manik malhotra_its my love story (part-9)


Next day Manik looked for Nandini in class she found missing he exclaimed “whatever no issues” and hang out with his friends
During class she entered sat in her place Manik felt relaxed by seeing her
Nandini was totally serious in class
All the competitions were going on she won all in which she participated she even sing that was shocking for Manik
“Zahanaseeb” song was beautifully potrated by beautiful
Mukhti screamed “arey yaar! We can add her to our band as we don’t have lady lead singer me and Aliya can sing but not professional look how amazing she is! Frist let us congratulate her”
All agreed with her Manik was bit surprised they like Nandini
Mukhti congratulated Nandini with her all did. Manik too stretched his hand to congratulate she just avoided and changed the topic
Manik felt very bad he is hurt looked her she is sad her face is lifeless

Twodays rolled on Nandini is not even looking at Manik which is hurting him deeply
Manik felt as some important thing has been deeply hurt which is killing him. He is unable to concentrate on any work while jamming he is getting strucked and unable to continue he became a small size devadas

Mind is revolving around Nandini heart is feeling her still. He decided to talk to her
Next day morning he caught her
“Nandini!” He called
Nandini just gave a look and ignored him
Manik held her hand “Nandu please! Iam fed up don’t be like this talk to me”
Nandini looked at him seriously and said “frist you get clarity you want to talk or you want to not to talk anyhow you hate me so there is no point in discussion”
“It’s not that don’t say that I was confused”
“Confused for what?”
“That too I don’t know”
“Frist you get clarity Manik when you hurt me a lot please leave me I need to stay away from you”
“Please Nandu just understand”
“Why should I?”
“I don’t know but I feel like I have all rights on you and I can express anything it’s Nandu she will”
“Why?”this time Nandini eyes sparkled with a smile on her lips which made Manik get lots of energy
“Why means?” “Why?” He started thinking
“Manik bye! you frist get answer for that then I will talk I know the answer which you had to find out” Nandini left to class Manik stood still thinking

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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