manik malhotra_its my love story (part-82)


Manik malhotra_its my love story

Manik and Nandini are sitting in chairs, all came to wish them one by one.

Manik looked at Nandini she is happy, smiling and her eyes are bright which are saying that she is happy. Manik felt more happy. She tired and feeling sleepy while some puja is going on nandini eyes closed and she is sleeping. Manik kept her head on his shoulder and made her comfort to sleep. When pujari want to wake her up Manik denied and she took her hand in his and did all puja concentratedly.

Marriage rituals over couple took rest had lunch. Fab5 had a performance along with navya. Night it was send off to nandini.

Murthys and malhotra’s returned to Delhi.
Manik and nandini entered malhotra Massion.
Malhotra mansion is one of the biggest mansion in Delhi. Being a builder Manik renovated it so lavishly that who ever enters will be lost in its beauty.
Nandini for frist time she came to malhotra mansion, the house is decorated as bride. Colorful lights, flowers, all decorative items are very attractive. Nandini liked it a lot. Manik called srinu, he brought a trey of wet cement which is placed infront of Manik and nandini
“Nandu! Keep your legs on it, I want to store your frist step into my life forever” Manik said
Nandini did so, besides her foot frints, Manik made his. Srinu took the tray and went to keep it safe for drying.
Nyionika welcomed bahu in her style. Nandini is wearing blue and green combination lehanga. Nyionika kept her pallu on her head and asked her to hit the Kalash of rice, and enter the house. Nandini did it. Then she made nandini to keep her legs in sindur water which sticks to her legs and made her to walk in so that her foot prints would be on floor, nandini did it.
Now all fab5 and navya stopped them.
“Look Manik asking names is old fashion and its waste so we have a new task for you both. Being a bad boy you kissed her in mandap, but now she will kiss you” mukhti said all laughed.
Nandini said no, I can’t
All started to shout nandini did not agree.
“It’s ok na Iam your hubby now you can. Be comfortable it will be fun” Manik suggested
Nandini blushed
“I love it” Manik added
“You naughty boy why are you making my bahu embarsed” nyionika supported
“Aunty! You are not allowed!” Aliya said strictly.
Nandini with closed eyes just kissed his cheek
All laughed.
“Ok! Hogaya! Come nandu!” Nyionika took her to puja room and gave arthi to everyone. Nandini’s hands print are made on the wall.
Nyionika made nandini to sit comfortably and brought some boxes.
Nyionika with her hands wear kangan to nandini and a set of kundan necklace. “Nandu! These are my sasumom ki jewelry. She got them from her sas, now Iam handing over to you. Which my sas said today Iam saying you, marriage is a ritual, that doesn’t make relations its we who make relation, think as if, it’s your relation before you, then you will never have problems in any relation. I welcome you as my daughter not as bahu! We both are equal in this house we both came to this family from different families, so treat me as your mom, I love you beta” nyionika kissed her on forehead
Nandini took her blessings and hugged her. “I will” nandini said with tears.
“Ok! Aunty! No emotional drama we have so many things to do”navya said
“Arey let them take rest frist”
“No rest nothing! We have very interesting program you know aunty you will also enjoy”Druv said
Manik and nandini are made to sit oppositely. There placed a bowl full of milk added with rose and other flower petals. Aliya dropped ring and asked them to find it who finds it frist they will rule the relation was the condition.
Both started to play all girls on Manik side and boys on nandu side.
“Come on nandu” aryaman shouted all others supported
“Manik don’t leave come on” mukhti and navya shouted
After a great search nandini found the ring all boys danced . “Manik you gone” Druv said , all laughed.

Ok! Guys now take this is great task listen carefully. Manik will have this ball on floor now you with the help of nandini hold it and bring it head task is with hands tied back for both
Manik and nandini hands tied back and ball is placed on floor. Manik took it his foot and held it in between his legs nandini is trying to held it but unable to do so, after a long effort it came in between them both dragged to the top suddenly it slipped and both had brushed their bodies with eachother. Which made both giggle.
“Ahaha! Guys you have time for that” cabir warned
Nandini blushed

Ok! You completed two tasks now final one. This is khajur seedless simple Manik will hold it in his lips and you have to take half of it nandu simple, Aliya said
Nandini felt happy no complications thank god
But…… Only with your mouth no touching with hands
Manik smiled. He is so wildly happy that he took khajur in mouth and held it on a little portion of it is kept out so that nandini has to take it by kissing him.
“It’s cheating see he kept only a little out” nandini cried.
“Every thing is fair in love and war nandu! You have to do it” Aliya said in wicked voice all laughed
“Come on nandu show them that you can do anything” aryaman encouraged, cabir murmured some thing in nandini’s ear. Nandini smiled
Manik sat straight, nandini leaned on him and closed her eyes said ayyappa! And opened her eyes and took khajur with her teeth which bit manik’s lips, along with khajur. Manik understood her plan just kept his hand on her head and took her lips and kissed strongly.
All shouted aaaaaa! Mukhti and Aliya hit Manik “shameless”
Manik left nandu
Nandu blushed and closed her face with hands
Manik lip is bleeding. Still he is smiling.

“This my Manik, after somany years I got him back” nyionika felt emotional
Mrs. Sinha concolsed her.
Even Sinha felt the same.
“You know mam! I always used to ask him to enjoy his life as all other does but he never did so, but today, it’s like a dream, unbearable happiness.” Sinha got tears.
Nyionika wiped her tears and smiles and said”yes! Sinha it’s such a happiness which took a long time to happen. This nandu! is the reason for everything. She so prescious for all of us from now, to Manik happy.”
“Yes mam!”

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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