manik malhotra_its my love story (part-48)

Manik malhotra _ its my love story
Manik went to his evening class, after completing it he started to home bit landed infront of nandini’s house, as he was just thinking about her fasting he couldn’t control himself.

After reaching nandini’s house he realized that he shouldn’t interfere in her personal issues he have to give her own space. He thought of returning back he came across murthy
“Manik! How are you? After a long time?”
“Namasta uncle Iam fine. How are you? Give the bag to me I will carry it”
“It’s ok Manik”
“No please let me” Manik took the bag from him.
“Today na nandini’s fasting she is so stubborn, I and aunty both requested not to do so but she won’t listen to us. For her I brought some fruits and sweets.”
“I too don’t like these fastings. It’s blackmailing God to make our wish fulfill”
“What a best meaning! Nandu! Nandu!” Nandini came from her room looking Manik she is surprised a bit and smiled at him
“Nandu u know what Manik said about fasting?”
“What appa?” Looking at Manik she asked
“Blackmailing God to fulfill your wish is fasting”
“May be iam like this accept me like this or not it’s your choice” Nandini replied in anger
Manik felt felt sorrow for his comment but didn’t say
“Nandu! You are sutborn child as you are alone kid we both gave you lots of freedom and love about which you are taking advantage and doing this sort of things see from morning you are not even drinking water look at your face how dull it is? And you are loosing fluids and energy which makes you weak and unhealthy.” Radhika said with anger and lots of caring
“Amms! Don’t worry Iam fine but now it’s time to eat so appa fresh up fast we will eat”
“Ok in 5mins I will come. Manik sit I will be back soon”
“Uncle I will leave you guys carry on your dinner”
“You too join us”
“For me it’s too early and my mom and dad may be waiting for me at dinner”
“Ok then bye”
“Bye uncle” murthy went in for fresh up
“Ok aunty I will leave”
Nandini went in brought some sweets for Manik
Manik looked at her both had eye lock for a fraction of second and then became normal “sorry nandu I need to leave next time”
“At least a small piece”
Manik took a small piece in hand and left from there
He looked at sweet piece he wrapped it in tissue paper and kept safe.
Morning while coming to college he had just a glass of juice. When he came to college thought of having breakfast but when he came to know about nandini’s fasting he dropped the idea of eating, since then he didnot take anything. Now though Nandini is eating he don’t want to eat.
“Why nandu why don’t you take care of yourself? You always test my patience every time and I can’t even say anything to you as get hurt what I had to do nandu? How I had to explain?”

Manik reached home he skipped his dinner saying had with friends went to his room. Opened his books and trying to complete his project. Manik got a msg it’s nandini
“Eat something Manik, you don’t need to show angry on food”
Manik smiled and replied ” who said I didn’t have my food?”
“Iam saying”
“Then you are wrong”
“Iam not”
“So confident?”
“Over confident I had my dinner stomach full”
“Chup! Go have dinner then msg me”
“Nandu! I said na
Ok did you write your project notes? Iam doing it”
“I did it yesterday”
“So fast yaar”
“Yes now a days I have plenty of time.”
“Ok then prepare for your medical enterance”
“So you say why did you skip your food today?”
“That’s not true”
“Manik Iam hurt when you do such things for me”
“I too get hurt when you such things”
“It’s my devotion towards God”
“It’s my devotion towards lo…..”
“Ahmmmm Manik malhotra is skipping his words o my god it’s such an easy way to make him”
“I think I had to concentrate on my work good nite”
“Manik malhotra it’s ok no need to feel shy slipping for a girl is cute thing girls loveeeeeee it”
“Nandini murthy! Manik malhotra never slip for girls”
“Oooo are you sure?”
“Then let’s have a test from tomm in five days I will make you slip your tongue”
“Impossible try your luck”
“Over confident today what did mukhti said standing on bench?”
“She was just playing with me”
“Ok then you hurt my ego, let’s see”
“So from tomm I have a fashion show, it’s going to be fun”
“No need to do so”
“Why already lost?”
“No never”
“Ok fine. Gn”

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  1. MaNan conversation is cute,,,Hy sunitha i am reading ur ff for soo long ,,Ur ff Buisness rivals its fabulous yr,,N now ky2 season3 its No words to describe ,,Actually i am the first one to read ur ff whn it update n i want to comment terribly but i dnt know how thn today luckily find post comment option ,,great job plzzzzzz ky2 s3 update karna plzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Hey r u? Nice one I loved it to core.
    Check out fan fiction “roommates (nesam)” and “breakdown (swaragini)” by misha
    Love you loads

  3. Hehehe they e so cute I love to read convo I have read it 3times and now again I am going to read it so awesome and yup I am waiting for next episode hope tht is allso cute like this

    1. Hi Ollie my name is also Ollie

  4. It is simply awesome Waiting for next episode

    1. I did itThank you

  5. Hi sunitha…I’m loving the track…u are such an awesome writer dear…keep going..

  6. I just love it yar…..
    Keep going….
    Waiting for next part……

  7. Omg their conversation is adorable And so is their love.

  8. good going sunitha………….manan convo is so nice….. maniks fasting for nandu is also soo lovable and nice………… but in reality where can we find such a lovable hero who skips food for his lover or wife or gf……….update is soo good…….keep updating other ff also along with this………..I thought there might be a scene like manik breaking fast of nandu ……… u ……..keep updating….

    1. Manik walks along with her
      He never try to change her

    2. If u r destined u will surely get him. I got such a jem in my life n i feel soo much blessed

  9. Manan convo is cute. Plz sunitha let manik know abt nandini s real intention of fast i mean she did it for manik na!

  10. Awesome episode, manan forevee… love you loads.

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