Manmarzian again – after 22 years: – Epi – 5


Thanks a ton for your support guys.. But I get a feeling that I sound boring always….i do no why, sometimes I feel I am not fit to write so plz do let me know, all negative and postive coments are welcome..

At ajay’s home,
Car driver: sorry sir!! One girl came in between and saved the boy we could not do anything
Saral: I just gave u one job and u could not do that also. Forget about the payment u r not getting any of it as u have done nothing, and one more thing what is the necessity to come home u could have just called me , now get lost he shouted.
Bonnie asked so this was your secret mission,hmm? she asked sarcastically. Saral raised his eyebrows, and said, next time it won’t miss just wait and watch..
Bonnie smiled, and said next time, haa ha leave it to me, I will take care…then a bike entered their house, it was Ajay and ridhu.

Ridhu saw the car and got thinking Ajay shook his hands and guestered to her as to what was she thinking…..ridhu is still seeing the car and says, vo vo….lagtha hai…..
Bonnie interrupts them and calls them in. She sees ridhu’s wounds and asks about it.
Ridhu smiles , mom u know what happened today, I saved aru mom!!
Bonnie and saral looked at each other confused and asked aru???
Yes mom my scooty got punctured so I was looking for a mechanic and finally found one opposite to aru’s school.

U know what happened after that aru was crossing the road and car was coming towards him in full speed, I ran and caught him and rolled with him to other side.. She had enacted the whole scene of in front of them and was waiting to be praised like a five year old kid.
Bonnie and saral looked at each other and gave unwilling smile at ridhu,and asked her to take rest, ridhu was pretty disappointed she thought her mother would praise her but she never reacted much….she nodded her head and went to bed.
After they went the car driver who was hiding and seeing all this came out and gave a glare at saral and Bonnie and walked to his car..

While starting the car, car drivers POV,Tamil: evangale bomb vepaagalam apram evangale poi bomb ah diffuse pannuvangalam (they only planned to keep bomb they themselves diffused it???, mudhalvan movie dialogue, thought to use it as it suits here)
Saral was in hell anger now, I told you to have an eye on kids , stupid heart of hers why did she not let that happen knowing it was arjun’s son…ahhh.he retorted.
Don’t worry saral, let me try once,bcoz they still don’t know whom are they facing, and smiled at each other, and Bonnie turned she saw Ajay was standing behind her.

Saral and Bonnie were in shock and looked at each other and hoped he didn’t hear any of their conversation. He came near Bonnie saw her face so lovingly and said, mom, I think we are getting caught, today all four were getting details of me mom, see this I found it in their cabin saying this he handed over the paper to Bonnie. Bonnie went through the papers and smiled at saral and sighed, don’t worry Ajay they will not get us, now go and sleep now….Ajay nodded and turned to go to bed but was still thinking..

Saral saw the papers and Saral’s pov: what do u think raadhu u are ahead of us, not this time, we are well ahead of you and when you get to know who is behind this I am sure will be shattered.
And ridhu was laying on bed restlessly, going through all the events, her act, the hospital scenes, then the car she saw, the way her mother reacted…all things and she was confused and thought whether it could be the car…. Or mom didn’t like that I saved…. Or mom planned it…She brushed her thoughts aside and went off to sleep.

At Saran’s home

All the four and saran was taking great care of aru and they went off to sleep, but our investigation Queen radhika couldn’t sleep, she was walking to and fro in the garden, Neil saw this and came to her, chasini don’t worry yaar nothing happened to aru ryt, thanks to the girl ridhu she saved us again… radhika said yes again that’s what I am also thinking, it has not been a week Neil and 3 things happened.

Neil asked what again three things happened, what yaar chasini what happened??
Yea Neil, look the presentation then Saran’s accident and then now with aru all these things happened, in all these those two somehow saved us….if one happens…..
Neil interrupted and said, yea yea I know If one happens it’s coincidence if three happens it’s not, change the dialogue yaar and smiled at her.

