manik malhotra_its my love story (part-43)


Manik malhotra_its my love story

Manik for frist felt happy that he didnot praposed nandini and the challenge which they had of not calling each other is helping him to be strong but actually it is killing him the most
Manik’s daily schedule changed morning he is going to office mostly going through field work and communicating with workers, Manik is observing their problems closely, then go through accounts and trying to analyse the ifs and buts in it, evening he is going to teach guitar, after that he is helping his mom in her schedules and work. Nite he is all alone filled with his own pain which he is trying to burry and unable to do

It’s ten days nandini left mumbai Manik is daily while going home form his teaching classes he just go to nandu’s place and remember the time they spend together. Today also he is standing under tree parking his bike a side watching her house. Manik mobile rang its nandini. Manik face glowed like star his happiness has no boundaries but suddenly his mind warned about reality still he want to talk to her he picked the call
Nandini: hello
M; hello with great pain in his voice and heart his happiness and sarrow both are flooding together.
N;I knew I lost the Bet
M: yes! …bet!” His tears run through cheeks
N: actually I controlled a lot but……” Nandini is blushing
M: you can’t control
N: yes I couldn’t. Manik….. Shall I ask something?
M: yes
N: did you miss me?
M: why did you go away from me nandu? See what happened to me
N: what happened Manik? Is everything ok?
M: yah yah fine
N: you are sounding low is anything troubling you?
M: no nothing
N: where are you?
M: near your house just missing you
N: then why didn’t you call me?
M: we had bet so…. Manik is unable to control his emotions and tears.
N: so I lost bet then I had to say those magical words
M: yes
N: shall I say it after returning
M: yes
N: Manik what happened? Are you busy?
M: yes
N: ok then bye when you are free call me takecare bye
M; bye nandu don’t wait for my call I may be late
N: ok bye
M: bye
Manik sat down on his knees he lost all his energy. ” no I can’t do this I can’t avoid nandu I will say the truth. Let her hate me ”
“How pathetic is my life she want say that she loves me and iam just….. I god please me I can’t hurt her”
Manik went home crying is not the solution that he realized. Avoid friends is not a good idea so he started to make things easy and normal. At least to show everyone.

College started.
Nandini came back last night she msgd Manik that she reached Mumbai but there was no reply from him she felt sad, so next morning she got ready and went to college early
At parking place nandini is waiting for Manik. All fab4, navya came but Manik is missing nandini want to wait but all took her to class. Manik came to class when sir is taking class nandini got a broad smile on her face which Manik noticed from corner of eyes not seeing her directly. Manik’s heart is beating fast “keeping nandini infront of eyes and trying to be normal is impossible how to control my feelings and emotions? She is trying to be with me and iam running away from her. This is rediculous”

Manik is thinking hard what to answer and how to answer “don’t want to break your heart just want to give your heart break”
Manik looked at nandini she is looking beautiful. She is wearing white top sleeveless and tight fit ankle cut green pant. Best thing is her cute smile that is enough to forget everything. Her long beautiful hair which she daily designs it in different style.which attracted me the most.
Nandini looked at Manik, he staring at her so gave him smile. He unconsciously smiled in return. She felt much better and happy. Manik is looking at her, the sparkling eyes which are expressing happiness which is best this time, the shy in her eyes expressing her intentions. Manik is totally swimming in her thoughts.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Anushka shetty

    Yaar sunitha I’m a silent reader .I’m juz in love with ur ff …ur really a very gud writer .the emotions in ur story is lik amazing.. Right now it is juz making me cry plzz keep manan together forever ..

  2. only the last para is new i think.

  3. Superb sunita…….it’s awesome……

  4. Suni check once u updated the same once and update manik my dream girl also….

  5. Yar its old
    Where’s the new update???

  6. It’s really awesome… I know you won’t separate manan but manik’s emotions were clearly explained and it’s mind blowing… I am just loving your ff and your style of writing… Keep going and try to update dream girl ff …

  7. It’s really awesome…manik’s emotions it’s mind blowing… I am just loving your ff and your style of writing… Keep going and try to update dream girl ff …

  8. Awesome, manik in dilemma. …very had decision to make…love you loads

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