manik malhotra_its my love story (part-37)


Manik malhotra _ its my love story
Manik is missing nandini the distance between his house to nandini made him to recollect the beautiful moments.
Manik: nandini is beautiful and smart girl, her smile is amazing like sparkling star which shines for moon but she shines for me. How soft and smooth is she, her cheeks, lips o my god they are rose petals. She believes me, her parents to believe me. I should be responsible. For her smile I can do anything how cute she is, she planned this and gave me best time so what should I do to make her feel same? I know this is best for her too but I want to see her excited so what should I do? Shall I gift her anything? But what I gift? Or shall I do something which is crazy? But what?
Manik reached home but his thoughts didnot conclude after entering in his eyes popes out seeing fab4 and his mom
“Hai Manik!” Cabir smiled
“Hai!” Manik’s face is pale
“Manik get freshen up and come we will have dinner together dad is waiting” nyionika smiled and made him come out of his shock
Manik walked to his room
Manik: o God! These people will kill me now. I had to answer all their stupid questions shit! This cabir na I will kill him if he irritates me

Manik and all had dinner. All fab5 reached to balcony
“Come on! Tell us everything which you are hiding from us” mukhti in anger
“Guys! It’s not hiding I need to get clarity that I love nandini which I got now and for your kind information I didnot prapose nor she it’s just flowing between us like a stream I was confused, I behaved like a dump and idiot with her when I didnot get clarity but it’s clear now I love her” Manik confessed
“So you love nandini shit one more girl less in my list” Druv said in frustration
All smashed druv “you dumbo! Here we came to kick the ass of Manik and you are worried about your stupid flirting bussiness” Aliya shouted at him
“Guys! I confessed so no more kicking me” Manik walked back
All started kicking Manik badly

“Ok! Now you all listen nandini is the one who initiated for our trip to lonavala now I want to something which should be crazy or interesting may be romantic which gives her pleasure so now think and give me a best idea”
“Girl love gifts so gift her teddy” Aliya said
“No a bike” mukhti said
“Shit yaar! These two are dumbos frist think what nandini likes the most” cabir suggested
Both girls are beating cabir with pillows he is shouting druv to joined them
“Wait I have an idea take her on date” cabir said
“No I can’t as we are officially nd and gf”
“Navya is nandini’s best friend so ask her for best suggestion” mukhti suggested
“Good idea!”all together shouted
After long discussions and conclusions without getting any idea all left for there respective ideas
Manik didnot like the idea of asking navya as he want to know by himself nandini’s likes and dis likes so he wanted to take time.

All night Manik didnot sleep he don’t want to waste this day so he is just recollecting all the moments again and again. Manik want to talk to nandini or message her but he didnot, “let her spend her own time let her enjoy as iam doing” he felt

Next day is a holiday. Manik badly missing nandini. He msgd her good morning
Nandini: good morning
Manik: what’s up
Nandini: still rooling in bed
Manik:any plan today
Nandini: no till now
Nandini:are you busy night y didn’t you msg me?
Manik: I thought you need time to spend with your family
Nandini:I was waiting
Manik: then why didn’t you msgd me
Nandini: I thought you are busy with your family and friends usually you fab5 jam at that time so I didn’t
Manik: basically we both over thinking so from now on no thinking just will do it
Nandini: yes I agree
Manik: shall we meet
Nandini: when and where?
Manik:I will come to your house
Nandini: good idea at what time
Manik: you say when should I come
Nandini: come in an hour
Manik: ok then I will fresh up and come
Nandini: I will also
Both said bye and hang up

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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