manik malhotra_its my love story (part-66)


Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna… (3)

Jitni Thi Khushiyaa
Sab Kho Chuki Hai
Bas Ek Gham Hai Ki Jaata Nahi
Samjha Ke Dekha Behla Ke Dekha
Dil Hai Ki Chain Isko Aata Nahi
Aata Nahi
Aasoo Hai Ki Hai Angarai
Aag Hai Ab Aankhon Se Behna
Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna… (3)

Rut Aa Rahi Hai Rut Jaa Rahi Hai
Dard Ka Mausam Badla Nahi
Rang Yeh Gham Itna Hai Gehra
Sadiyon Main Hoga Halka Nahi
Halka Nahi
Kaun Jaane Kya Hona Hai
Hum Ko Hai Ab Kya Kya Sehna
Kabhi Alvida…
( Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna )… (2)

Three years two months six days. It’s been away from nandini. What wrong did she do? Why did I punish her so hard? Love me is her curse for which she is paying. In these three years every second I question myself and I hate myself. What to do? Where I had to go? Why my legs are not walking that way? Now a days Khanna is spying on me. Now I can’t take any risk.what should I do then? I even made a distance with fab4. Frankly speaking iam all alone walking in this road without any destiny.

Manik reminded nandini’s last conversation. “Fight to reach me.”
Yes! Nandu I had to fight to reach you.

Manik went to Pune
Manager picked Manik to hotel after fresh up they had s meeting with land owner. Sinha came to check the legal documents, Manik praposed for 70/30 percentage as work is heavy than land rate. Owner asked for 50/50. Deal was not done. Both decided to take oneday time to think and have a meeting again.

Manik disscussed with Sinha,at last 60/40can be acceptable was decided. Manik want to go back as early as possible. He thought he will go after this meeting but staying a nite is hell for him.
Sinha noticed manik. “Why are so uncomfortable?”
“I want to go to Delhi. Uncle can you handle this shall I go now?”
“What hpnd Manik? Is everything ok? Tomm we had complete the paper work without you how is it possible?”
“Yes! But I can’t stay here”
“Why? Any issue say me I can help you”
“Thank you uncle but …..”
“Then go to Mumbai and stay nite come in the mrng”
“I want to stay away from my past which will make me weak. The happiness, which I left back can’t reach me and shouldnt”
“Come on Manik let’s roam spend time with me”
Manik looked at him shockingly
“Yes not a boss and and an legal adviser but a uncle and son”
“Iam seeing you Manik from these three years you never smiled heartfully. Enjoyment is miles away from you, when ever I look at you I feel like you are punishing yourself for some reason. I never got any situation to talk to now I will. Your dads death is not your fault, your mom and dadu are your responsibility but no need to suffer yourself to do this business. You repaid Khanna now you are free. Then why? Come out of that tragedy, human have to die one or the other day your dads was that day, it happened. Leave your life Manik. Be happy, no need to be strong.”

“Uncle dads death is definitely a tragedy for my life but overcame it, but this punishment is to Manik who deserves more punishment than this, yes iam making some one to cry, the tears that they are shedding making me to burn my heart. Just two more years then I will change my fate. For now iam happy with this pain. Frankly speaking this pain is the only reason which is making me to fight and live”
“Say me who is that person I will solve the problem and make them happy”
“No body can do that. But uncle you can help me in one way”
“Now a days Rithika is with a person, I want that person details can we did?”
“Sure! When you know the truth then we can talk to Khanna”
“No uncle we shouldn’t let her fight with her dad.”
“Are you feeling pain because of her?”
“No never uncle. I want her to go away from me that I can stand on my dads promise and even no need to sacrifice my life”
“Then why to enquire?”
“Just because iam not intrested in her doesn’t mean that she cant ruein her life if he is nice person I will be most happy”
“Manik iam proud of you. You didnot keep relation on business.”

Manik is watching outside from his hotel room carider. This the city where my Nandini is living. This air is same, the sky is same. I just want to see her.after seeing her can go back again? So iam not going? How can I go with out seeing her? So you will go?
Manik mind is fighting with him.

Manik went to medical college. Manik is in car. College is totally secured with out id no one can enter as its military college. He went to guard and asked about nandini. Guard couldn’t give him any information.
Manik enquired how to go and meet medical students for that he said a process and even said that as its holidays college and hostel is closed. Manik felt sad. He roamed each and every lane of Pune. Manik wexed up. He got angry hit the steering. His heart is crying, dying to see her.

