manik malhotra_its my love story (part-62)


Manik malhotra_its my love story

Manik got profit. It is his frist step to walk into business. Khanna came to meet Manik.
“How are you Manik?”
“Fine uncle”
“Congrates! I heard that you are doing your business very well.”
“Just a start”
“Good! I know that death of malhotra is a great loss. Now you need support for business, I brought some cash and check so that you can run business easily, I would have come before but I want to see your business strategy. When I found your good then you can use all my money”
“Thank you very much that you did not offer me before, now I don’t need any. Business is done with mind not with money. Business is for money. Uncle don’t think other ways I don’t want any support from anyone I even denied moms support, daddu’s help. I want to prove myself. Iam sorry if I hurt you and your words are lot to me”
“Kudhari in business is good but practically worst”
“It’s fine for me”
“So you don’t accept”
“I can’t”
“Ok I will not force you again”
“Thank you”
“I think you didnot forget your dads promise”
“Ok then I will make a move”
“I never asked your daughters name may I know?”
“Really! Rithika khanna now she is at Mumbai”
“Iam little busy. I can’t come to Mumbai but if she comes to Delhi I will surely meet her”
Khanna’s face sparkled like moon
“I will call her to join you.”
“Thank you.”
“Ok bye beta!”
“Bye uncle”
Khanna went
Manik called cabir.
“Cabir! I need a total information about Rithika khanna”
“Salla! Iam not your employ”
“Chod bakwas! If you don’t then she will become your sister”
“What!” Cabir screamed
“Yes! It’s a long story that’s why I need total information”
“That is why I said to do this”
“Ok I got it.”
“Good! How are every one?”
“Fine! Nandini got seat in medicine she went to Pune in Afams she got.”
“Great news so finally it’s going to be Dr. Nandu”
“After a long time I heard a good news”
“Cabir! Frist find out about Rithika”
“Ok! I will spy on her by all means”
“How is our band?”
“Without you where is band?”
“No don’t do that get any one in my place”
“I will kill you fab5is ours and it will be only ours bakwas chod do your business. Arey forgot to say you are the topper of our class”
“She is next of you”
“What ever now she is doc so fine.”
“Sir!” His secratery called
“Ok I have work I will call you again bye”
“Bye take care of yourself”
Both hangout the call
“Sir today’s meetings”
“Today at 10 fix with architects, after lunch with accounts department, at 4 with manger to our new site, after 6 with all contractors, tomm I want to meet all workers from watchman to all caders.”
“Yes sir!”
“Srinu! From now on in my cabin daily their should be rose in my table. Daily one only one.”
“Sure sir!”
“Thank you”

Manik is happy today his smile gave him lots of energy.”Nandu! Iam happy for you, kash! If I were with you”
Manik is missing her a lot. A sudden feeling of hugging her reminded him the last hug which was so emotional. Tears and smile face of nandini came infront of him

Sanam tere kasam movie song;
Main teri yaadon mein khoya
Main teri yaadon mein uljha
Main teri yaadon mein khoya
Main teri yaadon mein uljha
Teri yaadon ka hai samaa
Tere bin main, main na rahaa
Teri yaadon ka hai samaa
Tere bin main, main na rahaa
Shaam-o-seher kaise
Lagte zeher jaise
Tere bagair aise o…
Socha nahin kaise
Hoon darbadar jaise
Hogi basar aise o…
Khamoshiyan hain khata meri
Tanhaiyan hai sazaa meri
Samjha rahi hai ye dooriyan
Teri meri nazdeekiyaan
Haan teri yaadon ke gham hain
Hai teri yaadon ki khushiyaan
Haan teri yaadon ke gham hain
Hai teri yaadon ki khushiyaan
Tere bin jeena kya mera
Tere bin main, main na raha
Tere bin jeena kya mera
Tere bin main, main na raha
Sabko khabar hai ye
Meri seher hai tu
Kya bekhabar hai tu o…
Itni zara si toh
Haan hai tujhe kehni
Kehde nazar se tu o…
Kya itni hai majbooriyan
Kyun itni naa manzooriyan
Ik mukhtasar si baat hai
Phir zindagi bhar ka saath hai
Main teri yaadon mein jaaga
Main teri yaadon mein soya
Main teri yaadon mein jaaga
Main teri yaadon mein soya
Tere bin jeena kya mera
Tere bin main, main na raha
Tere bin jeena kya mera
Tere bin main, main na raha

Manik is busy in his meetings all the day.He praposed for a new project. Plans are made everything is going on very fast. He is just thinking “what is missing? Why iam feeling bechaan? O god what a strong feeling?”
Manik sat in chair with his head slanted back in a relax position closing eyes
“Yes srinu” Manik asked without opening eyes.
“You got a bouquet”
“Keep it there”
“Sir shall I bring a black tea?”
“No srinu! I just need few mins silence”
“Sure sir” srinu went

Manik head is heavy. Days are running already five months completed. Five months without dad, five months without nandu, five months without fab4, five months without music. Still iam breathing. Iam alive. How strange life is? All the above are my life but now everything changed. I changed, without dad in dads place o God! No Manik don’t think, these thoughts will make you weak. Be strong. To reach nandini this is the only way”
Manik opened eyes found a beautiful redroses bouquet seeing that he got a smile. He was about to keep it a side found something written on its note opened it
“For the monster, in advance

Manik looked date it’s September11
Next day is my bday. “Nandini” this only word came from his mouth
Called srinu
“Who gave you this?”
“Sir a delivery boy some one ordered it in phone to deliver it”
“Thank you”
Manik felt like he is with nandini all the day he carried the bouquet with him till he reached house.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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