manik malhotra_its my love story (part-46)


Manik malhotra_its my love story
Manik is still. His mind blowed away “what the hell is this? The worst day of my day. How should I react? She is hurting herself because she want to feel my pain? How crazy is this? What I had to do? The way she is feeling for me is best one making me to fly at the same time I can’t take it nor express my feelings. One thing is confirm I should not loose my control and hurt my self like this which is foolishness as she did the same” Manik returned home. Whole night he didnot sleep nandini getting hurt herself is coming infront of him if he close his eyes.

Next day Manik went to college early Nandini came.
“How is your hand Manik? Is it ok?”
Manik is staring at her hand which changed color to black all four fingers
“Iam ok how are you? What happened to your hand?”
“I just got hurt while closing door”
Manik got angry but controlled himself didnot say any thing.
“Manik what happened? Why are so disturbed from yesterday? Any problem?”
“Yes! Shall I ask you one thing?”
“You don’t need permission ask”
“If at any point I say bye to you for ever what will do I mean you will accept it and walk away”
“I didn’t get you clearly why will you say bye forever? If at it happens I will search for you and reach you”
“And you find me that I had gone a long way from you then?”
“I will die”
“What???” Manik shouted with shock
“Yes and I mean it strictly may be I may not kill myself for my parents but I will die in all means which is most dangerous that dying I feel”
“Why?”Manik got tears in his eyes
” may be your my reason to live”
“Nobody is forever”
“Iam forever, you are then, where is point in not feeling such? Say what’s the matter why such things you are asking ? No point in arguing with me Manik iam like this so stop thinking such”
“Nandu! You are not realistic be in reality things may change”
” I will not change. You will not change I knew it”
“Why can’t I change?”
“Ha ha ha Manik just look yourself you will change?” She laughed
Manik is mesmerized by seeing her laughing
“Why are you so tragadic today? I thought you will tease me for loosing bet”
Manik smiled “you lost”
“Yes I lost so tell me when should I?”
“Let’s think let us go to class”
Both walked in
Manik is worried “she is clear what I had to do? Shall I say? Are not? What to do? God please show me a way to make things perfect”

Nandini and Manik are sitting on steps Manik is silent he is just feeling pain. Nandini broke the silence
N; Manik you know these twenty days in mangalore I enjoyed a lot but still I missed yo….
M: I too missed you a lot nandu
N: then why didn’t you call before me?
M: I was totally messed up
N: ya I heard that you had some problem at home
M: yes! Nandu!”
Manik took her hand which is hurt and slightly touched them
M: why did you do this?
N: what did I do?” Nandini took her hand back looking down
M: this one Manik took her hand again showing the wound
N: it’s an accident
M: really Manik looked straight into her eyes
Nandini turned her face and scared “yes! Why are you asking like this?”
Manik didnot talk just kissed the fingers smoothly Nandini felt happy nd shy, smiled
Manik looked her tucked her hair back of the ear and touched her cheek smoothly and in slow voice” don’t ever do this again. It’s mear foolishness nothing else this doesn’t prove love it’s insane please don’t”
“But Manik…..” Manik kept his finger on her lips “shhhhhhhh” Manik touched her lips staring at them “you have to face extreme to live and find happiness, be my strength not my weakness at this point of my problems I need you to be strong rather making me weak”
“Then promise me that you will not leave me alone”
“Nandu!” Manik said in pain
“Yes Manik from yesterday iam observing you it’s clear that you can’t hurt me but your situations are forcing you stay away from me for which iam not ready ”
“When you can figure out everything then why don’t you understand stay away from me”
“If it is only me I would have Manik but it’s you who is suffering I can’t”
“It’s will give you pain i will give you pain stay away”
“The pain which is hurting you is acceptable to me but the comfort which you want to give me by taking pain is not acceptable” Nandini told firmly
Manik looked at “how come you know that?”
“Somethings can be felt no need of reasons and I don’t need it”
“You know nandu! No iam feeling better but …..”
“Leave it Manik! Shall I suggest you something if you don’t mind”
” yes”
” when we know that we will go through floods why to fear from now for which we can’t change? Rather fulfill all our wishes before drowning in floods. We you know that in future you are going to give me pain then why are you staying away from me and extending my pain period? You give me happiness which I may store in my memory for life time?”
Manik looked at her in a Devine way each and every word she spoke made him feel so engrossed and enlightened that he is feeling light painless
“You are right but is it not deciving? Iam not culprit? Iam I not playing with your feelings?”
“No! Not at all becoz iam saying it”
“Still I don’t have to hurt you. I have right to make you happy and smiling not to give pain”
“Rose is beautiful with thorns, love is prescious with pain. Watch moon without strains it is not beautiful life is meaning of happiness and problems tears flow for happiness and sarrows then why you just want half of it? Without fighting friends doesn’t exists , without problems families leant exsists then why are you trying to give me a boring life?”
“You are just arguing truth is iam at mistake I don’t know the way to correct it.”
“Think once about my advice let’s go to class” Nandini stood up both walked to class

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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