manik malhotra_its my love story (part-83)


Manik malhotra _its my love story

Nandini is taken to girls room, Manik had to walk towards boys room, aryaman left to his house saying everyone bye.

Manik went to deep sleep while talking. Druv want to wake him up but cabir stopped “let him sleep! It’s been ages he didnot sleep, when he missed nandini, you know sitting on road on his knees Manik screamed “nandini” I still hear it, the burning tears, roaring heart, shattered fate it’s terrible. At one point I dragged him home and gave a sleeping pill to calm him. Now by gods grace things are fine”
“Cabir! What was the reason for which Manik even kept us away?”
“I too don’t know clearly, sala he never said it” cabir said with anger
“Cabir! I had a great evil plan” Druv said with wiked smile.
“Let’s go to mukhti and Aliya”

“Guys! Night we will make Manik to sit with us and talk about his darkness in life for which he made us all to suffer, till midnight. You navya make nandini get angry in Manik in such a way that nandini should kick Manik away on his very frist night”
“Waw! Mera sheer! It’s awesome idea.” Cabir kissed Druv
“Chi! Are you Aliya that I will enjoy your kiss?”
” ok ok! Leave it plan starts but frist let us decorate manik’s room”
“I did it” nyionika said
“Aunty! It’s cheating you listened”
“Yes! I have some ideas” nyionika said
“I kept 20alarams in his room which will blow at every five mins”
“Wow! You are too good” mukhti hugged her
“I have one more idea!” Aliya said
“We will keep a mike under his bed to listen their conversation, next day will be ours to blast”
“Chi” nyionika said
“No it’s interesting” cabir said
“No you are not going to do that” nyionika warned
“Ha ha ha ! We are doing that” cabir and gang declared
“Better you don’t listen” navya suggested
“Shameless” nyionika cursed them still they didnot drop the idea.

At six in the evening nandini got up. She felt fresh.she had a cup of coffee and freshed up. All girl started to gossip about sarees and all things about marriage.

Manik sat with srinu, as he was away from work since one weak he is listening to all the works done. Srinu is informing every detail with Manik.
“Sir! A new praposal came which is very big and complicated. These are details. Sinha sir suggested to take risk.”
“Ok I will go through it and inform you”
“They want a meeting I said about your marriage”
“Do one thing srinu! Fix meeting after two days, by then I will take time”
“No need sir they will wait, you enjoy”
“Work is work srinu”
“Yes! But your smile is lot more than work. You don’t know sir, just to see you like this all the workers and staff can do anything. We saw your pain always, this is precious for us. You enjoy sir. After one weak we will have meeting with them”
“Thank you srinu! What about our reception preparation?”
“I invited personal all the families no business people only our family.”
“Bye sir” srinu went.

Manik went to his room to keep his files found it locked
Manik called birju! He said nyionika locked it with smile.
Manik flashed,
“It’s our night nandu! Finally I will get time to talk to you, but….. Our gang! Manik don’t underestimate them. What to do Manik? Think? Think? ”
“Manik!” Nyionika called him
“Yes mom!”
Manik came down
“Mom keep this file in, it’s about our new project.”
“Don’t say me that you have any important meeting”
“No after a weak”
“Good! Will have something ?”
“Mom Iam thinking me and nandini go for …. I mean..,,,, to guest house” Manik said it with shy
Nyionika got him”no! It’s our coustom you will not go”
“But mom my gang? They are wikeds, they will plan something, i can smell it from now see they didnot come to me since one hr”
“Still no going” nyionika smiled
“Did you joined them? O! No! Mom you too”Manik found her smile
“Manik Iam helpless”
“It’s final Iam taking nandini out”
“Manik listen, they will kill me”
Manik didnot listen.
Manik messaged nandini saying about his plan to avoid the gang.

Nyionika informed all about Manik going out.
“This Manik na , wait we will do something”
“Nandu!”navya said all smiled

Nandini got ready, and was about to leave navya called her.
“Nandu are going out?”
“Ayyappa!” Nandini looked up “yes! Hospital I had a emergancy”
“I know your emergancy sit here” navya made her sit forcedly
All the gang along with nyionika came and made nandini to sit in room. Took her mobile.

Manik is frustated cabir and Druv are going on talking. Manik is roaming here there with his mobile.

It’s dinner time. Manik got frustated with anger he came to dinner table looked for nandini she came with all girls with puppy face.
Manik understood.
All had dinner. Mukhti said that she will leave to London tomm as she had performance. All felt sad.

Nandini is getting ready for wedding night. Aliya, mukhti, navya and nyionika are helping her.
” navya! Add all jewelry, she is malhotra’s bahu she should wear them” nyionika said
“So many? I can’t bear the weight”
All smiled but kept s normal look
“You have to”
Navya and mukhti added all to her neck
Aliya wrapped saree, and flowers to her hair. She is looking beautiful.

Manik is sitting with cabir and Druv. He want ran away from them for frist time but no use. “Manik beta you are died today, all pranks will be played on you today, no chance, have great fun. Fun with these idiots??? Nandu! She might got ready. How beautiful she is marriage? Aaaa it’s tempting but this gaddha!” Manik stood up
Cabir and Druv asked”Manik what happened?”
“I want to go to freshen up I will just come”
“Wait we will join you” cabir stood up, Druv too
“What?” Manik look horribly
“Ya! What’s a big deal, since from school we went at a time not what come on” Druv said
Manik totally pissed off
Manik sat down
Aliya, mukhti and navya came. Seeing them Manik understood that nandini is waiting for him.

“Manik you know on our frist night we slept, doing nothing I hate this rituals yaar” Druv added so that Manik will get more frustated
“Shut up Druv!” Aliya hit him
“Arey yaar! Now nandini is so beautiful, if iam a man I would have kidnapped her,she is so s*xy…..ummmmmm, look how beautiful she is” navya showed nandini’s pic to Manik
Manik looked at pic “o God save us from this monkeys”
Manik kept a sad face, all are smiling inside it’s very tough for them to be normal by seeing Manik like this.
Nyionika came with some snacks and drinks
“Come on let’s play antakshri”
Yes all shouted
Manik is died. He got up with anger
“Ok guys! It’s my wedding night you all are pissing me off, I too felt it fine, now can I go?” Manik is frank
All stated to laugh like hell. Manik too laughed.
” fine Manik! You can go but after giving me Shagun” navya said
“Iam nandu’s friend means your sali so”
“O you are my sali. Means adi ghar wali come you to joins us we three will enjoy” Manik took her hand cabir came running “she is only mine no sharing, arey yaar navya I will give you Shagun”
All laughed.
Manik gave navya a cover she opened, it’s an oppintment order, in space music college as vocalist
Navya is shocked
“It’s not recommendation it’s only your talent I sent them your recordings” Manik said
Navya hugged him”thank you Manik I was desperately wanting this but didnot dare in fear of rejection”
“Cabir said to me so we both planed this” navya looked at cabir and tears filled her eyes “let’s get married cabir”
Cabir freezed “since three years iam trying to convince now you are ready at last iam not going to die bachelor” cabir shouts
All had a group hug. Nandini is watching them from balcony.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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