Manmarzian again – after 22 years: – Epi – 3

Thanks all for ur lovely comments and most of you guessed it right, now with next Epi…do let me know about this. Do let me know is this enough for a Epi or not.

At the party,
Hello sir!! I am Ridhya, u can call me ridhu.. Saying this she extended her hand for a hand shake.. She was wearing a black dress with matching accessories not too big nor small in size but the correct size that would fit her, she had a great sense for dressing as one would say. She extended her hand to arjun. Arjun congratulated her.
Radhika hugged her and said, thanks dear u saved our day, it is a pleasure having you today. Ridhu replied, no mam! The pleasure is all mine. I am a great fan of yours , I have read all your books..u r awesome!! Radhika was so happy hearing this.
Meanwhile saru entered the hall , he could see only one person ridhu, he was so mesmerized by her beauty. He went to her while she was still talking with radhika and said, hii, you here? Ridhu asked, yea but you?? Radhika gave a questioning look. Ridhu explained yea mam I helped him yesterday night when he fell down and asked saru is he OK?? Radhika was now super tensed she asked saru , u fell ??and u didn’t even inform me about it ?? Did u inform Sam at least?? But saru was mesmerized, radhika shook him. He came to senses and asked, mumma ,why are so tensed ? We bagged the project y are so tensed??

Radhika was in hell anger now, you had an accident and you didn’t utter word to anyone, what do you think, u are so grown eh?? Saying this she caught his ears , saru felt a little embarrassed and was about to reply but suddenly he recalled what radhika just said and told , accident?? Who met with an accident?? I just fell down mumma and have got small scratches it’s not an big accident like what you are thinking..he answered like a five year old child, Radhika gave a impossible glare and said, oh! Really then lets tell this to your arjun Papa let’s see what he thinks of this, and thanked ridhu for saving him and went. Ridhu suppressed her laughter and said ur parents are over protective. Aren’t they??
Saru felt so embarrassed he know his both his mumma Papa love him a lot and that’s the reason he hid the little scratches but now all were out, that too in front of ridhu.
All were enjoying the party.Sam came to ridhu and congratulated her , she said you are too good with words, u have a bright future. Ridhu smiled and said, the reason I am here is radhika mam.. I will not stop until I reach the position where radhika mam is now, and went.

Sam smiled at first ,she had the flashes of her past where arjun said that he was here for samrat and all the foolishness she did after that. Radhika saw Sam in her thoughts and asked, Sam what are you thinking ? Sam smiled and said old things . radhika asked old things, why all of a sudden? Sam gave weak smile and said, that girl ridhu , said, she just wanna become like you,and I remembered the old Arjun, he too said so. Anyways what’s the big thing in it. Come let’s enjoy the party.
Meanwhile aru was talking with Ajay, he asked him about his studies and stuff like that. In middle of the talk , he noticed his brother, getting scoldings from his Papa and remembered the last night. He asked Ajay, what is ur sister doing? Ajay replied, she is in college doing her degree. Hearing dis aru made some calculations in his mind. He excused himself from Ajay and went to his brother. Bhai just now I asked her brother , he said that she s in college and I think she may elder than you.
Saran was all exhausted. All the four had given their dose of scolding to him, for hiding that skid sorry accident he had. Now hearing his brother he was so irritated and shouted ,whaat?
The people who were in the party looked at him. Radhika and Nesam rushed towards him and asked, what happened?? Saran was not able to say anything, he was just blinking at each of their faces.. Aru interrupted nothing to worry mom, Bhai was saying that marriage can happen only wen the boy is elder than girl..nothing else mom u continue, all four got confused yet they decided to leave them alone. Saran’s eyes were burning red with anger!!he said may be she is in 1st or 2nd year, I will find out and goes in search of her. He searched her all over but found out that she has left. He prayed God that she should be younger than him.

