manik malhotra_its my love story (part-45)


Manik malhotra_its my love story
Manik came out looked watch at ran towards parking suddenly stood still like a rock. It’s nandini standing near his bike. Manik just want to hug her tight and even want to run away fast
“Manik how is your hand?” Nandini is staring at his hand
“Ntg just a hurt”
“Is it hurting a lot?”
“No nandu leave it. I had to rush iam getting late”
” ok how are you Manik? I missed you a lot in these 20days I thought you will call me after I lost bet but was…”
“I was full busy with dad sorry nandu ok bye” he took bike and started.
Nandini waved her hand
Manik came out, his mind and heart are shouting at him. He want to go back and talk to her, laugh with her, cry with her, hug her and express all his sarrows and feel light and happy. He want to through away the problems by expressing them to her. He knows it’s impossible, he can’t do it . He reached apartment.

Manik returned home had dinner. He looked at watch it’s 9pm. He want to see nandini once he went out to go and meet her, but Manik returned half way. He is unable to stay calm walking in his room then he got msg from nandini “is your hand ok? Is it still hurting don’t play guitar till it get ok please”
Seeing that msg Manik couldn’t control he took car and went to nandini house.
Manik reached nandini house but don’t want to go in and desperately want to see her.
Nandini’s house duplex and her bedroom has balcony which has good access to watch outside and hang out
Manik looked around and found a tree which joins balcony and growed up. Manik tucked his sleeves up and removed his shoe and kept in car and started to climb it with in two mins he reached balcony.
In school all fab 4 except Aliya all used to climb trees
Manik looked at door which is locked by inside. So tried window one window is opened. He sneeked in.
Nandini is in casuals sleeping in bed on her back playing with mobile, no talking to mobile I mean the one who is on screen Manik tried to see who it is? Suddenly he heard his name Manik
“Manik I don’t know but something is deeply hurting that is why you didnot talk to me, may most important I understand no problem but the hurt on hand is not acceptable you have to take care of yourself at least for my sake, don’t ask why? I know you are expert in making me shy. What I had to do so that you will be more careful without saying it? How? Nandini soch! Wait if he is hurt iam feeling the pain if I get hurt? Good idea no best one this will say everything with out a single word and makes him be most careful about himself”
Manik is confused. What shie want to do? He is thinking
Nandini opened bathroom door kept her hand on its Frame and closed the door harshly with closing her eyes.
Manik could understand anything it just happened. Manik’s eyes are opened with shock and terror. He is shevering
“Nandu! Take a deep breath it pains but you have to do this so that Manik when sees this he will ask then I will say just a hurt don’t worry but he will scolds me then I will say you keep yourself safe I too will that’s it matter close. O amma! It’s paining, chup nandu think how did Manik felt when he got hurt? Yes he was bleeding”
Manik sat on his knees “no no never how could she do this? Her hand is so soft pink in color her four fingers turn to blue. This all is my fault my jusssa o god what did I do? How to stop this stupid girl? If I say the truth??? I can’t even think. This is totally insane nobody does this. It’s not love it’s madness I had to stop her but how?”
Manik looked at her because of her pain she is shaking her hand and blowing air to minimize the pain her eyes are dropping tears still she is smiling “Manik we both are one pain or sarrow, even happiness all are equal to us the day when I saw you in hospital with injury God knows how I managed but now I can’t
Manik every breath you take

Every move you walk
I want to be with you
What would I do without you
I want to love for ever and ever and ever.
Nandu if Manik listens these lines he will Hug you tight and kissssss you when I had to say? When Manik want to listen
“Nandu..,!” Radhika called
“Yes mom coming” Nandini ran down.
Manik is still.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. They both are madly in love with each other. Nandini hurt herself deliberately just to feel the pain manik ia going through .i understand y it is gonna be a long long phase before they finally reconcile. Till then we will also feel the pain

    1. Yes it’s long way to go

  2. What is this yar……????
    Nandu aise kaise kar sakti h apne sath……

    1. Love it makes everything possible. Manik too hurt himself na

  3. oh god sunitha what is this yar…….. first manik is in pain now nandini ……….. she is thinking childishly and manik is soo stubborn ………. he should atleast react to nandinis mad act right

    1. Sometimes childishly behaving shows how much we love them

  4. how cute…. pls pls let manik talk to nandu.

  5. Anushka shetty

    Wow awesome episode…… Nandu is Soo cute … her cuteness….keep going .
    N ha plzz keep manan together..

  6. Good going pls Don’t stop

  7. Woowww……no wrds 2 xprs ur writing sunitha….
    Pls make dm toghtr asap….

    1. They will but with pain

  8. Plz dont separate them. Manik will still handle bt how nandu? I think now manik will behave that he just pretended to be in love with nandini n made her to hate him

    1. No monster here Lisa
      All the best for your exams

  9. Awesome episode, love you loads

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