Manmarzian again – after 22 years: – Epi – 4


Sorry guys for posting it late, was on a tour with my family and had no net access. I know this is short but will give a longer Epi next tym. Hope u guys enjoy it.

All the four were resting on the bed..
No one could sleep..all were thinking about the nights happenings and radika’s findings, all were continuously coming and going in their heads. All were so eager rather so restless to know about Ajay.

Meanwhile, Saru prayed to God that ridhu should be younger than him and slept to continue his dreams. He decided to find it out as soon as possible.

At ajay’s home

Saral,wat r u up to?? Bonnie asked.
Don’t worry u will know by tomorrow morning. But one thing, make sure the kids doesn’t know this. Bonnie was confused.

I do no what is going to happen then how will I say to kids?? She asked with a questioning look.
Saral sighed, okay just ensure that they are not nearby arjun n Sam’s kids that’s enough!
Bonnie: but saral I m your partner in this vengeance right?? Tell me what are u going to do??
Don’t worry Bonnie whatever I do is for both of us. But this one is for radhika Arjun mehra and I personally want this to happen but I promise no where my or your name will be involved..
Next day morning,

All the four and ajay had reached the office. All the four marched into the hr cabin and demanded details of Ajay.

After few mins, the hr person gave a printout about the personal details, his achievements etc..
All the four examined the papers. They wanted to know about his parents and there it was,

Father’s name: Mr. Suresh chowdry

Mother’s name: Mrs. Sudha chowdry.

(Bonnie and saral changed their names so that they do not get caught, even their children did not know their real names,they knew Bonnie as Mrs. Sudha and saral as still thinking his name)
Seeing this all were confused and blinked at each other.
They thought he could be son of nandhini or saral or Bonnie but he’s actually a chowdry!!!
Sam felt relieved and said, come on chasini, our doubts got cleared he is not an enemy , he saved us and we r doubting him? No chasini that isn’t fair!!
Arjun also joined Sam, yea radhika! I know u were scared but it’s OK now. Relax my Sherlock Holmes we are safe, our children are safe, saying this arjun and sam left the place, as they had an meeting that day.

Radhika and Neil looked at each other, and Neil started, thank God chasini they are not that Idiot saral or that nandhini’s…he was interrupted by radhika, what if they had changed their names Neil, she asked.

Neil was surprised at her question and said don’t worry chasini will find out about that. I will hire a secret agent to know about him don’t worry, he assured. Radhika nodded and said if my doubt is right then we are in serious trouble, Neil kept his hands on radika’s shoulder assuring her that nothing would happen and they went back to work, leaving the printout on the floor.
Ajay was seeing all this, and he began thinking, what they were doing with hr so early so he went to the hr and asked what is the matter sir ? As the hr was instructed not to say anything he said, nothing Ajay( of course how could he say it was about him) and went. Ajay walked out of the cabin and saw the papers lying on the floor, all his details … he took it and walked in his cabin and got thinking.

In the evening,

As usual saran went to pick his brother up from school. He was waiting on the opposite side of the school gate as there was more crowd near the gate with his bike. Suddenly his eyes caught something, it was Ridhya she was arguing with a mechanic near the school. He got up from the bike and walked towards her. He decided to know about her age somehow today.
He went near her and started, hii ridhu!! How are you doing? Ridhu replied, I fine Mr. Saran how…she saw something behind saran and ran toward it. It was aru. He was crossing the road and a car was coming at full speed behind him, it was sure to hit him. Ridhu ran, caught hold of aru by embracing him and rolled on to the other side..the car passed them she tried to note the car no. but in vain the car had left from there.

She asked aru who was still hugging,and shivering, are you OK?? Saran reached them and saw his brother and ridhu, they both had scratches but aru had minor ones and ridhu was bleeding as she rolled on the road by protecting aru.

Saran took ridhu and aru to hospital, while they were getting the treatment done he informed aradhika and Nesam and ridhu’s brother Ajay. All rushed to the hospital and saran started to narrate the story how ridhu saved aru.

All the saw aru and ridhu and understood that if ridhu had not saved him it would have been a great accident. Arjun with teary eyed hugged her and said, thanks a lot ridhu, u are an angel to us, u saved us again thanks a lot. Ridhu just smiled and said it’s OK sir, he is like my small brother.

All the four was thanking ridhu caressing her wounds but ajay gave an angry glare. Ajay went to pay the bills but Neil stopped him and said, no saran plz don’t do this you saved my company man and now my son let me do this small favour and paid the bills. After the dressing was over, Ajay took her home, first all the four said that they would drop them but Ajay insisted that he would take his sister as he knows how to take care of her.
While their back home,

Ajay was furious and asked, ridhu, they believe u, I know we have to teach them a good lesson but not at the cost of your life do u get it?
Ridhu was surprised and asked what?? Do u think I planned it??? How could you think Bhai?? I know I had to win their trust and I will take revenge and punish them, but not their children, I am not that cruel, I mean look at Aru, he just small cute, what does he had to do with his parents mistakes.

Saran asked, so this was an accident and u did great stunts to protect him , what if something happens to you??

Don’t worry Bhai nothing will happen to me. U will know after I share this with mumma, mumma will feel so proud of me u just wait and watch. Ajay made a face and said, proud face with his lips travelling all over and drove off.

Precap: ridhu telling her bravery acts……radhika still doubts…. Asks Ajay to bring his parents for dinner…..

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