manik malhotra_its my love story (part-80)


Manik Malhotra _its my love story
Mukthi came from London to attend Manik’s marriage. All murthys and malhotra’s reached mangalore.

Manik sent ten members to help murthy in marriage preparations. Just before murthy says anything works are made ready, murthy is happy.

Manik is taking good care of Sinha.
Manik is also getting ready for rituals. Haldi is done in different style where all Manik’s friends applied haldi to Manik along with his relatives. Manik is totally wrenched with haldi, nandini is also in same state all girl applied her. After bath both got ready.

Nyionika brought mehandi for Nandini, both her hands are designed nicely. Manik’s name is written deep inside so that he can’t find it all nite. Manik too filled his hands with Mehandi. All fab4 laughed at for that still Manik didnot hesitate.

Next day is sangeeth. It was day for fab5. Songs and dance are going on till murthy called off. Radhika was very active in singing. Manik and Nandini danced on sun sathiya Mahi ve….. From ABCD 2. All the relatives of both sides enjoyed a lot.
Sinha is very happy seeing Manik like this. Srinu Manik’s pa is shocked to see Manik as such. Nyionika filled her eyes with tears when she got her son back with happiness she missed her husband a lot. All friends are just enjoying forgot all the surroundings. Aliya was taken good care by Nandini as she is gynaecologist.

Night Manik came to nandini’s room like a thief, from balcony. Nandini thought its someone and started to scream all came as Manik want to stop her, before he could reach she started to scream. Manik is helpless. Thought of running back but unnessasarily tension creates among them so stopped. Seeing Manik all laughed even Nandini felt embarsed.
“Manik! If you want to see her you can come by main door we will not stop you” radhika said with smile.
“Ya I can come but these things will not happen after marriage, I just want to enjoy everything” Manik said boldly
All widened their eyes with surprise and blushed for his answer. Nandini felt more embarrassingly
“Acha! Only for thrill we thought for Nandu” murthy said
Manik “no no for Nandu I came ”
This time all laughed loudly which made both Manik and Nandu feel shy and blushed. All left them alone and went to their works.
“Manik before coming you can msg me na”
“If I do so you will never allow me to come”
“What is that why are so bold?”
“I learned it from you”
“Remember our last day of college how bold where you with me”
Nandini blushed closed her face with hands are turned back to avoid Manik
Manik hugged her from back and kept his chin on her shoulder and with low voice “so let’s do it now”
Nandini shocked and turned towards him and in shocking way asked “what??no!”
“Why? You wanted in that day desperately then why not now?”
“That was different”
“Why you lost intrest on me now?”
“No but ….. Now impossible”
“Why? You said on that day, you said on engagement day then why not now”
“Still no not now”
“Why?” “Wait…….no…… Seriously you are thinking that chi Nandu….,, I asked about saying I love you, what did you think??? ”
Nandini closed hit her forehead and closed her eyes with her hand to avoid this embarssing state.
Manik is smiling
Nandini is blushing.
Manik hugged her with love, “your dignity is always precious for me, and our wedding day will be precious eternal and Devine for which I will and I can wait. You are mine, then why should I hurry. Let’s complete all rituals and enjoy each and every moment”
Nandini looked at him with respect”you know Manik, not only that day any day Iam ready to be yours, when Iam yours then these rituals are not going to stop you. I love you Somuch that I can loose my dignity for you”
Manik got tears”l love you Nandu”
“I love you too Manik”
Sapna jaha dastak na dea chowkat thi wo… runs back ground

It’s marriage day;
A beautiful stage for marriage with full of redrose petals and jasmines are decorated. All way for Nandini to walk is filled with rose petals. Manik is in dhothi half naked, Nandini is in white saree with red border full of jewels.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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