manik malhotra_its my love story (part-72)


Manik is waiting along with the husband of patient. Both are in tension. One for baby, one for Doctor.

After half an hour door opened both turned that side, it’s nurse
Manik ran and asked where is Doctor
The other one looked Manik with a wired face and asked nurse how is my wife?
Nurse replied; its baby girl. Both are healthy. Doctor is in work will come in half an hour.
The other man hugged Manik with happiness. Manik patted him
“Congratulations” Manik greeted with tensed smile.

After half an hour with little baby doll nurse came and Doctor followed her,
“It’s healthy baby, it’s normal delivery, everything is fine tomm you can take both home. Collect birth certificate, medicine are not more required just a limited medicines I will write use them. Congratulations”
“Thank you Doctor”
“Ok fine” Doctor walked
“Nandini” a low mermering voice is heard by the Doctor, she turned. Her eyes increased its size they are filled with little tears, in few seconds she started to loose her consciousness. Doctor fainted.
Manik ran and took her in hands
“Nandini! Nandu!”Manik took her in arms and tried to wake her.

Nandini is taken to a room . A doctor came to attend her.
“What happened to nandini?”
“She fainted”
“Why? Who are you?”
“Why you have to say?”
“Frist who are you? What are you doing with my gf?”
“Gf?how dare you?” Manik took his coller
“O! O! Man! Leave me and say who are you?”
“The Manik malhotra”
“Yes! Frist say what happened to her?”
“Leave her frist you say are you really Manik malhotra?”
“How dare? Are you really Doctor? Or not? Frist say what happened to her?”
Doctor hit nandini on cheeks hard
Manik is angry. He took his hand up to beat that Doctor, but saw nandini got up, Manik left the Doctor, and looked nandini, he hugged her so tight that her bone made sound, nandini hugged him back and started to cry.

Both got emotional, Manik cupped her face and started to kiss her fast on her face. Nandini is still crying
They forgot the surroundings, both are checking each other, smiling, crying, kissing. It’s a beautiful scenario which made everything perfect.

“Hello! Iam here” Doctor said in anger
“Manik! He is aryamaan”
“Is he really Manik?” Aryamaan asked
“Yes he is Manik” nandini said with smile and blushed
“Who is he?” Manik asked in anger
“Iam her bf” aryaman before complete the sentence Manik punched him
“Ahhhh”aryaman cried with pain
Nandini is shocked.
“Don’t even dare to say it again I will kill you and burry you in my construction area”
“Ahh! You are correct nandu! He is monster Manik, ahh!” Aryaman said with pain
“Manik he is my friend”
“That’s what I said Iam boy and friend”
“Sorry!” Manik said
“What if I had married nandini?”
“It will never happen”
“If happens?”
“I will kill you and take her away” Manik starring at nandini
“What?” Aryamaan
“Arya! Shut up and go Ieave us, I want to see my Manik”
Aryaman walked away smilingly.

“Let me see you nandu! This is not my dream na? Iam seeing you, feeling you, touching you, I was scared that I missed you. Since from one year Iam searching for you and you are in Delhi, Iam so happy that I can’t even say, nandu! Nandu” Manik is like a kid who found her mother after he got missing for a long time. Manik hugged her this time it’s so soft and caring his years dropped on her cheek.
“Ushhhhhhh! Just feel the moment. Now Iam with you, totally with you. Manik came for me, yes for me. You know all my classmates used to tease me listening to our love story, they never believed me, but I believed you Manik, you came see you are with me.”
Nandini held him tight she want to grab him from this world.

Manik kissed her. He want to feel her totally.
Aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumar aaya hai (x2)
Toote toh toote teri baahon mein aise
Jaise shaakhon se patte be-haya
Bikhre tujhi se aur simte tujhi mein
Tu hi mera sab le gaya
Na fiqar, na sharam, na lihaaj, ek baar aaya
Phir zarre zarre mein deedar aaya hai
Phir zarre zarre mein deedar aaya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumaar aaya hai (x2)
Tu hi meri awaaragi
Tu hi duaa har shaam ki
Tu khamakha, tu laazmi
Tu hi razaa, tu hi kami
Aur tu hi wo, firaaq hai jisko
Hai silsilon ne mere pass laaya
Hothon pe tere izhaar aaya hai
Hothon pe tere izhaar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumar aaya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumaar aaya hai (x2)

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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