manik malhotra_its my love story (part-78)


Manik malhotra_its my love story
Manik got ready in blue sharwani, he is so cute and handsome. Nyionika kissed him on forehead and kept kaala tikka on back of his ear.

Murthy and radhika along with aryamaan came to perform rituals.
Aryaman as brother of Nandini doing all works for which Manik asked him “so you are brother of nandu! You look good like this”
“Bf is everything friend, brother, lover, dad, mother, sometimes worker all roles not like you only romance and leaving her for no reason. Actually Nandu is emotional fool she should have rejected you”
“Iam correct you deserve punch”
“Monster Manik Malhotra Iam kick boxer”
“So what Iam monster” Manik raised his eyebrows with smile
Aryaman too smiled

All rituals completed after lunch all went for shopping. As Manik had a meeting, he didnot join them.
Nandini felt sad.
Nyionika buyed a ring, lehenga, a dress for Manik and a gold orniment with diamonds set. After reaching home nyionika showed them to Manik.
Manik likes them. He called Nandini for which she didnot answer.

Manik went to nandini house, this time from main door, he wished nandini’s parents. Nandu came out. Manik “hai”
Manik felt something wrong for frist time nandini is not in good mood still he smiled and said”navya and cabir are coming to night”
“Navya! O my god! It’s a great news , I missed her a lot” nandini is excited.
“Shall I drop her tomm?”
“No today itself”nandini want to see navya as early as possible.
“Ok!”Manik got up to leave nandini got angry
“Just to give me information you came? Nothing more than that!”
“Manik! This is too much! You didnot come to shopping, you didn’t even say it to me, now without word you are leaving?”
Murthy and radhika left inside, leaving them alone
“I had a meeting which was very important so I had to leave, by the way Iam poor at shopping skills, I should have informed you but in hurry I missed it, now due to aunty and uncle’s presences I couldn’t utter a word. Iam sorry” Manik explained in sweet voice
Nandini is just observing him keeping num, each and every word of him made her convince.
Manik got up held her hand and dragged her to her room.
Nandini followed him surprise.
“You know how the hell Iam felling to kiss you like this” Manik took her both lips and sucked them so passionately that nandini is loving it.
Manik after 5mins of passionate kiss left her to breath
“Just five days to go after that you will be mine. Totally mine, with me, besides me. You know how tough is it to sleep alone after this kiss? Still I had to! But you will pay for all this! See” Manik again kissed her.
Nandini pushed him awaY to breath, she is breathing heavy, “Manik you are really monster!”
“I will”
“Ha ha ha ! Iam nandini murthy, let us see, who will pay for what?”
“What do you mean by that?”
“You left me alone for total six and years without mentioning any reason and till now you didnot say, as a punishment you have to stay from me for whole one month, after marriage.”
“Stay away means?”
“No wedding night till one month”
Manik looked at to know whether she is joking or not.
Nandini is serious
Manik made her to sit in bed “nandu! It’s just my majboori which made me to stay away, and for not saying reason it’s you, who is so mad that for silly things hurt herself. How wil I say?”
“Manik no need of explanation its final”
Manik got up and in serious note said”nandini murthy! I will take it as a challenge, let’s see how will you stay away from me” Manik took her shoulders and pinned to wall, kissed her on neck,”see if I kiss here your nerves pulses more speed” Manik kissed on her stomach, lifting her t-shirt little up”if I kiss here all the blood in your nerves run fast”
He bit her waist slowly, nandini sat down and hugged him tight
“Nandini murthy is just a trailor”
“Manik go home”
“Let me show you some more”
“Manik please go”
Manik smiled “so I won”
“Then I will not leave, let me show more”
“Manik! Please, if not …,,, if not I will shout”
“Ya you can shout! When aunty and uncle comes you answer them for what reason you screamed”
Nandini kept a puppet face
“So nandini murthy! Don’t challenge Manik malhotra”
“Monster Manik malhotra” nandini said with angry
“Yes!” Manik hugged her and kissed her on cheek
“Manik this not fair you are always cheating”
“Arey! Where did I cheat?”
“Nandu ”
Both looked at each other and smiled

Manik went to airport. Cabir and navya came to Delhi. Manik dropped navya at nandini’s place and returned home. Total night cabir and Manik were just reminding their olden days.

Precap: Aliya entertaining back, Manik and nandinis engagement.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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