Radhika smiled and said, exactly Neil and that’s the reason why I want to meet their parents. Neil understood what she meant and hugged her and said don’t worry chasini I have already hired an agent who will be watching them 24*7, from tomorrow, so we will find everything about them.
Radhika broke the hug, and when Neil was about to leave, she said Neil don’t say anything about this to arjun or Sam, u know them, they believe what they see and it’s difficult to make them understand, that’s the Same reason why they believed nandhini that time so…
Neil nodded in positive and said I know chasini don’t worry we will get through this.
Meanwhile saran decided to go out with ridhu tomorrow by making an excuse of thanking her for her act, but wait, he really wanted to thank her whole heatedly as aru was his life and will find out about her age.

Next day morning ,

Saran called ridhu to arrange for their meeting she picked up the phone, and said this is saran here. Ridhu who just woke from sleep jerked hearing his name, and said haa saran , bolo.
Saran asked if she was fyn, ridhu was still yawning and spoke yeeaah, saran I am OK. Saran now knew he called her at wrong time but he wanted to convey what he wanted to say he asked if she could meet them at restaurant he wanted to personally thank her, at anytime as per her wish. Oh wats the need, suddenly aru got the phone from saran and spoke, plz didi come na I want to thank you, ridhu smiled and agreed and kept the phone.

Now saran didn’t expect this. he gave a angry glare at aru. Aru noticed this and said what?? She saved my life so I have to thank her. Saran nodded in positive but he scolded aru in his mind for coming with him. He couldn’t do anything about it bcoz aru had a valid point..
They meet at the discussed restaurant and began chatting, ridhu excused herself and went to washroom and in meantime her phone beeped it was a message from Ajay read aru and he opened it, saran who saw this snatched the phone from aru’ s hand and said it’s wrong to read others message, and was about to press the back button to exit from the messaging screen but something caught his eye.

Precap: saru doubts ridhu…..Neil secret agents shows them some photos…..teji’s son entry….

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  1. Jessie

    Its interesting… so wats tat msg.. teji’s son.
    .. waiting 4 nxt one.. and why u think so… nee nalla ezhuthura.. dont stop in half way.. if possible give a bit more lengthy update frm nxt time..

    1. Jara

      Thanks dear for those lovely words Ll continue and yea next one will be lengthy, I promise…. Thanks again….

  2. S.v

    Jara sema dialogue evanugaley vepangalam aparam ivanungaley adha edupangalam. U donno i was laughing like hell. God thanks for this update and dont ever feel that it is boring it is really nice seriously curious to know what will happen and what is there about teji’s son update soon dear.

    1. Jara

      Haha thanks akka feeling good knowing I brought smile on you ….thank you sooo much love you loadz…

  3. Brin

    I don’t know about other, but I like your story, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Jara

      Thanks a ton yaar … Will update ASAP and thanks again for those lovely words..

  4. Myra

    Wesome episode jara….twist pe twist…
    Okay….clear some of doubts if you may…
    I have this feeling that ridhu is going to change sides once she gets to know the truth….right?
    Or maybe saran and aru confront her….and her heart gives in and she tells the truth?
    Teji’s son….omg! Who did he marry???
    Update soon…eager for the next!

    1. Jara

      Thank a lot dear ur words mean a lot to me and yea ridhu will regret her deeds soon…love u loadz dr

  5. Gauri

    Awesome Jara 🙂

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      Omg!omg!!! I m on cloud nine Di no words to express how excited I am thanks a lottttt….love u loadzzzz

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    Nice one dear…keep continue

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    Too cool yaar,twists are too good.. 😀

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    Superb epi dear…tc…

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    Haha now more fun on store….with saran on mission…haha di…love u ..superb Epi?

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  11. _Ritu

    Superb Jara…precap sounds interesting..looking ahead for nxt…

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  12. Awesome, very nice episode. ..keep it up honeyyy love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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