manik malhotra_its my love story (part-50)


Manik malhotra _its my love story

Next day Manik came in white full shirt and formal brown pant. Manik is 6″2 inches, fair in color. All the girls dream about such a dam handsome heart throb he is. Today in this dress he is dam hot.
“Nandini murthy!
Check out!
Manik malhotra is ready to kill your heart ”

Nandini wear a jeans and black shirt kept her short.

Both after reaching college.
All started commenting
“Guys you know we have fashion show from yesterday but today it starting growing. Arey yaar! Nandini you should inform us about this na we too will do it” cabir critizied.
Manik looked nandini at nandini and got angry he felt sad and depressed.
Nandini gave a smile but Manik didnot responded.

Whole day he is sad
While going home nandini stopped him ” Manik what hpnd why are you like this?”
“Look your face it is saying you are angry on me”
Manik bursted “what ever we have challenge all is to impress me but what you did? The most adorable thing which attracts me the most that one you cut it for fashion. I hate such fashions. Showing best in you is fashion not this one”
“Manik wait which one you didnot like?”
“Why did you cut your long hair? I like them long”
Nandini laughed like anything
Manik looked her in more angry
“Wait let me!” Nandini still laughing took her pins with which she tucked her hair to make them short.
Manik is shocked.
He felt akward he hit head himself for his foolishness.
Nandini stopped laughing and went near him and in low voice “I love when you tuck my hair back of my ear. So I will never cut my hair it’s nandini’s promise”
Manik smiled
Nandini smiled waved bye and went home
Manik just looking at her way. “I thought I will avoid her but when, how didn’t even noticed she again sneeked into my life back. Nandini’s promise. What a killer one you are. Nandu you made stubborn Manik malhotra a foolish one who didn’t even notice the reality.”
Background song;

Tu jo mila, sab mil gaya
Dil ki namaazein jaake
Pahunchi falak se aage
Toh jaake paaya tujhko
Mere rehnuma…
Mujhko mera Rabb mil gaya
Baahon se aage tere
Duniya nahi hai meri
Rakhle yahin tu mujhko
Mere rehnuma…
Jo naa bhaaye, teri nazar ko
Dekhungi naa main phir woh nazara
Tu jo mile toh, chhod doon khud ko
Tujhme kahin hai mera kinaara
Bas tu hi tu mujhe yaad hai
Dil ki namaazein jaake
Pahunchi falak se aage
Toh jaake paaya tujhko
Mere rehnuma…
Guzri hoon jab se, main tere dar se
Hasne lagi hoon main, khul ke rehbar
Dard se tere rista juda toh
Ab muskuraate hai mere manjar
Haan.. Rabb ki mujhe saugaat hai
Dil ki namaazein jaake
Pahunchi falak se aage
Toh jaake paaya tujhko
Mere rehnuma…
Baahon se aage tere
Duniya nahi hai meri
Rakhle yahin tu mujhko
Mere rehnuma…

The fashion show went for five days Manik fall for her daily styles but didnot confess.
Nandini is not depressed because Manik is also doing same to impress her.

College announced tour to goa.
The route from Mumbai to goa will have many places to visit. Everyone are excited about it. Nandini is most excited “mr. Malhotra now wait and watch”

The trip was roadway. Two buses are allotted.All fab5 started pack
Navya refused to come on tour. Cabir requested a lot. Nandini tried to convince her but no use. Cabir lost intrested. Fab5 became dull.
Nandini went to navya’s house. She requested navya’s dad and mom frist they refused but after a long disscussion and arrguements navya got permission.

Listening to the news that navya is coming cabir started dancing. Again all became happy and excited to go for goa.

Precap; Manik and nandini will spend best time all together. Nandini learns that Manik is in trouble, for which he is avoiding her.

Will Nandini knows the truth?
Does Manik expresses his love
What happens to mukhti?
Any guess?

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Congratulations dear. 50 episodes of a wonderful story is just amazing. Keep going
    And ya the episode , I thought manik was worried abt nandini wearing short dresses and people being mesmerised by seeing her.

  2. Hey sunitha I read ur ff as a silent reader but today u made me write. U write so well that u attract me towards this ff. May be mukti will meet abhi in goa.

    1. Congrats for completing half century.

  3. Congratzzz sunitha 4 completing 50 episode. I just loved manik s foolishness n their way to made fall for each other. N a big big thanks to u for updating soo many episode in a day. N waiting to see manann cavya romance,fun in goa trip. N plz make druliya a couple too

  4. Why I don’t know but this ff is getting limited comments guys feel free express if you don’t like it

  5. Congratulations for fifty episodes dear# today episode was awesome

  6. Congratulations dear…..
    50episode complete……
    It’s just mind blowing yar…..
    Maza aa gya……
    May be……ise trip me mukti abhimanyu ki first meeting hoo……
    Means may be…..i m not sure….

  7. I (we) love it, keep going u definitely on top. Thanks for updating more than one episode per day buh pls do dat also for my dream girl. U’re the best

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