manik malhotra_its my love story (part-52)

Manik malhotra_its my love story
Early morning when Manik woke up, he is in nandini’s lap and nandini is sleeping on his shoulder. He slowly took her face kept in his lap without disturbing and looked her, she is beautiful like a freshly blossomed flower.

Everyone is bus woke up. Bus reached goa. It’s 7am in the morning. The beach view is super. All girl got there rooms and boys adjusted in one room

They started to go for sight seeing.
Whole day they were roaming along beaches had great sea food. Took many photos played beach volleyball. Manik reminded how he frist time saw nandini while playing volley ball.
Girl said its boring even in Mumbai we do same.
Then what you guys want to do?
“I have a suggestion” Nandini said
“Shoot” cabir said
“Let’s play village game guys iam saying its dam interesting”
“What it is?”
“Game is each guy will have a small stone they are kept at a place the one who is theif have ball with them, will crack those stones all the other guys had to pick them and keep it in a row again while we are playing the guy with ball with hit us.”
” aey! In vibha movie Amurutha and shaid plays this” Aliya shouted
“Ok we got it”
“Let’s play but who will be theif?”Druv said
“You” all at a time shouted
Druv with puppy face “cheaters” shouted and game started
Round by round game became dam interesting navya and cabir made it super.

All tired nandini is even unable to stand properly. Everyone are hungry and tired Manik went to the cook and brought food for everyone. Manik didnot bring for himself. He took nandini’s plate and started to feed her mad even sharing it with himself everyone are busy in talking and discussing about game didnot notice even nandini is equally busy so she too didnot notice
Manik is serving them properly and even feeding nandini. After sometime she felt her stomach is totally full she said “mom! Buss iam done plz” everyone looked at her
The secence was Manik is with plate and his hand is full of food near nandini mouth and she is kept her face back to deny all observed it and are totally silent. Nandini is shock “what? Manik is feeding me?” She said to herself in mind
Manik gave a small sound and kept the gulp in her mouth and said “eat properly if not you will get weakness and aunty is not there to feed you by roaming back of you”
All changed their looks and started regular conversation, nandini is still in shock bit eating silently.

All started to play music but Manik opened his painting kit. Manik is good artist he protriats human beings very well just a few know about his this skill. In that fan5 is one. He went to nandini and asked her to wear half saree if have nandini said I don’t but I can wear it with some stuff. He said ok and she got ready. Manik took her to beach where the moonlight is falling on her. He started to paint. He took three hours to complete it by then Nandini went to deep sleep sitting there. He carried her in his arms took all the stuff made her to sleep besides navya without disturbing her went to his room.
Morning when nandini woke she find herself near navya. She remembered that Manik and she was at beach for painting to see the painting she went to boys room all are sleeping. She walked in without making sound a small board is places oppositely to get dry she went to it and looked at it.

Nandini is totally surprised. She looked herself in mirror and looked at painting. It’s her painting but seen it made her speechless. The beach with full of moon light where nandini is sitting with her eyes facing down and expression is like a girl sitting under moonlight feeling shy to face her love. She got tears in her eyes. When she turned back to go she hit with Manik who is just looking at her expressions by seeing painting. She slipped and about to fall he held her waist with one hand and her hand with other hand. Both had eye lock moment
Background song

Nahi jeena tere baaju
Nahi jeena, nahi jeena
Nahi jeena tere baaju
Nahi jeena, nahi jeena (x2)
(tere baaju: without you)
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri
Main tenu samjhava ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui yon jaan meri
Main tenu samjhawa ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Mere dil ne chun laiyaa ne
Tere dil diyaan raahan
Tu jo mere naal tu rehta
Turpe meriyaan saaha
Jeena mera.. hoye
Hun hai tera, ki main karaan
Tu kar aitbaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri
Main tenu samjhawan kee
Na tere bina lagda jee
Ve changa nahion keeta beeba
Ve changa nahion keeta beeba
Dil mera tod ke
Ve bada pachhtaiyaan akhaan
Ve bada pachhtaiyaan akhaan
Naal tere jod ke
Tenu chadd ke kitthe jawan
Tu mera parchhanvaa
Tere mukhde vich hi main taan
Rab nu apne pawaan
Meri duaa.. haaye
Sajda tera kardi sadaa
Tu sun iqraar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri
Main tainu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

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