manik malhotra_its my love story (part-62)

Manik malhotra _its my love story

Manik before he board his flight messaged Nandini
“Nandu! Change your number even at any weak point I shouldn’t reach you. You will be in me always. Iam missing you
Please don’t dare to do any stupid things like hurting yourself and fasting please.
Take care of yourself u
When I reach you I want you to be same and in a single piece. Bye”
“Yearly thrice fasting is compulsory” replied Nandini
Manik smiled “ziddi shazadi!”

Manik reached Delhi. Joined in a college, went to office. There was a death cermony for Harshavardan from staff Manik tears rushed but he forcedly stopped them
“Iam Manik malhotra son of Harshavardan. No iam the own who has to run this office. I know a 20yrs boy can’t rule your fanancial issues, but we both don’t have choice my fate has made me an fatherless and you guys a boss less employs. I need some time to make things go smoothly for that I need your support, the day when I can’t pay think it’s your last day in office. So please give me a chance to prove myself” Manik spoked emotionally

All the employs with a little hope and mostly unwillingly accepted Manik as boss.
For ten days Manik just went through all things about his business. Then he started works.

Manik frist went to all the projects which are at the stage of ending, calculated all the amount which weds to complete them fully. The amount is more than he have now, and he had to pay employs. Manik started to calculate again
“Manik sir! When don’t we give a new praposal of our upcoming project for which we get advance so that we can get out of this problem” Sinha said
“No Sinhaji! That is for new project only how much cash we have in bank?”
“It’s negligible”
Manik started to think how
“Manik! Sell my jewels that may help you”
“No mom! I have a plan just thinking”
“Sinhaji! Can you make a meeting with all the contractors of our projects now?”
“In one hour I can”
“Ok fine then make it”

After an hour at malhotra mansion
“As you all know due to dad’s sudden death we can’t get cash now to complete the work but we have to complete. I need your help to do so”
“Don’t worry sir say we are ready to do anything”
“Can you all guys complete the work by getting materials for credit? I need credit for one month only after that we will get our last payment for our project and we can pay the credits back”
” but if things go reverse any risk appears?” One of the person asked
” these are my moms jewels which can fill the amount”
“No need sir, we know malhotra’s from long back we will”
“Thank you I will not forget this” Manik thanked them
“All appreciated his business mind and went”

Manik personally visited all the buildings and took all accounts, workers list, working styles.
With in four months Manik completed seven building. All the owners started to pay the last installment and took keys.
Manik is very happy he completed his dad’s projects successfully.

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