manik malhotra_its my love story (part-8)


Manik next day in college was too serious he was very much upset that all his friends call him fool and he too feels same
Evening after college over Manik searched for Nandini he saw him going on bike he took his and started following her atleast he could reach becoz of traffic he stopped her both parked there bikes a side Nandini asked”what happened Manik? What do you want?”

“Look Nandini iam fed with you arey you always rule my mind iam obsessed with you everyone are calling me fool I tried a lot to stay away and failed every time you make me to do crazy things I can’t stop feeling to kiss you when I look at you see now I want to just kiss you so badly that … Look I hate this feeling stay away from me and ……” “What ever” he took breathe she was totally confused what he said she is bit hurt and shocked that he hate her, tears rolled in eyes still managed to say” if so then iam sorry I will stay away”
“Good! Bye and what is that driving? Before giving side single look into mirror nd why the hell do you drive so fast in traffic can’t you takecare of yourself? Look if again I see you driving fast I will burn your bike”
“Y” she asked with tears
“Y? Seriously man! You fool you will get hurt accident may occur”
“You hate me so why you bother?”
“Look don’t ask such questions which I don’t know the answer and these question drag me crazy nd prove iam a big fool”

Manik held hand and dragged her near him both looked into eachother eyes Kher tears hurt him a lot wipped them and said “see I don’t want to hurt but seriously iam not fool”
Nandini removed his hand stay away from him which made Manik get more angry and said “I understood everything from now on I will never speak to you or look at you bye” she took her bike and went
Manik boiled with anger and hit the wall which made him bleed he took his bike went home in jet speed throwed his bike in parking directly went into room and stood keeping his both hands on waist and start recollecting her words”” she want to stay away from me and will not talk to me for ever how dare she say that to me?”he broked his mirror flowerwase scattered everything in room all the works came running nyionika who was just coming in ran to his room Manik was like a wild animal he rueined all things nyionika went near him and tried to stop him but after a long time he calm down nyionika was afraid seeing Manik like this for frist time he hurried him a lot got scratches on his body and bleeding still his anger didn’t completely came out but he is trying to control docter came and treated him Manik’s dad came home he tried to speak to Manik but he is totally silent and burning inside nyionika called fab4 and asked for reason they said they had no idea all came to see him but Manik avoided talking to them And start playing guitar all joined him continously for four hours they played music

Manik felt little relaxed they said bye nd went home Manik went to swim he started to think sleeping on water and seeing stars he felt he was rude to her frist then felt he is bit more rude to her then felt it’s his mistake then felt it’s his fault lastly he felt he is disgusting

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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