manik malhotra_its my love story (part-38)


Manik malhotra_its my love story

Guys! From two episodes back my story line is running in normal story way not in manik’s point of view.

Nandini dressed up neatly. She is waiting for Manik. She remembered last day incidence and blushed. Nandini is truly and madly in love with him. She likes the way he respect her, romance with her, dominates her, and mainly how he saved her from trilok sir.

Car horn sound disturbed her thoughts she ran out its Manik
Nandini welcomed him properly both came in
Nandini’s mom wished Manik “hello”
“Hello aunty”
“How are you? Yesterday we didn’t get time to talk come sit. How are your parents?”
“Yah! My parents are fine”
“I heard that you are guitarist, you know nandu is veena player”
“Yes I saw her in college program”
“Actual my mom is a classical singer she teaches sing daily in evening”
“O great! I don’t know classical music I only sing rock”
“Music is music what ever style it is. I hear all varieties.”
“Ok then y don’t you sing for me aunty”
“Yes for me”
Radhika started singing she sang a southindian keerthana
Manik is mesmerized by her sing style and vocal though he didnot understand it
“Aunty it’s beautiful just wait I will bring my guitar” Manik ran out and brought guitar
“Aunty I will try to play guitar while you are singing so please once more”
She sang again Manik started playing guitar, nandini played veena
All three just lost in music discussion and songs
Manik had lunch with them.
Manik enjoyed a lot with both ladies. His phone rang its fab4 he msgd them that he is coming
“Aunty it’s mind blowing! I loved it both food and music I will distribute you whenever I get time please don’t mind”
“No Manik pleasure is mine. You saved my daughter, I didnot thank you properly as thanks is very small one but if you disturb me I feel you too are my family member”
“Aunty please forget old things ok! I will leave my friends are waiting”
“Ok keep coming”
“Sure this time I will bring my friends too”
“Ok bye”
Manik just waved hand to both with a big smile he returned home.

Manik and friends became close to nandini family. Manik is happy he feel complete. Things smooth college nandini’s house, fab5 along with navya and nandini, music, education manik’s life is on flower’s path.

Mid term holidays declared nandini’s family planned to mangalore. Manik felt sad but didnot show it to anyone. Even nandini is started missing Manik but she is excited to go to her birth place.

Manik sat on steps of music room, he didnot call nandini just want to sit here for a while to make himself comfort.Manik knew that missing nandini is good but let her go and enjoy her life is best so he is feeling the pain alone. Nandini came there. Manik is surprised seeing her
“You didnot inform me that you are here?”
“Just relaxing for a while”
“Ok still you must have called me”
“From tommorow I have to be alone so practicing”
“O Manik malhotra is missing me”
“Nandini murthy came here so she too missing me”
“No iam strong enough”
“Acha! How much strong you are?”
“May be stronger than you in emotions”
“Let’s test”
“In holidays till college reopen if you call me frist then you are emotional weak if I call you then iam”
“Challenge accepted what is the bet?”
“This time you say”
“If you loose say me the three magical words if I loose I will”
Manik looked surprisingly. Manik hugged her nandini reciproced.
“Nandu! I miss you” Manik kissed her on forehead. Nandini looked into his eyes and kissed him on lips for which Manik took her lips and gave a beautiful French kiss.
“Bye Manik my flight is at 7”
“I will come to see off”
“No Manik I can’t see you leaving me”
” so I have to. Look in this way I will win the bet easily” Manik smiled
Nandini got tears in her eyes she hugged him smiled and started to walk after few steps she turned back looked Manik, he is running with full of emotions. Manik waved bye. Nandini went.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  3. It’s just awesome yar……
    The way u explain emotions is just mind blowing….
    Keep going……

  4. Its nice as always. If u bring some twist in the story it will be awsome

  5. Very good n lovely episode. …love you loads

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