who does mistake will not accept it easily…saran said innocently
Rahul hit his head, we will go at night stupid and find the truth out but I have a doubt…
Are u seriously Sam aunty’s son??? Tum kitni duffer ho yaar….
Saran made faces ,all ok, but how will we get his house keys….
Rahul gave a warm smile, don’t worry mere father hai na he has done it once so he can do it again….
He calls Teji…
Teji rushes to the café and meets them…
Teji listens to them and gets shocked what…. Ridhu … not a good girl…..
Are you both sure ?? Both nodded…
Yes dad… but we need your help…. Plz can you get the house keys of Ajay…
Teji was thinking and then he made up his mind… to help them….
OK my dears Ll get the job done but we will not utter a word to anyone OK?? Not even to arjun and radika OK??
Both nodded their heads and put hands together..
So Tom Teji will get the keys and both saran and rahul would enter at night and find the truth that was their plan….

And they went to their house…
At teji’s house….
Teji was really worried… bcoz he know what all the four had faced he didn’t want it happen again…
Rahul saw this and came and sat near him, dad don’t worry not this time they will be safe I will find out the truth dad don’t worry plz… he consoled him….
But Teji couldn’t atop thing who could it be ??? The four has lonnnng list of haters who’s daughter is she???
Teji was restless the whole night…not only him saran, rahul, radhika , Neil everyone was restless
Next morning
At bird song,
All the four are in the cabin
Radhika calls Ajay to his cabin…
Ajay enters,
You and your sister mean a lot to us Ajay . your sister sàved our son it’s not a small thing so we would like to personally meet your parents..please bring them for dinner na???
Ajay was in complete shock he stammered… pp…paa…paarents??
Radhika said yes is there any problem??
Ajay gives a unconfindent smile and says problem??? Why..what problem……problem…..but….problem hai na they are out of town so …..
Radhika nodded OK and guestered him to go…
She turned to all the three… and asked still you believe him guys?? I just asked to bring his parents….
Wait radhika we cannot jump into conclusions…so wait don’t you think you are rushing things with judging Ajay???Arjun asked
Radhika sighed at looked at neil, Neil winked at her guestering her let go….
Meanwhile Teji was focusing on ajay’s keys…
He went and clashed with him so that things would fall…and he could pick up the keys…
But failed…
Attempt 2: he sent him to canteen and checked his bag but found nothing…
Attempt 3: he was talking with him all stupid stuffs about keys like different sizes of keys what are they made of….. But nothing turned out….Teji could not know even where he kept the keys
Saran and rahul had arrived to get the keys….
Teji made up his mind to take the keys somehow….
Ajay was working …. Teji came near to him… Ajay still had fear sticken to his face and was sweating he removed his hankie and there it fell from his pocket….Teji was so happy Teji silently bent down took the keys … Ajay didn’t even notice it…. He was glued to his thinking what will happen if they meet mom…
And for Teji it was an achievement…he went out and meet saran and Ajay at car park and gave them the keys…
He was waiting for his sons to praise him(of course Teji loved all three as his sons)
Saran took the keys from his hand and said ummm..uncle plan changed…..
Teji was just blinking at both all his hard work had gone what????
Saran explained actually we are going at night right so we can sneak in over a balcony…me and rahul just now went to her house and made the plan…. Sorry we don’t need the key plz keep them again with Ajay…
Yes dad said rahul…

Teji was heart broken he thought he could win Arjuna award for his bravery but not even a appreciation…. He became sad and nodded his head and went inside office…
Everthing saran said was going on his head… sorry uncle…. He repeated sorry Tam : sorry kandipidichavana sevtulaye vidanam ( the man who found it sorry should be beaten black and blue)
He returned the keys to Ajay saying that it was lying down…and went back to his job…
Meanwhile the detectives whom Neil set called them, and both radhika and Neil met them at a restaurant…
Mam I am not aware about their childhood but I took some pics of that boy and girl with her mother and some uncle and shows the pic…
Radhika and Neil are in super complete shock it was photos of Bonnie and saral…as they had guessed….
I hope I am not dragging guys plz do let me know about this…

Precap: Ajay out of job… saran finds the ugly truth of Bonnie and saral….

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  1. Brin

    Not dragging, story going in a very interesting direction and the precap is very interesting, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Jara

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    Awesome Jara 🙂 keep it going

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    1. Jara

      Padam vandhan vendran Akka santhanam will tell to jeeva.. Thank you soo much for ur support Akka… youuuu soooo much

  5. Shubhadha

    Very nice update dear…Teji stole keys for Radhika before 22years and now for her kids

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    Nice dear..want raneil to punish them bad..

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    finally! raneil knows……update soon 🙂

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