At Ajay’s home,
Mom, guess what, everyone was talking with her, and I was left alone, it was my company but I was left alone, Ajay said. Ridhu smiled, yes mom! They believe me mom! They believe I saved their son from an accident… haha so sad of them..
Their mom said well done ridhu!! U r lines were very correct belief needs direction and the results spreads itself… and… will give the direction…
Yes mom, we will bring down birdsong and finally we would pay back to mr. Arjun mehra and co. Said Ajay.
His mother exclaimed, what just bringing down birdsong, I have bigger plans.. Suddenly she was silenced by someone, and he asked Ajay and Ridhya to go to sleep. They obeyed him and wished him, good night and went
He held their mother by her shoulder and asked, are u out of ur mind Bonnie??,what were u saying to them. Bonnie pushed him and said, enough saral… what’s wrong if we tell our plan to my kids?
(They were Bonnie’s kids and saral was helping them so the kids call him uncle…)
Saral spoke , yea go ahead , tell them our plans , have u lost it, u know they both have soft Corner in their heart, they have mercy in their heart, and our plan has nothing to do with it. Bonnie says, sorry saral next time I wont.

In radhika and Nesam’s house,
All were so happy. Neil spoke, that girl ridhu she is so lovable. Arjun agreed with him I guess she is good with words, after her studies I think we should offer her a job here and she has helped saru too I think she is good at heart too. Radhika was still thinking. Neil called out radhika and she said, it’s not a mere coincidence. Nesam and arjun were confused. Neil asked, what chasini wats up? Radhika started to state her findings from her investigation, look Neil,moongfali aur vishwaas these two words… me and arjun would fight with this when he tried to hurt Sam and… then my first tagline for Maybelline being mentioned…and then ridhu saying she wants to be me…. Three incidents dats no coincidence…no…no… something very big is going to happen…
All unanimously asked,what?? She then explained Nesam how they(aradhika) used to fight for Sam ,and arjun saying to Sam dat he is here for samrat.
Sam and arjun started laughing, come on radhika, I think by writing stories u r stressing up a lot come let’s go to sleep, arjun said gesturing her to come
Radhika nodded no, something is fishy after 22 years if one thing happens it’s coincidence but 3 things what do u think, no no…
Neil spoke I agree with her, we will find about them..
Sam said, did u notice something, both Ajay and that girl ridhu did not mention their surnames..
Yea Sam, may be they are bonn or nandh …she started…no it should not be…we have lost more in our marriage life and not anymore…radhika said teary eyed
Arjun hugged her , don’t worry radhika we will find out about their parents…don’t worry..and if they are, here to take revenge, I Ll banish them…no one can hurt my family.

Precap: Radhika checking employee details of Ajay….. Aru life in danger…

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  1. Jessie

    Bonnie n saral.!! Who is bonnie’s husband..and saral.. is that donkey married? Precap1 scares1 me.. clever Rads she took1 d cue frm sam.. it’s turning intresting.. waiting 4 nxt update jara.. TC dear

    1. Jara

      Saral donkey haha!! Will post soon dear stay blessed!!

  2. Rossy

    I knew it…bonnie…ahaan…saral also involved…awww I wanted to see past life…

    1. Jara

      Thanks dear stay blessed!!

  3. Myra

    Jara……it was just fabulous….i love your concept…..revenge after 22 years…..its gonna be something similar of the sort nandini and arjun tried…is it? Cant believe bonnie is back again…never liked her 🙂 Radhika is intelligent ….she figured it out…precap’s a bit worrying though…..update soon…stay blessed 🙂

    1. Jara

      Yes dear trying out something like that, yea will try to update soon. Love u loadz

  4. Sreee

    Super Epi….Nonsense bonnie..arrrgh feel Ike choping her next u

    1. Jara

      Lol.. Thanks dear

  5. S.v

    Saral and bonnie ??? What a twist ?? Super awesome. Next part soon. Loved it the way these kids were being protected and what is gonna come ?? Nail biting update. next part soon.

    1. Jara

      Thanks dii will update soon

  6. Brin

    I knew Bonnie is the mother, if Saral is the uncle, then who is the father, eagerly waiting for the next update. Jara you nail it well done, the episode was outstanding. 🙂

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot !!

  7. wow….amazing episode..interesting story………many question…….eagerly waiting next one…..please update

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear yea will update as soon as possible

  8. _Ritu

    superb epi Jara..bonnie and Saral..but they aint married..but plz dont tell me that the kids are of I cant bear that..anyways awesome epi…rads smart..waiting for nxt…post soon..take care

    1. Jara

      Haha.. Thanks for ur lovely words tc

  9. Lakshmi05

    Nice episode… Waiting for next one…

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot!!

  10. Sweetie

    Fabulous dear.. 🙂

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  11. Awesome fantastic. …love you loads

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