manik malhotra_its my love story (part-65)


Manik completed his own project. All staff members congratulated Manik. Sinha came and felt proud of Manik.
When Manik’s dad death occurred it was Sinha who came to him before Khanna and even Harshvardhan suggested Manik to meet Sinha.
Sinha is a legal adviser of malhotra constructions, Manik treats him as his god father. Each and every paper from his office should and must get checked by Sinha before it comes to his table. Sinha’s advices is final decision for Manik in this two and half years Manik became son more than his boss.

Sinha had two daughter who already got married and settled at US. Being alone with wife, made Manik his son. He love Manik as his son from bottom of heart. Not as Harshvardhan son but as Manik.
Manik’s style of hardwork, his idealogy everything is admirable to Sinha

Harshvardhan’s frist death aniversary, all the relatives friends staff workers came for rituals. Manik is doing rituals accordingly. His mind is full of blinks of his dad’s thoughts, the best time he spent with his dad. He remembered the whole day of his dad’s death. How nandini called him to meet, how nandini praposed him with each and every word, how he denied her, how Nandini was stubborned, how she finally made him to confess, Druv running to them, how the tree went hospital, dads last words and promise, after two days how doctor said his death news, his mom fainted, how he travelled with dads dead body. Dadu reaction, how he convinced to be strong for him, everything. This one year gave him All bad news at a time. How he parted from nandini, her smile with tears filled eyes.
“Manik! ” Nyionika shaked him
Manik came out of his thoughts
“What the hell is this Manik?”
Manik looked at his hand, it’s bleeding his hand is filled with broken glass pieces of water glass.
He removed them harshly washed hand droped antiseptic on it and went to his room.
Whole night he is burning with tears and pain he want his dad and nandu
Ishq bhi kiya re maula
Dard bhi diya re maula
Ooo.. ooo..
Ishq bhi kiya re maula
Dard bhi diya re maula
Yun toh khush raha
Magar kuch reh gaya baaqi
Faqr bhi kiya re maula
Ilm bhi liya re maula
Zindagi jiya magar kuch reh gaya baaqi
Tu nahi dikha re maula
Sab nahin bika re maula
Aur jahaan ruka wahaan pe
Jaam hai khaali
Chaah ki kami mein tu hai
Aankh ki nami mein tu hai
Aas mein tu
Pyaas mein tu
Saans mein tu..
Bewajah hansi mein tu hai
Jo dikhe usi mein tu hai
Ashq mein tu [Ashq: Tears]
Rashk mein tu [Rashk: Envy/Jealousy]
Jaan mein tu
Ishq bhi kiya re maula
Dard bhi diya re maula
Yun toh khush raha
Magar kuch reh gaya baaqi
Faqr bhi kiya re maula
Ilm bhi liya re maula [Ilm: Knowledge]
Zindagi jiya magar kuch reh gaya baaqi
Tu nahi dikha re maula
Sab nahin bika re maula
Aur jahaan ruka wahaan pe
Jaam hai khaali
Zeest ki sacchayiyon se [Zeest: Life]
Rooh ki gehraiyon se
Raat ki tanhaiyon se
Tu guzar zara [x2] Manik is missing nandini like hell. It took three to four day for Manik become normal.

It’s malhotra manssion
Mr.khanna, Sinha, Nyionika, santhuk malhotra, Manik, and khanna’s legal adviser are in the hall.
“Mr. Khanna this is the amount of cash which you had credited to Harshvardhan before his death, this is its compound intrested according to today’s market thought it was promised for that day intrest, these are papers of bussiness which you both had done in partnership according to which we completed our work and profits of that project is this amount in which we don’t need any share as you had maintained our company reputation that is much more than this profit for which Malhotra constructions will be always obiliged to you” Sinha said
“Sinha sabb! Everything is going to be Manik then why this?”
“Uncle! If you want to maintain relations we have to keep business aside. That is why I want to settle everything so that we can be relatives. If you are not intrested then your wish”
“No no Manik I too want it.”
“Then let’s finish this money matter”
“Ok! But in my profit take your share”
“No uncle reputation is more than money so thank you very much”

Infront of all Manik settled khanna’s debit. He felt total relief. Now his dad is free from all debits. Which made Manik feel like flying. Khanna again raised the topic of marriage but this time Rithika asked time to complete her pg. Khanna forcely postponed the praposal again.

Manik started to work like a machine. Now a days he is running with time. His target is earn money. Things are expanding construction business became vast, Manik got a praposal for Pune. Where a land owner want to make a construction of mall which is 100crores project in one year time. Manik is happy all staff are celebrating.
It’s my nandi’s place now she is in third year of her medicine. Can I complete this project? Can I stay away from nandu being at her place? Is it possible? Can I be on my promise to dad? What should I do? Seeing staffs happiness it’s impossible to refuse and even by business strategy it’s best opertunity. God why you always push me into such situations?”
Manik signed project.

Manik came home early straight away went to his room
Manik is silent his silence is like a silence before storm

Guys! Iam sorry but I can’t update nandini’s part why you will know soon.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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