manik malhotra_its my love story (part-54)


Manik malhotra_its my love story

Mann Mohana aaa
mann mohanaaa
Kanha sunona aaa
Tum bin paun kaise chaina
Tarsu tumhi ko din rain
Chodke apne kashi mathura
Chodke apne kashi mathura
Aake basao more nain
Tum bin paun kaise chain
Tarsu tumhiko din rain
Ek pal ujiraya aaye
Ek pal andhiyara chaye
Mann kyun na ghabraye
Kaise na ghabraye
Mann jo koi dhara ha
Apni rahon mein paaye
Kaun disha jaye
Tum bin kaun samjhaye
Tum bin kaun samjhaye
Nandini sitting outside her room with closed eyes singing. It’s just 5am. Usually she practice at this time daily so today she started singing.
Manik couldn’t sleep all night, he was just thinking about his future and how to solve his problem but didnot get any solution so at 4am he went to beach for jogging after an hour jogging he returned to hotel where he listened song and walked towards it, found nandini singing with closed eyes
Raas rachiyan brindavan ke gokul ke basi
Radha tumhri daasi
Darshan ko hai pyaasi
Shaam shalone nand lala krishna banwari
Tumri chab hai nyari
Mein to hoon tan man hari
Mein to hoon tan man hari
Mann mohanaaaa mann mohanaaaa
Mann mohanaaaa mann mohanaaaaa
Kanha sunona aaa
Tum bin paun kaise chain
Tarsu tumhiko din rain
Jeevan ek nadiya hai lehron lehron behti jaye
Ismein mann ki naiyaa doobe kabhi tar jaye
Tum na Khewaiya ho to koi tat kaise paaye
Majdhaare rehlaye
Toh tumri saran aaye
Haan tumri saran aaye
Mein hoon tumhari hai tumhara yeh mere jeevan
Tumko hi dekhon mein
Dekhun koi darpan
Bansi ban jaungi in hooton ki ho jangui
In sapno se jalthal
Hai mera maan angan
Hain mera mmmm…
She opened her eyes with hands folded found Manik staring at her and lost in thoughts
It’s just aunrising breezing melodious prayer and nandini which made his completely get losted.
Nandini called him

He felt like still she is singing when she shake him he came out.
“Nandini don’t move please stay I will bring guitar I want sing with you my new song please wait”
Manik ran to his room brought his guitar and a note book with him told her the tune and started to play guitar
Ishq bhi kiya re maula
Dard bhi diya re maula
Ooo.. ooo..
Ishq bhi kiya re maula
Dard bhi diya re maula
Yun toh khush raha
Magar kuch reh gaya baaqi
Faqr bhi kiya re maula
Ilm bhi liya re maula
Zindagi jiya magar kuch reh gaya baaqi
Tu nahi dikha re maula
Sab nahin bika re maula
Aur jahaan ruka wahaan pe
Jaam hai khaali
Chaah ki kami mein tu hai
Aankh ki nami mein tu hai
Aas mein tu
Pyaas mein tu
Saans mein tu..
Bewajah hansi mein tu hai
Jo dikhe usi mein tu hai
Ashq mein tu [Ashq: Tears]
Rashk mein tu [Rashk: Envy/Jealousy]
Jaan mein tu
Ishq bhi kiya re maula
Dard bhi diya re maula
Yun toh khush raha
Magar kuch reh gaya baaqi
Faqr bhi kiya re maula
Ilm bhi liya re maula 
Zindagi jiya magar kuch reh gaya baaqi
Tu nahi dikha re maula
Sab nahin bika re maula
Aur jahaan ruka wahaan pe
Jaam hai khaali
Zeest ki sacchayiyon
Rooh ki gehraiyon se
Raat ki tanhaiyon se
Tu guzar Zara
Both completed song all clapped
Whole college was standing both Manik and Nandini are just in there world and singing
Both looked eachother and thanked everyone
After that both went to respected rooms

Nandini at breakfast
“Manik I think that song will go along with violin than guitar the high pich can’t be taken better than violin.”
“Ya I too felt it”
“Wait guys when you guys thought of jamming you can call us we all had join unnecessarily you both got credit” mukhti said
“O mukhti so you are worried about credit? Our song leaked frist think about it” Druv shouted
“Without our contribution” cabir added
“Stop it guys! It was just a point of excitement when I heard Nandini singing one devotional song I just want to try this” Manik explained

“O Manik excitement for what?” Cabir asked
“For music” Manik said
“No it’s about nan…… Nan……” Aliya scribbled
All laughed Nandini blushed
Manik just looked at otherside

“Today shall we go for church?” Navya praposed all accepted
All went to church
Manik sat on the bench and looking church beauty
Nandini lightened the candle and started to pray
Manik looking and thought “God please don’t give her any silly thoughts of fasting r other things please I can’t see her suffering”
When Nandini came after prayer Manik “don’t say that again you are doing any supid fasting or so”
“No! But are you worried so much?”
“I hate blackmailing bichara God!”
“Manik no jokes on god”
“Fine sorry”
“Manik I want to roam on bicycle can we all heir and go on ride at beach it will be fun”
“Bicycles???” Manik a bit shocked
“Yes! In mangalore we all roam on cycles”
“We means?”
“Me and my friends”
“Ok I will try to bring”
Manik went to bring cycles, after an hour he brought seven cycles
“Manik what is this?”
“Come on guys lets ride” Manik said sitting on cycle
“Wow it’s going to be fun”
Mukhti took one
Nandini took one
“I can’t ride cycle” navya said with fear
“What???” All at a time shouted
Cabir laughed navya felt humiliated got tears in eyes
Mukhti stopped him
“Don’t worry navya let’s ride sit with me”
“Mukhti are you her bf? Then leave her I will take her on my cycle” cabir took her hand
Navya rejected and sat on mukhti’s cycle
All laughed at cabir” gf kiss ki hai?” Druv shouted
Cabir with puppy face went back of her.
Cabir after reaching beached started navya to teach cycling frist she was scared but afterwards she started to learn slowly

“How cute both are” nandini said to Manik smiling at them
“Yes! A guy like cabir who is totally straight forward can’t be handled easily but navya she good at it”
“Yes, but they fight a lot”
“Still they keep their relation above it”
“You will have ice cream?”
“Love to”
Manik brought ice cream for all.

Evening they started to play in water at beach. They started swimming and playing taking pictures had lots of fun.
When all wanted to return Nandini is feeling uncomfortable her hook of her dress has been opened and all her back is exposed she was about to call girls due to wet cloths they all started walking fast to rooms for changing
Manik looked back found Nandini struck he walked back “nandu! What happened?”
“Thank god Manik! Please keep my hook it’s open”
Manik went back of her as it almost dark only moonlight is there her back is sparkling he felt little uncomfortable to touch her but kept her hook and touched her back a slight jerk ran in nandini’s back which he felt.
Manik removed his hand
Nandini turned back and hugged him, Manik felt surprised and hugged her tight.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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