manik malhotra_its my love story (part-77)


Manik Malhotra _ its my love story
Manik and Nandini reached home.
Radhika brought sweets for everyone. Before taking sweets Manik said “I have two conditions”. Everyone got shocked.
Manik said,”I want those conditions fullfilled”.
Murthi said ” I will full fill them. Tell them”.
Manik spoke up, “For my marriage, you are going to take help from me, not financially but physical. Marriage will be in mangalore.
Second wish is that, along with nandhu, you both will join us , as you will become alone after nandhu ‘s marriage and you will have any purpose of life. And even nandhini will miss you, which I will never want to will not give any importance to the customs and world about this”.
Everyone was shocked about Manik’s second wish. They all had a long discussion, but Manik was stubborn and calm as if he gave his judgement.
Murthi had to obey.
Manik and family before leaving, took nandini’s phone no.

Manik was totally busy with work and engagement preparation. His mobile rang its nandini
“Hello Nandu!”
“Thank god! Atleast you recognise my voice”
“Why are you saying that?”
“You forgot me, then how can I garentee that you recognise my voice?”
“Manik forgetting Nandini, is like dying for me”
“Manik?)?)” Nandini shouted “don’t dare to say it again, I was just saying about you not calling me till now ”
“Iam preparing for engagement”
“Ok! Actually I want to thank you”
“For what?”
“Asking my parents to join us”
“They are your parents, no need to as they are equal to you”
“I liked this Manik but Iam missing my old Manik you know”
“O! What way?”
“My Manik was so unpredictable, short temper, and always scare me, sometimes for kiss, sometimes for hugs, my body was his play ground, and gussa? It’s on his nose everytime, which is na unbeliveable”
“Ahha! Not should we have to do? As your Manik is not doing all this?”
“I think we should punish”
“And how?”
“Let me think.,,,”
“Shall I suggest?”
“By opening your balcony door”
“What balcony door? How?”
“If you open then I can come in so that you can punish”
“What?”nandini in shock ran to balcony and opened door.
“Manik! How did you come? Why from here?u can come by main door? Are you ok? It’s risky why do you do this type of thin…… ……”
Manik closed her lips with his lips. He frist blushed them, then took one lip with his lips and started to suck her lip like a hungry child drinking milk. His one hand held her two hands tight and other hand on her waist, which is just playing with fingers,on it.
Nandini lost her hold on herself, now her hands are in his hair playing with them.
“Is this punishment sufficient to Manik or need some more?”
Nandini blushed and want to runaway. Manik held her hand hugged her from back, and kiss on her neck by throwing her hair otherside as if they are making him not to reach her, Nandini lost her breathe and skipped her one heart beat.
“You know! From morning Iam dying to do all this, only I know how I controlled so I came here but thought you may get disturbed, but when I got your call I just came up”
“But how?”
“Iam a constructor, I have all instruments to reach anywhere of building. I brought a ladder to come up”
“This is cheating” Nandini kept a puppy face.
“Nandu!”radhika called
“Amms! Coming!” Nandini shouted to stop her mom coming in
“Manik you go amms calling me”
“What? Please Manik ”
“Then answer me”
“For what?”
“I said I love you, you just nodded your head say it now”
“Manik go na amms will come” nandini is in tension
“Say it I will go”
“When I asked you did you say it, then why should I?”
“So revenge?”
“Nandu! Come fast na” radhika shouted again
“Manik let me go”
“Ok let amms come and see you, she will think Manik is illmannered, should I marry me daughter to him or not. She may even reject you know”
“No! You go why are you wasting time and you nandu you are always drag me towards you go down now”
“What I dragged you? How mean??”
“Frist you go down, bye ” Manik came back to car
Nandini laughed waved bye to Manik

Early morning nyionika got call from murthy, he want to perform roka for Manik a Punjabi custom. Nyionika was happy.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. hey lisa sunitha just heard our request and their romance is bck .. sunitha dear i cant tel u how overwhelmed i m to see the updated episodes with a good track.. manik was already an ideal son , now he also became ideal son-in-law.. awwww… and soon he willl become ideal husband… oh my god.. i m just dancing and smiling cant express what i feel right now.. ty ty ty ty so so so much and a big ty to the server admin to finish the maintenance work early

    1. Yeh. She actually grant our wish. So thanks to suni n thanks to u also angel. I feel very nice n comfortable to talk to u. Best of luck 4 ur exam n mine is just today completed.after almost 1mnt long long exam i want a proper sleep now.take care

  2. Awesome, wowwww, superb episode, loved it very very muchhhh. ..manan forever. ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  3. O woww…superb..tey gona get married sooon….superb..

  4. Hey Sunitha…..awesome episode yar…nandu openly said she is missing maniks romance and to my and nandus surprise manik came and did the same….soo good….and conditions of manik are soo good….i too want a man like this… dnt end soo soon Sunitha…let it be till 200 episodes atleast…

  5. Suni suni thank u a tonnnn. Thats why i love u soo much. It was magical just like before. I cant stop myself from smiling n blushing- for what reason enven i dont know. Thank u sweety. U r such a lovely person n grants our all wish :-* :-*

  6. Sunitha what u say…. All words fall short for the appreciation u deserve….. U r fabulous writer… Each and every word from ur heart touches me ….. Loved Manan. ..

    U rocks….
    Keep it up …
    Keep smiling….
    Stay healthy..

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