manik malhotra_its my love story (part-55)

Manik malhotra_its my love story

Manik slowly released her from hug and took her to room and went to his. There were no words between them.
Background Mann mera song is played.

Next day is the last one in Goa. After that they will go back to Mumbai.
Nandini is sitting in her bed. She is unable to sleep the hug which she had was still which she is feeling.
Manik is in same state.
“Nandini hugged me. Her each body part was crushing with me, howmuch she believe in me. She called me to close her hook. She is blindly trusts me. Manik are you fool she is madly in love with you can’t even know that? I know it but what I had to do?” Manik took paper and started to paint whole night he painted just smiling face of nandini which is cute innocent and beautiful.

Next day all students together played treasure hunt. Girls verses boys played it. Girls won the game.
Night their was a campfire. Fab5 had rocked the party. Songs are flowing like water all the students one after the other started demanding songs. They are going on singing.
Nandini slept listening to them on navya’s shoulder. Manik is just watching her while singing. Almost late night all walked to room navya took nandini in.
Next day early morning they all started to Mumbai. Nandini sat besides navya. She full upset, before coming to tour she strongly determined that she will make Manik to confess his feelings but all went in vain, the hug in wet cloths made her feel more uncomfortable with Manik, she felt that it was very bold step shouldn’t have done it. The hope of Manik expressing love is vanishing day by day. She is loosing hope and confidence, specially when she heard from Manik that he is going to hurt her sentence is no where giving any conclusion to her. Her mind is always thinking about only one thing “how to make Manik prapose or say his feelings?” For which she is totally blank.

“Nandu! Why are you crying?” Navya almost screamed with shock
Nandini kept her hand on navya’s mouth to stop her “nothing! Just vag thoughts which made to get tears please don’t shout and create a scene”
Nandini removed her hand when navya said yes with eyes
“What the hell made to get tears?”
“I said na ntg” Nandini closed her eyes to control her emotions

Manik when heard navya’s screaming came running to nandini’s seat, she closed her eyes tears are flowing she wide them and trying to be normal and opened eyes found Manik standing before her
“Nandu! Did anyone hurt you?”
Nandini looked straight into his eyes nodes no
“Then what is hurting you?” Manik’s face is in pain which is the reflection of her tears
“My incapability”
“What? Incapability for what?”
“You can figure it out Manik”
Manik is confused what she is talking about he want ask her again but stoped himself in middle something flashed in his mind
Manik looked deep into her eyes
“No nandu don’t force yourself to get the truth out which I want to burry only in me, it kills you from the deepest part of your heart give me time I want to get a best solution please nandu! The pain which iam giving you is hurting me in tons,”
“What happened Manik?”
“I felt I have right to give you pain am I wrong?” Manik questioned back
This time it’s nandini who is totally surprised with his answer.
“No!” Nandini answered strongly
“Fine then” Manik walked to his seat
Nandini is in surprise still
Navya too
“Nandu! What this guy is? What did he reply? Iam shocked he didnot prapose but says that he has right to give you pain what does that mean?”
“Navya chod you won’t understand” Nandini still looking at him

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  1. Dear its so saaad epi wen he will propose her wen they will be happy

  2. so sad epi ,,but Awsm writter

  3. Poor nandhu feeling so sad

  4. Emotional bt love contain every fragrance of feelings.let it be emotion,happiness,romance,insecurity etc. So i like this

  5. Soo many emotions in one episode…….
    Good going dear…..
    Plz plz plz……ye sad track jaldi khatam kar doo……

  6. Thank u fr ta update..keep goin…

  7. nandu cried . aww

  8. So sad for manan. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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