manik malhotra_its my love story (part-40)

Manik malhotra_its my love story
Manik is still under shaver. Tears are flowing along with water. His eyes and face became red, he wrapped towel came out took guitar and about start playing heard nyionika’s voice and came out
” no Harsh! It’s rediculous we can’t do this to Manik, he is our son dam it! How many times we faced business tensions, still we servived this time too we can. Remember when Manik was in tenth we lost in construction because of land litication still we servived we got up then why this now? Manik can’t be forced to marry any one are you listening I won’t let him”
“Please calm down listen to me this time we are bankrupt which makes to loose our reputation which will never be built again goodwill once lost means lose of lifetime. Manik is growing till now we never shared our problems with him but now I took his rights and made them his duty but think once can Manik stand in market because of me?will Manik servive in his lifetime? I know that it’s rediculous, iam disgusting what to do? Give me sometime I will get solution please trust me”Harshavardan pleasing nyionika

“Harsh! Do something I want my son be happy that’s it. This is not the correct age to bond him in responsibilities and marriage without love is hell if we give him all comforts with hell at heart what is the use? It’s same as bankrupt.” Nyionika started crying
Harshavardan hugged her, his eyes to filled with tears

Manik came inside the room. His mind is bursting out. He equally loves parents and nandu now question is whom to rescue and whom to be hurted? Choice might be anyone pain is only for him.
“Nandu! Why did you go?”

Manik dressed up took his guitar and started to play
“Hamari adhuri kahani”
Manik’s mind is struggling heart is wrapping still he want to search something, get answer for something.

All of sudden he stoped his mind flashed a thought “whom to hurt is clear the one on whom I have total authority I will hurt them. Nandu now I realized how close you are to my heart the day when I shouted for frist time on road says that you are just mine. My pain is yours and your pain is mine. If I hurt you it hurts me more than it hurts you. Iam going to hurt you the most”

It’s three days completed Manik being sad and deeply hurt
Cabir watched Manik and said
“Manik chal lets go to mangalore”
“You are missing nandini so much so let’s go”
“No iam not”
“Look at your face, it’s written on it”
” no dads problem”

“Are you sure?”
“Need any help?”
“No, it’s different which can’t be rectified it’s ok just give me time”
Cabir watched Manik, he felt that Manik is deeply hurt for something “hope it’s not something not so serious and solved easily”

Manik stopped thinking and started search for best opportunity. Manik decided to work. He then found a add about a guitarist he checked the details and called them. They called Manik to come for interview Manik felt happy.

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  1. Good going dear…..
    And Congrats for completing 40 episodes….
    Keep going….
    Waiting for next episode…..

  2. knight_angel

    How well did u reflect the reality of life. When a son/ daughter realises he can no longer be a kid and has to start taking responsibilities. Suddenly u become mature . And now manik has to face his love. Hurting her won’t be easy but he has to avoid her or explain her. Both d options equally painful.

  3. Plz suni something. Dont let manik s parents take favor from those jerk. Let manik hurt nandu n then he will pacify her again. Bt plz dont let manik backrupt,poor or taken favor n commited those random girl. Plz plz

    1. Lisa chill life is so beautiful for him don’t worry the pain which he is giving and he is getting make him most wound earful person just wait. This story of mine is a beautiful and charming lovestory without villains only situations give pain here in this story I want to show that love is not only romance the pain which we bear for our loved one is also love.
      Lisa this story with names different I wrote 10yrs back now I got chance to public it. I thank you specially as you always read this story which is favourate one
      Lots of love

      1. Thank u. Love u too for the successful efforts n time u r giving for making us happy. A heartly thank u

  4. Awesome episode, manik’s condition is miserable. …very hard decision to make….manan forever. …love you loads

  5. Now a day no response guys if you don’t like plz inform I don’t mind stop writing plz

  6. Sunitha congratulations for 40 th episode….but felt soo sad for manik…they can’t sell their son to resolve problems… Parents must be strong enough to let not their child suffer bcoz of them….dnt make manik soo much… could he face nandu….and suni ur storyline is awesome….dnt quit for anyone….. Ppl might be busy in xams and am busy in my sister wedding arrangements….. So reading all at a time so commenting very late….

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