manik malhotra_its my love story (part-75)

Manik malhotra_its my love story

Manik dressed up neatly, he wear a white shirt, jeans. Looked himself in mirror and confirmed that he is fine. Manik called cabir and informed about Nandini. Cabir and navya are excited to see Manik and Nandini together.

Nyionika got ready, Mrs.sinha and mr. Sinha are also ready waiting for Manik to come down.
“Uncle are you sure that you can accompany us? You take rest next time you can come”Manik is worried about his health.
“Manik! Iam fine. This your day don’t worry about me let’s go”
All started. Manik is driving
“Manik! You never said that you love Nandini?” Nyionika asked
“When I was about to prapose Her khanna entered in our life, I kept her away, when she praposed me I denied, as she knew my feelings for her she was stubborn to get answer I had to confess, on the same day dad hospitalised. Dad took promise to keep her away for five years, to solve khanna’s problem and to grow in business. After that she went missing. Now when I got her back I brought her to you”
“Harsh! Knew this?”
“Yes! I thought you too knew”
“But how dad knows I don’t know?”

Manik with family reached nandini’s house. Seeing Manik with all murthy and radhika are surprised and welcomed them. Manik is searching for Nandini
“I want to come to the point directly Manik want to marry Nandini we came here to make marriage praposal”
“Marriage?” Both got confused.
“Yes uncle I want to marry nanidini”Manik confessed.
“I knew that nandu loves you a lot. I saw her crying for you, and you are the one who saved my daughter when she was in trouble, you are smart, confident, and well settled one a perfect eligible bachlor but…”murthy is in confusion
“Say uncle be frank I don’t mind”
“Look Manik Iam a middle class man, just a bank manager, nandu is my only daughter, if anyone say that I made my daughter a path to get rich, I can’t bear it, sorry for your praposal”
Manik is blank. His mind freezed.

“Mr.murthyji! Iam father of two daughters Iam legal adviser of Manik, I know what you said is true but can you see your daughter suffering? Manik is a responsible person, he will never give you a chance to any type of such alligations. Ultimate goal of every parent is child’s happiness. You think about it”Sinha tried to convince murthy.
“I agree for this praposal”Radhika said
Murthy looked at her shockingly” I knew my daughter very well and Iam sure she is happy now”
Murthy went inside, called his wife in take an excuse from all.

After an half an hour discussion they came out. Manik is in tension.
“I have some conditions” murthy said
“That means you are accepting” Manik asked with happiness
“Frist listen to conditions, marriage is our style.”
“Ok!”nyionika accepted
“You will never make Nandini regrate”
“Never””I promise”
“Last one you should always attend all festivals for which we celebrate and invite you along with your mom and Nandu”
“Sure I will try”
“No trying you have to”
Nyionika laughed. “Manik seriously you feel that you can do the last one?”
“Why?” Murthy asked
“In his bussiness he will never get time as such”
“I will help him out” Sinha said
“Nandu is only our world without her, we can’t live and festivals”murthy got tears
Radhika patted him on his back

Manik is searching for Nandini. Since he came he couldn’t see Nandini. Manik is impatient now.
All elders are discussing. His eyes searching for her.
“Manik Nandu went to hospital, it’s an emergency so she went” radhika said with smile
All smiled.
Manik depressed. He want to share the happiness with her

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  1. wow… words

  2. Hope first to comment…manik is very desperate to meet nandu…lol…As usual nyc episode dear..u give ff regularly inspite of ur busy lyf..thankyou very much for that..I just can’t imagine hw u manage all these..thank you dear ..keep writing always for us..

  3. update is nice but how did manik’s dad know about nandu. may be khanna said it.can u clarify please.
    And Thank u for the update.

  4. he he nice update…..hope they get married sooon…..

  5. Awsmmmmm

    Aws mmmmm



    Lovely family

    Cuteee manik

    Coun soooooon

  6. Awww my boy he wants his Nandu beside him always ???

  7. kavipriya venkatraman

    Wowwww yaar u r awesome such a cute…..tq tq so much for this update ..but don’t u think is too small…next time plz make it large ….

  8. I loved the cover photo dear.. I thought they directly getting married and reception is going on … And till marriage rituals it is proper but y festivals I feel sad for malhotra family … And I hope everyone plays a prank on nandini once she is back .. I would love to see that.

  9. meghna shanti

    Awesome episode dear
    Waiting for fun
    For meeting of fab5
    Eagerly waiting for the next episode

  10. Oleee.. Cutooo mani. He is missing his nandu even i m missing their moments,double meaning talking n the old chemistry. They r too straight forward now not like the old time : no huggy,no kissy, neither show their emotion much. Age hona ka side effect. Bt i can never forget the old manan, nandu bold step to make manik confess n manik uncontrollable behavior n after that gulty feelings. I just miss those moments n want to see this again

    1. Completely agree with u. I also miss their secret meetings and lonavala trip. They were soo cute. They did not need any I love u for expressing their feelings.. These romantic moments were enough. I hope now also sunitha should take some time for manan’ s romance between their marriage rituals.

      1. Its a special request sunitha

  11. Manik now waiting to see nandu…. so good…conditions r also nice..mmm…let me guess next part…now manik rush to hosptl to meet nandu….nandu attends patient quickly and they both roam nd njoy afterwards…suni u r so great how could u get the thoughts like conditions, feelimg pain, overwhelming of happiness all those….amazing writer u r….thanku suni for two updates ..

    Love u….

