manik malhotra_its my love story (part-60)


Manik malhotra_its my love story

Manik came running inside the hospital, nyionika hugged him
“Manik! Harsh…….feel down….. Iam scared…. Harsh..”
“Mom! Ushhhhh nothing happens iam there na… Look be strong”
Nyionika hugged him more tight her face is scared and her whole body is shevering.
Manik is also scared. For the frist time he is seeing his mom so weak

Doctor came out called Manik
“Your dad want to talk to you alone”
Manik ran inside
Nandini sat beside nyionika. All fab5are there

“Manik let me speak totally just listen carefully.
I know it’s my last day, don’t panic or scared be strong. Takecare of your mom. Take my body to Delhi.
Stay there don’t return. Mr. Sinha knows all my secrets, he will help you.” Harshavardan is breathing hard
“Manik I know you very well, so no need of marrying khanna’s daughter promises can’t rule life don’t take any sort of help from anyone make that girl leave you that can solve your problem”
“Dad please take rest we will talk latter”
“No Manik no let me finish, your grandfather is in Delhi na take good care of him. Nandini is this her name? I knew you love her. Stay away from her till you make khanna’s daughter leave you totally if not khanna will make your life hell along with Nandini don’t give him chance it’s my last wish.”
“Dad!” Manik is crying
“No Manik! Never cry infront of any one be as strong as you can. My bussiness loss are filled but now I don’t have much to give you rather iam giving you responsibility of your mom and my dad. Take care of yourself. Iam sorry Manik iam making you alone when you need me the most please forgive me Iam sorry Manik”
“Dad please! You will be allright”

“Manik promise me that you will stay away from nandini. You don’t know this world they will play with your emotions till you become good enough to handle things you stay away her safety and your relation is most important than business. Here all are rivals no one is friend our one weakness makes us helpless, Manik you are my weakness that’s why khanna played such cruel game with me if you expose Nandini to world they do same with you.”
“Go Manik send your mom I need to talk before I loose my life”
“Dad” Manik cried like hell
“No Manik don’t show these tears to world go send your mom”

Manik came out nyionika ran to him
“Mom go in dad need to talk to you”
Nyionika rushed in
Manik sat in chair. All fab4 came near him. Manik’s ears are filled with his dad’s words. Nandini want hug him but she is away from him
Murthy came. Nandini informed him.

One weak of long fighting with life Harshavardan left his soul, due to his heart attack and puncher of liver.manik took him to Delhi. Fab4 went for funeral. Manik’s grandfather mr.santhu malhotra broke down seeing his only son dead body but when looked at Manik he himself became strong to handle things.

Manik is totally silent his mind is filled with his dad’s memories. When he is giving fire to his dad’s body his heart roared like hell it didnot burned his body even Manik soul burned with it.

When he saw nyionika with white saree he got somuch angry want to burn whole world. He hugged and cried for frist time after his dad’s death. It’s was slow when started but now it’s like a roaring no one has somuch strength to stop him or console him.

Nyionika want to stop him but malhotra stopped her “bahu! Let him if not he will die with pain”
Nyionika too cried with him.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Omg so emotional yr,,
    i am hell scared MaNan seperation
    Manik will stay away fr nandhu
    fr her safety but what abt her?

  2. staying away gives them pain but , future gives them happiness. Thank u for giving the update. but its very emotional.

  3. the pain they go through now will be make thm strong enough to face the future !!
    Sad but Manik’s dad ws right
    This world is so cruel ,For Nandhini’s safety he hv to do this ,,,,n he will
    But wht abt MaNan moments its will also sad ???
    is their any leap ??

  4. You r amazing yar…….
    The way u express the pain is is just mind blowing….

  5. I have no words to describe how deeply u potrayed manik s pain. U never stop to surprised me. At only his 20s manik who was a pampered,stubborn child with all luxaries became soo matured only within a short time. Situation made him like that. Bt nandini can be his strength not only weekness. I think now the leap will happen

  6. It’s really very emotional n heart wrenching episode. …but I liked manik’s dad’s last words….manik should follow exactly…only then he can get nandini back in his life…great twist….loved it to the core. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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