Tujhpe Fida Lyrics
Tujhpe fida, tujhpe fida
Tujhpe fida aa tujhpe fida
Thoda hai nadaan thoda be-imaan
Dil kare manmaniyaan
Tujhpe fida, tujhpe fida
Thoda uksaaye, thoda samjhaaye
Deta pareshaniyan
Tujhpe fida, tujhpe fida
Jo tujhe hai jaana
Main hoon bethikana
Aaye yaadon ki hichkiyan
Saanjh subah dekhe tera aana jaana
Dil ki khole khidkiyaan
Tujhpe fida, fida fida
Tu hi bas tu hi hai bakhuda
Tujhpe hoon fida, tujhpe fida fida
Tu hi bas tu hi hai bakhuda (x3)
Tujhpe hoon fida, tujhpe fida aa..
Tujhpe hoon fida aa ooo
Tujhpe fida aa tujhpe fida aa woh oo oo
Mann ko jaise mil gaya hai
Ik padosi tu naya
Jhaankta tu dekho kitna
Be takaluff ho gaya
Ho hum nazar se zakhmi hoke tilmilate reh gaye
Aur tu ye ghaav karke muskuraate reh gaye
Thoda behlaaye, thoda bharmaaye
Karta shaitaniyaan
Tujhpe fida fida
Tu hi bas tu hi hai bakhuda
Tujhpe hoon fida, tujhpe fida fida (x3)
Tu hi bas tu hi hai bakhuda
Tujhpe hoon fida, tujhpe fida aa oo tujhpe fida…
Unche asmaano
Ishq ki udaano pe hai hum chal pade
Khwaabon ke diye hain
Ishq ke makaano pe hai dekho chal pade
Tujhpe fida, fida
Tu hi bas tu hi hai bakhuda
Tujhpe hoon fida, tujhpe fida fida (x3)
Tu hi bas tu hi hai bakhuda
Tujhpe hoon fida, tujhpe fida fida aa… fida..
Tujhpe fida, tujhpe fida
Tujhpe fida, tujhpe fida

He saw a panipuri stall.he went to past.
While returning to Mumbai from Lonavala nandini demanded to eat panipuri for which Manik refused
“Manik please I love panipuri chal na we will eat”
“See! How dirty is it?”
“Manik! Don’t make excuses I knew you don’t know to eat it?”
“What? What a big deal to that?”
“Let’s have challenge if you eat more than me then I will ….”
“Say what you will…..?”
“You say what you want as Iam going to win”
“Ok if I win you have to kiss me”
“Ok” “it’s me who will win so ok”Nandini is full confident
Both went to stall and started to eat. Manik frist did not knew how to eat he observed Nandini and started to eat. When Manik tasted frist one he got tears due to the size of it which has to be taken in one gulp. Nandini laughed
Manik took it to ego and started to eat. At one point Manik face went red as tamoto and unable to eat more. Nandini won the game.
But Manik is suffering, his eyes are shedding tears, face became red, nose is leaking. Nandini felt sad she gave him water but still he is not ok. Nandini took him to a tree backside, started to air him to comfort him, all are waste, she looked him felt sorry and cupped his face with her hands and kissed him on lips to get him comfort.

Manik is surprised, then happy, then took her into control and sequeezed her lips totally.
“Manik what was that?”
“Revenge! You made me to cry I made you to screem”
“Manik you are just impossible”Nandini started beat him, Manik is escaping from her.

Manik smiles. Then came out of his past , he went to panipuri stall and started to eat. He ate full five plates. His phone ran. It’s manager.
“Sir dinner is ready”
“You have it iam done”
“But sir.,”
“Really I had a taste food you may go home and take rest tomm at 9come to meeting”
“Ok! Sir”
Manik went to hotel, Sinha is waiting for him. Manik felt bad
“Sry uncle as I saw panipuri stall I ate it full I will give you company”
“It’s ok take rest”
“Sorry once again”
“Manik it’s ok iam happy that at least in this little thing you searched your happiness. Iam glad”
Manik smiled.

Next day there was a meeting with builder. Meeting is successful Manik signed the documents and returned Delhi before coming back he wanted to go to college once again but how he managed himself only God knows .

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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