manik malhotra_its my love story (part-74)


Manik’s manager came to meet him, Nandini went to her work. Manik talked to them and went to see Nandini again. Before leaving he ordered manager to bring a big redroses bouquet. Manger brought it.

After an hour Nandini came to Manik she took leave as she is unable concentrate on work. Manik walked with her till coridar and stopped.
“Nandini murthy! I truly, madly, in love with you, every breath I take, every move I make, you are the one to do. What would I do without you? I want to love you forever and ever. Will you marry me?” Manik sat on his knees, holding a big redroses bouquet and a diamond ring in both hands.
Nandini is with tears filled eyes just noded her head yes. Took the flowers and stretched her hand, Manik took her hand and filled her finger with ring.
Nandini went so emotional that she hugged him and cried like hell. All the pain she felt in all these years turned into tears and flowing out.
Everyone in the hall, coridar. Everyone started to clap. Whole hospital is filled with claps sound. Manik held Nandini in hands and started to revolve Nandini is laughing.

Manik’s manager brought sweats and started to distribute. Aryaman came to wish them,
“Congratulations mr.manik monster malhotra at last she accepted. I thought she only knows no”
Manik smiled”that was my answer to her everytime”
“Means you said no to her?”
“Arya! You know total story then why do you ask again?”
“Arey! Let me confirm”
“Iam sorry for punch and everything, I was mad at that moment”
“You know what Nandini said the dito you copied along with expressions.”
“Nandini now you say what you did all these years I want to listen please”
“After you left, I was just crying dad asked me reason I didnot lie. He said its attraction, you will forget with time, I didn’t argue. I got seat in Pune. I came there. College, who years rolled with this bandar I didn’t notice but daily news about you was my best part to live. All my classmates used to chrush on you. When I saw your photo in tv along with roses I was cherished. Whole day I was like dancing madly. A news came that you are doing project in Pune, I was in 9th cloud, but you didnot come. Oneday our college guard informed me that you enquired about me, I was mad but to my surprise you didnot come again, I died almost. Then I heard a news that you are getting engaged with khanna’s daughter. I was like to believe the news or not? Then I remembered your words “don’t believe any media, any thing till I come back” I stopped my dirty thoughts.

I completed my medicine. I became Dr.nandini murthy. Dad want me to shift Mumbai but I applied in Delhi hospital so that I can see you. We came here, day one I came to your manssion, but didn’t dare to come in. Till today I roam around your office, workers colony, mansion so that I can see you once.”
“And Iam killing myself daily bit by bit to meet you. I searched for you like a mad.”

Manik is happy he didnot listen from her any sort of bad news for which he thanked God.

It’s almost 10pm. Nandini want to go home. Manik said I will come with you to meet your parents.
“Look at you now? No? Tomm morning come in formal way to meet dad”
“Ok! So now you need my looks”
Both smiled
“I will drop you home then”
Manik took keys from driver gave nandini’s bike keys to him and asked to follow them Manik and sat in car and started.

“Just pinch me nandu! It’s unbeliveable that you are with me Iam seeing you”
“It’s our dream which came true”
“It’s you Nandini who gave me everything” “thank you”
“You know Manik I always want this moment, I used to play like take your coller and ask you how dare you left me alone? How dare you didn’t even say me any reason! But now Iam Somuch happy that I don’t know what Iam talking and what Iam feeling. It’s like lifetime happiness suddenly came infront of me and Iam unable to grab it totally.”

Nandini’s house, they reached there, Nandini and Manik both don’t want to leave but it has to be. Nandini walked inside. Manik returned home.

Manik knew it’s a magical moment, he called his PA and instructed somany works and took meals to hospital and went back to Sinha.

Sinha and Manik are walking in laan of hospital.
“You know uncle when I saw her I felt like lost all my energy, Iam fainting but when nandu fainted I was scared. I found Nandu! She is mine. I god how beautiful is this feeling? It’s not my dream na?” Manik is excited
“Manik calm down. Now plan for next”
“What I had to do?”
“Live your life Manik! In these six years I saw you only suffering. Go and live your college life, love life, you always say na pranks and parties do everything. Age and life never comes back. We all will manage things you go”
Manik hugged him.
“You know howmuch you scared me? I recollected my dads… You are only one who is left for me, don’t make me orphan again, I don’t have strength to recollect energy”
“Manik you are fighter, no one is your weakness, we all are your strength. You will say that what????… Let me recollect.,,, aa…, I buied coal with cost of diamond. Now get a precious diamond home.”
“I will” Manik said with full confident.


Guys always there will be pain is not necessary na, Nandini was with her parents, studied, enjoyed with friends, pain of missing Manik is there along with all. But for Manik, it’s struggle that’s why I potraited only Manik’s pain. I know you feel disappointed but you think guys she suffered mentally and all other things are normal and Manik clearly said to wait for him, she is waiting.

Manik had to fulfill his dad’s wishes, reach Nandini and take care of somany employs who are living on his guarantee. Thats why I want you know the journey of Manik.

Now you will see a real love story where hero and heroine romance. Iam sorry last episode was full of song which you didnot like.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  5. kavipriya venkatraman

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