  12. Forgot to congratulate u on 75thpart…..heartily congratulations…..

  13. Hey Sunitha a suggestion. ….. Pls reunite fab 5 and navni and have a fun loving episode…….. Manan love it

  14. Wow manan marriage has been fixed superb

  15. kavipriya venkatraman

    Hey next episode yaar we r waiting..

  16. Eagerly waiting for the next update…pls make it large yaar …..its very nice and very excited for the next track.

    1. Google stopped submission till 29

      1. couldnt get u… google or TU. but other ff are being uploaded today

      2. Soo sad…frm mrng am checking this page

  17. Yaar its too upsetting

  18. Whatttt!! That means nxt three days without mm ff. I cant wait that long. How can they do that. I really wont mind to killing them. I have checked atleast 20 time from morning only 4 ur story. Even my semester final is running n i have business research xm tomoro. Bt i cant resist myself from reading ur story. Bt tomoro when my 20 days long xm is fonally going to finish, i will get the update. Whats wrong with goggle people? 🙁 🙁 suni miss u

    1. hey lisa wt are you studying dear and u r just awesome yaar just like me, be it exam or whatever, cant resist reading here. Its time for me to prepare for exams but i just keep on refreshing the main page for any new updates every half an hour. All the best dear have fun.

      1. 😀 i m happy bcoz i m not onlymanan fan who is mad abt them n sunitha s hardcore fan. So u r in my group. Soo hi five for that. I m pursuing my mba. What r u studying? N where do u live i mean at which state?

      2. I live in Mumbai and I m a final year Engineering student.

  19. i dont know y this problem only with the ff coz the regular episodes are being updated immediately. I was waiting all day long and it is making me impatient now.

  20. What wrng with Google…I exams r frm may3 even den I can’t stop myself frm reading u ff becoz I luvd it ..I miss it..I hrt

  21. kavipriya venkatraman

    O my god…that means v have to wait up to 29….chai

  22. nestle joseph

    di, do one thing write ur ff as a commend.plsss

  23. If possible u can post the ff on wattpad plzzz…waitng 4 next epi

  24. Awesome, wowwww, superb episode loved it to the core. …missed nandu…manik was really very awesoooooome. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  25. Manik malhotra_its my love story

    Manik got a call he came out of the house and talking. While returning back, he saw Nandini parking her bike and coming inside.
    Looking Manik nandini smiled
    “So you came dressing up neatly”
    “Yes! Impressing uncle and aunty are not so easy, so listened to your advice
    “O manik malhotra listens to others advice?”
    “Not others but Mrs.malhotra’s definitely”
    “Wishes are on Everest”
    “No I already uncle and aunty accepted for our marriage”
    “Ok! Good work”
    “Come let’s go in” both walked in

    Nyionika brought some Shagun for nandini. She offered them to her.
    Radhika took nandini in and made her wear the saree which nyionika brought. Seeing her all praised nyionika’s choice.
    Manik starring at her.
    A dark red color transparent saree with heavy boarder of mirrors and same blouse, middle of saree has pearls work. The waist part of it is half exposed. Her long hair is twisted as a long plate. Nyionika gifted her a necklace.

    Manik’s heart dropped a beat.”how beautiful she is? The tamato red color lipstick is making her look more elegant.iam missed such a beauty all these years.”
    Nandini smiled at Manik.

    All started to discuss about engagement, nandini and Manik are getting bored among them, they want to spend time with each other. Sinha absorbed Manik, “Manik and nandini why don’t you go out and have an ice cream and come. Till then we will settle dates.”
    Manik face glowed like bulb.
    “Ice cream is inside I will bring” radhika said
    “Not like that what will they do among us, let them spend time”Sinha openly said it
    All smiled and agreed
    Manik and nandini came out.

    “Your uncle is very smart I thinks he cares you a lot”
    “Yes! He is like my dad, and my dads gift. He just discharged and came here for me”
    “You are like that what to do”
    “Where do you want to go?”
    “Any place”
    “Ok! Come on” both started

    They reached a ice cream parlour.
    Manik order an icecream. Both are calm just watching eachother.
    “Manik! Is it real? Am I really with you?”
    “Iam trying to digest the truth”
    “You nandini I thought of talking to you somuch but when now Iam with you, all my thoughts and words vanished, I just want to feel you. Frist I want to get this gift of my life feel to the last edge.”
    “Iam in same feeling Manik!” Nandini eyes filled tears, “ya nandu! What happened?”
    “Manik these are my happiest tears , they are so precious”
    Manik took one tear drop in his finger and said”I wish from now on such tears drops should be seen every moment.”
    Nandini smiled
    “Your are my best gift which God gave me, I will keep it safe and secure only with me”
    “Why did you punch arya?”
    “He said bf”
    “So you believed?”
    “No never!”
    “Iam jealous”
    Nandini laughed loudly “the great Manik Malhotra is jealous?”
    “Y? I can’t be?”
    “Frankly speaking you shouldn’t”
    “I agree still Iam”
    “Till now?”
    “He spent lot of time with you, which I would have?”
    “So, for that you punched him?”
    Manik looked Nandini. She is enjoying
    “Ok! You are enjoying my emotions”
    “I missed all Manik”
    “I forgot all these”
    Both smiled with pain

    Manik and Nandini returned,
    Engagement is in 2days and marriage in one weak. Manik felt happy. Murthy is worried about less time,

  26. thank u very much sunitha i missed u and ur ff lot
    thank u

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