manik malhotra_its my love story (part-76)


Manik malhotra_its my love story

Manik got a call he came out of the house and talking. While returning back, he saw Nandini parking her bike and coming inside.
Looking Manik nandini smiled
“So you came dressing up neatly”
“Yes! Impressing uncle and aunty are not so easy, so listened to your advice
“O manik malhotra listens to others advice?”
“Not others but Mrs.malhotra’s definitely”
“Wishes are on Everest”
“No I already uncle and aunty accepted for our marriage”
“Ok! Good work”
“Come let’s go in” both walked in

Nyionika brought some Shagun for nandini. She offered them to her.
Radhika took nandini in and made her wear the saree which nyionika brought. Seeing her all praised nyionika’s choice.
Manik starring at her.
A dark red color transparent saree with heavy boarder of mirrors and same blouse, middle of saree has pearls work. The waist part of it is half exposed. Her long hair is twisted as a long plate. Nyionika gifted her a necklace.

Manik’s heart dropped a beat.”how beautiful she is? The tamato red color lipstick is making her look more elegant.iam missed such a beauty all these years.”
Nandini smiled at Manik.

All started to discuss about engagement, nandini and Manik are getting bored among them, they want to spend time with each other. Sinha absorbed Manik, “Manik and nandini why don’t you go out and have an ice cream and come. Till then we will settle dates.”
Manik face glowed like bulb.
“Ice cream is inside I will bring” radhika said
“Not like that what will they do among us, let them spend time”Sinha openly said it
All smiled and agreed
Manik and nandini came out.

“Your uncle is very smart I thinks he cares you a lot”
“Yes! He is like my dad, and my dads gift. He just discharged and came here for me”
“You are like that what to do”
“Where do you want to go?”
“Any place”
“Ok! Come on” both started

They reached a ice cream parlour.
Manik order an icecream. Both are calm just watching eachother.
“Manik! Is it real? Am I really with you?”
“Iam trying to digest the truth”
“You nandini I thought of talking to you somuch but when now Iam with you, all my thoughts and words vanished, I just want to feel you. Frist I want to get this gift of my life feel to the last edge.”
“Iam in same feeling Manik!” Nandini eyes filled tears, “ya nandu! What happened?”
“Manik these are my happiest tears , they are so precious”
Manik took one tear drop in his finger and said”I wish from now on such tears drops should be seen every moment.”
Nandini smiled
“Your are my best gift which God gave me, I will keep it safe and secure only with me”
“Why did you punch arya?”
“He said bf”
“So you believed?”
“No never!”
“Iam jealous”
Nandini laughed loudly “the great Manik Malhotra is jealous?”
“Y? I can’t be?”
“Frankly speaking you shouldn’t”
“I agree still Iam”
“Till now?”
“He spent lot of time with you, which I would have?”
“So, for that you punched him?”
Manik looked Nandini. She is enjoying
“Ok! You are enjoying my emotions”
“I missed all Manik”
“I forgot all these”
Both smiled with pain

Manik and Nandini returned,
Engagement is in 2days and marriage in one weak. Manik felt happy. Murthy is worried about less time,

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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    Keep smiling …..

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