manik malhotra_its my love story (part-61)


Manik malhotra_its my love story

Manik life is full of emptiness. Things changed, life changed, now he has to leave with this all. Delhi is place now fab5, Nandini all are back I had to leave them. Iam all alone and must be alone in this new way of life.

My friends, they are from my childhood. All my memories are with them but now I had to be away from them. My music my passion is just an hobby now. All the pranks, smiles, musthi are leaving me to make me alone.

Nandini, how dad knows about nandu? How will she live without me? How have to convince to be safe? Frist how will I manage things?

O God give me strength now mom and daddu are my responsibility why nandu is not my responsibility?” O God help me.
How can I manage all these?

(Kalyug movie song)
Juda Hoke Bhi Tu Mujhmein Kahi Baaki Hai
Palkon Mein Banke Aansu Tu Chali Aati Hai
Juda Hoke Bhi

Waise Zinda Hu Zindagi Bin Tere Main
Dard Hi Dard Baaki Raha Hai Seene Mein
Saans Lena Bhar Hi Yaha Jeena Nahi Hain
Ab Toh Aadat Si Hai Mujhko Aaise Jeene Mein
Juda Hoke Bhi Tu Mujhmein Kahi Baaki Hai
Palkon Mein Banke Aansu Tu Chali Aati Hai

Saath Mere Hain Tu Har Pal Shab Ke Andhere Mein
Paas Mere Hain Tu Hardam Ujale Savere Mein
Dil Se Dhadkan Bhula Dena Aasan Nahi Hai
Ab Toh Aadat Si Hai Mujhko Aaise Jeene Mein
Juda Hoke Bhi Tu Mujhmein Kahi Baaki Hai
Palkon Mein Banke Aansu Tu Chali Aati Hai

Ab Toh Aadat Si Hai Mujhko Aaise Jeene Mein
Yeh Jo Yaadein Hai… (2)
Sabhi Kaatein Hai… (2)
Katado Inhe… (2)
Ab Toh Aadat Si Hai Mujhko

Manik is totally blank. Want to get hug which can make him ok, which can make him feel better. The hug which can help to get strength, which can give peace to his mind, which will give him junnon to fight with this world.

After completing the rituals Manik alone came to Mumbai to take some papers and important things to Delhi. Fab4 came to meet him.

“Manik! Are you ok?” Druv asked
“I don’t know. May be?”
“Manik better cry you may feel better”mukhti said
“Iam unable to cry”
All hugged him.

“Cabir tomm I need you all guys to complete my works”
“Ok we will go one by one” Aliya said
“Will you really settle in Delhi?”
“But in Mumbai..”
“Dad’s wish so need of thinking”
“Ok then say what to do frist?”
“I will meet Sinha frist till then you guys bring my tc and cerci ayes from space”
“We thought you will meet Nandini frist” cabir said
“Nandini! …….. Not now” Manik said in pain

About twenty days Manik stayed in Mumbai according to Sinha Manik had to change all his property to his name and shift to Delhi. When he was doing all works he is just missing his dad like hell.Everytime he is becoming emotional still Manik is completing but at night when he want to sleep he is just missing nandini daily at late night he went to her house stood for half an hour and returned home without making any sign of his presence to nandini.

Today it’s last day Manik is busy in packing everything suddenly bell rang as he was waiting for Sinha Manik himself went to open the door to his surprise its nandini
Manik is surprised sametime shocked,
“Shall come in?”
Manik gave her way
“I know you are not expecting me now here, I even know that you are avoiding me but once I want to make my heart convince that you are fine so I came. I will not distrib you. I brought lunch have it I will go back, without any questions please”
Manik is starring at her
Nandini took his hand made him to walk to dining table and made him sit
She served food
“Manik eat”
Manik looked at her and turned to her catching her waist hugged her and started to cry. Nandini is standing still keeping her hand in his hair. Manik is sitting in chair holded her waist and kept his head on her chest and crying like a kid.

“Manik! No one in this world can fulfill your dads place. It’s life time loss, but this is when you need to start walking in new world all alone, fight with it to win, win it come to me. Think that it’s your race where you have to find me. Your mom is your strength. We you feel like you lost hope just look at her, the loneliness of her life will give you the ignitation of Fire to fight with your problems. I know now you are alone and you need me a lot but iam your weakness which I don’t want to be. Be strong Manik iam always with you”

“Nandu! What I want say you said it, give me five years time I will come back. In this five years I can’t call you, msg you, talk to you, see you, ntg. I don’t want anyone should know about you. Business is a snakes and ladder game which may drag you into trouble and make my weakness loose me. So please! Understand and besafe, never think that I will not reach you just wait. Wait for me. No stupid things please.”

“I completely understand and I will”
“Any media or any news if at all come in such a way that may hurt you but don’t believe anything. Truth is I really love you and iam always yours ”
“Manik is grown up he knows to say I love you to me”Nandini smiled
Manik smiled back

Manik hugged Nandini kissed her with tears in eyes said bye
Nandini left with flowing tears and smile

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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