manik malhotra_its my love story (part-41)


Manik malhotra_ its my love story

Manik went to interview. It’s a apartment in which seven kids which are just 7 to 10yrs age group. For each kid they will pay 1500 per month. Manik accepted. Timing is from 5to7 pm

The time which he spend with nandini’s family daily now he made it busy. He decided to stay away from nandini. It is hard no impossible for him that he too knew but just trying

Manik’s dad came to manik’s room, Manik felt uncomfortable for frist time to talk to him as the topic is like that
“Manik I know it’s irritating and uncomfortable topic to discuss just I need to apologize for my descission which ruines your life iam sorry”
“No dad don’t say that you have all rights to do so.regrate is for our business which would have not happened. Not for me but for the workers who are living by believing in us. Dad I need to ask you permission for two things. Shall I?”
“Don’t take me wrong I want to just be busy so I agreed for a job of teaching guitar, and second thing is I want to join your business only in holidays so that I will get experience please don’t refuse I beg you dad”
Harshavardan got tears in eyes he hugged his son. ” Manik I realized that you are most sensible person I kept my workers after you but you kept them before you. Iam proud of you, your wish you can do no need to take permission”He felt so emotion

Manik daily going to office daily with his dad and even going to teach guitar. Manik is not even giving time to fab5. He want to make himself strong he don’t want to reveal anything to his friends. He is fighting with himself. Whole day he is running with time but night it’s haunting him. Nandini is filled in his eyes. The more he is running away from her, the more he is missing her, he want her more.
We truly realize that we are alone……
When we need others the most
Manik is missing nandini like hell. He want to hold her tight so that no one can snatch her from him. Which is impossible now, he thought of calling her but didn’t
“Na jee sakein yahan
Na mar sakein yahan
Hasne ki baat chhoro
Na ro sakein yahan
To jaaye him kahan
Yeh dard ki aahein juda huwi raohein
Bhula denge tumko sanam dheere dheere
Mohabbat ke saare sitam dheere dheere
Abhi naaz hai toote dil ko wafa pe
Ke tootenge saare bharam dheere dheere
Dil mere chaahe ke seene se dil main nikal ke phaink doon
Bedard is berehem ko hawa mein uchaal ke phaink doon
Dhoka diya mujhko dhoka diya
Dil ne mere haaye yeh Kya kiya
Lamhon se haare bujhe naazarein
Ab to saheinge yeh gham dheere dheere
Tanha akele mein yaadon ke mele mein Tum gaya chore ke
Waado ki rasmon ko chaahat ki kasamon ko Tum Gaya tod ke
Ghariyan sitamgar katti nahi
Ulfat ke manzar se hatti nahi
Jahan bhi jaoon tumhe hi paoon
Rukein humaare khadam dheere dheere
Bhula denge tumko sanam dheere dheere.”
Manik cried sitting in the corner of house like a kid crying for mom.
He just want nandini that’s it.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. so sad for manik….. but i hav faith in manans love they will be together forever…

  2. waiting for next part….

  3. Suni can’t see manik like this and y nandu is not calling him …..

  4. Now a days no response please free to comment if you don’t like it. I thought this twist will make get much more response but no why? Please let me know
    Love you all and who commented iam thankfully

  5. I like ur update i am feeling pity for manik i know that manan will not be separated but while reading this update the expectation is increases i love it unite manan soon

  6. Very emotional n heart wrenching episode. …can’t see manan separate. …plz unite them soooooooon. you loads

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