Manik Malhotra _its my love story (part-6)


For two days Manik was suffering with flu on third day he got ready for college but nyionika stopped him even she stayed with him Manik was feel board but of no choice stayed back

Both son and mom played chess enjoyed movies still his mind was wandering around college he badly want to see Nandini” its three days iam missing her just once if see I feel relaxed but how?”

He stood in balcony watching outside and thinking about her suddenly saw Nandini
She is sitting on her bike a bit nervous mad confusing peeping inside the banglow
Manik was confused is it dream or real he pinched himself its paining so it’s real then it’s Nandini outside my place
He called watchman and asked him go and call girl who is standing outside and send her in watchman sent her in Nandini came in
Manik invited her “you here I did expect”
“Actually passing by and thought of giving a casual visit”
“Then why were you not coming in”
“I did inform you before and …you ….know….you may ……be busy nd I don’t want to distrub you”
“Ooooo! So thought of …..”
Nyionika came Manik introduced Nandini she greeted and went back as Manik was getting bored so she will company for sometime and feel better
“Why didn’t you come to college since threedays?”
“Not well it’s flu so”

“How are you doing now”
“Fine but mom insisted to take rest so”
“Take rest it’s good idea”
“So….. You are coming tomm”
“You said to take rest I guess”
“Ya!ya!… have to take rest”
Both are thinking that conversation is weired but unable to start a meaningful one so Nandini thought of leaving “ok! Then I will make a move”
“No! For frist time you came have something” he offered some smoothies ice cream and hot chocolate
Nandini took ice cream bowl Manik took black tea
Manik asked about classes she started saying everything happened in class both felt comfortable he showed his house his room after an hour she took leave
Manik was very happy he felt relaxed nd started playing music fab4 came and joined him

Next day in college there was an visit of great scientist all are asked to gather in Audi fab5 was order to play a welcome song they played meeting started speeches were given it was inspiring Manik was starring at Nandini she is fully involved in speech he got angry and started listening to speech carefully after five mins he again checked her as usual she is not this time he is annoyed throwed a bit of paper Nandini just flowed it off Manik did it again she in anger looked in same direction it came she found Manik she asked with eyes “what”
He said “y r u not looking at me?” With signals

“I don’t know that you are watching me” she replied”ok! Any work?”
Manik really didn’t have answer he just want to smile at her she did see he got annoyed but he want a smile from her don’t know “ntg” he replied she smiled and turned back

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. It’s too good dear….
    nd ur both the stories is going on perfect direction…..
    Keep going
    Love u….

  2. really nic story dear….
    i luv both ur ffs….
    they r jusst amazing….
    vry nicly portrayed…..
    pure piece of art……
    thanks fir d updates dear….
    keep writing….

  3. It is nyc…..infact awesome…..

  4. is nandu have feelings for like as him.really interesting

  5. So nice yaar

  6. Awesome, soooooooo lovelyyyyyy episode

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