manik malhotra_its my love story (part-49)

Manik malhotra_its my love story
Space academy;
Morning 9:30
Class is full of students everyone are shouting and playing
Fab5 are in serious discussion
Manik is playing guitar thinking about nandini’s yesterday challenge

It’s corider all the boys and girls who are doing there own works stopped doing and staring at the one who is walking, a boy dropped his basketball who was perfectly playing on his finger till then
The girl who is talking about her style just stopped talking and staring at her
The one with big black framed spects is not even see her face just gave her space to walk
The one drinking Pepsi dropped it on his shirt staring at her
She is wearing a blue long frock with curled hair, wrested filled with bracelets and a small butterfly hanging from them, the other hand is with a big silver watch and carrying a mobile , wearing black high heels and walking so confidently towards class
When she entered into class
Cabir dropped his jaw
Mukhti is shocked
Aliya shouted”o my god !”
Druv started wristling
Manik who is playing guitar started singing

ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa laga…

jaise khilata gulaab

jaise shaayar ka khvaab

jaise ujali kiran

jaise ban mein hiran

jaise chaandani raat

jaise narami baat

jaise mandir mein ho ek jalta diya

ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa lagaa…

jaise subah kaa ruup

jaise saradi ki dhuup

jaise vinaa ki taan

jaise rangon ki jaan

jaise balakhaayein bel

jaise laharon ka khel

jaise khushbuu liye aaye thandi havaa

ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa laga…

jaise naachataa mor

jaise resham ki dor

jaise pariyon ka raag

jaise sandal ki aag

jaise solah singaar

jaise ras ki phuhaar

jaise aahistaa aahistaa badhta nasha

ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa laga…
“Manik is it really nandini” cabir asked
“Yaar! I think no may be someone else” mukhti said
“It’s nandini my bestie” navya said with broad smile.
“Haaaaa! So it’s nandini murthy” Manik said after shedding his thoughts.
All laughed at a time
Nandini went to her place and sat there.
Manik is sitting back of her in opposite row when he sees her she can’t find out but if she had to look at him she has to turn her face.
Manik is starring at her
Druv said in low voice “buddy stop it yaar! If sir sees na he will bang you”
“Today iam ready to get banged”
“Manik seriously is you or druv’s buhoot occupied you? It’s unbelievable. Since from class 9th Druv is doing same things even I too did twice one with our literature teacher miss. Sunayana
And other with that hot sizzling “rose” both Druv and Manik said at a time
But you? Never? Then now why are you behaving such?”
“Nandini is special is not with her looks but with her smile she makes thinks to drown my heart. You know night we had a conversation result is this. Actually she is trying to impress me”
“So worked or not?”
“Trying to impress you”
“Totally iam flat she is so beautiful in any type of dress I admire her.”
“Ok! Manik devadas baba nandini ka japp chood. Concentrate on class”cabir suggested
“Class jaye bhad me the feeling of getting seduced by a girl is great feeling”
“It’s not seducing it’s making you get impressed” Druv corrected
“Ya I agree”

Whole day Manik is just admiring her way of impressing him.

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  1. Omg Nandu’s Make over awsm,,She impressed manik n surprised all too
    Its 12:24am u really update this time

  2. Sachi me yar…..
    U r just unbelievable…….
    I have no words ……
    Bas itna khahogi….

    1. Nd also congrats……in advance……
      next update is ur 50th episode…..
      Soo make it as special as possible…..

  3. Yaar I really want to see manan together. Loved nandini’s new avatar

  4. Nandini at western? I love the way u described manik s conversation with cabir n fhtuv abt manik. N nandu s entrance give me a vibe of main hoo na s amrita s entrance

  5. Awsome…no words to describe ur talent

  6. Wowwww, nandu impressing manik….so lovelyyyyyy narration. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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