manik malhotra_its my love story (part-39)


Manik malhotra_its my love story

Manik went to nandini’s house and pick them to airport, nandini looked angry as she denied him to came but she is happy too that she can see him again. Manik is already missing nandini. After dropping them Manik returned home
Manik’s parents are in hall all the papers and files are kept in heap scene is very serious and hot
“Dad! What’s the matter?”
” Manik business problem our building are struck in one case which make us go bankrupt we are trying hard but things are worse” nyionika spoke with tears in her eyes.
Manik is shocked “mom! You never said to me”
“Ya we felt it’s ok but now it’s out of control” mr.harshavardan spoke with low voice
“Dad! It’s ok we will get on don’t worry” Manik hugged his father nyionika bursted

“Sir! Mr. Khanna came” one of the worker said
All wiped tears became normal and asked to let him come
“Hi harshavardan! I need to talk to you so disturbed”
“It’s ok have your seat”
“Malhotra Saab I know your position now I have a proposal which may help you from this problem”
All looked each other with surprise
“Yes malhotra I have a land at nevi Mumbai I will invest for concentration but I have only one condition for this” he looked at all
” don’t think that iam taking advantage but actually iam just securing my daughter life” he paused “you know that I have a daughter studying at London she is everything for me. I just want to ask Manik for my daughter after their education we will marry them. Manik will become head to both companies. It’s just a praposal you can deny I don’t take it to my ego decision is your malhotra Saab” he took a deep breath
Manik is shocked, his mind just blowed listening to this, his heart is crying, nandini’s smile came infront of him, what he heard and what he want is fighting with eachother. He is sofacating. “No no no iam only for nandini, I love nandini. Say no Manik” but “dad is in pain as a son it’s my duty to help my dad say yes don’t think Manik ”

Nyionika and Harshavardan both are numb. They never forced Manik for anything this is big one and for their problem they don’t want Manik to suffer but if everything goes ultimately it’s Manik who suffers what to do????????

Manik eyes dropped tears which are unbearable for eyes to stop. His heart is burning, roaring, shouting, crying, begging him to say no

Harshavardan broke the silence” as a business man I know khanna Saab that dicisions changes everything and this one is like two sides pointed gun which is equally dangerous still I choose one which is little effective I accept your condition but I too have one condition that you will not announce this in public and we keep it fully secret only we four wil only know this and it’s my promise that Manik will marry your daughter” malhotra spoke with great pain “marriage is only when they complete their studies, and when I get my money back I will pay this total amount according to today’s market value for which you have to obey as we are not selling my son if you are ok then we will proceed”
“Iam glad malhotra ji but one submission I will say this to my wife and my daughter it’s their right to know so”
“Ok khanna ji”

Mr. Khanna is glad after some more detail descission khanna went.
Manik went to his room and stood under shaver. He is blank and speechless he knew that this wrong still he can’t do anything “no Manik you don’t have right to play with nandini’s feelings and emotions what mistake did she do? Why you are giving her this pain? You are worst than trilok you are just a blady bastard you are selfish nothing can justify this. It’s a sin you are literally playing with her emotions”
Manik is crying like hell its never ending one.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Hai…sunitha..
    Don’t make manik cry….it’s heart breaking……
    What the need of a marriage proposal….
    Wish that won’t happen…
    Your ff is going good….
    Go on….

  2. its really good sunitha
    i felt very bad for manik
    thank u

  3. It’s not far that marriage should never happen poor manik i like ur ff

  4. Lisa where are you????? Iam missing you

    1. I m here only. Sorry i m late. Actually my mba midterm is going on so kind of busy. Bt i love the twist. Now manan will be more emotionally connected. Bt tell me one thing. Do u plan to take a leap within sometime? If yes then it will be gud

      1. Leap is there your guess is correct but it’s long time to go

  5. Sindhu Varma

    What abt Nandu

  6. Great twist. Love it

  7. Hey I can’t bear manik cry .nandu will be hurt soo much

  8. Ahhhh, no sunitha. ..plz it’s very painful. ..bring him out from this mess…love you loads

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