manik malhotra_its my love story (part-36)


Manik malhotra_its my love story

Manik took nandini to dam. The lights and water fall sounds everything is amazing both are enjoying the nature
“Manik I forgot shall we go to temple?”
“Yes I want to”
“Ok then come on”
Both went to temple
Nandini is from orthodox family so she performed puja. Manik followed her

Manik and nandini sat in temple its on height the whole city is seen both are watching it
“Manik ! When I complete my medicine I will come here again with you”
“So we have one more trip”
“Yes why you are feeling bore with me?”
” if I get that kiss once again I don’t mind I feel obliged”

“Only kiss made you be with me”
“Yes” Manik looked and smiled
Nandini smiled with him
Both started back as its late
Nandini held manik’s waist tight and sat besides him
Manik felt happy
Nandini “Manik is one, a girl love to have. He saved me from trilok sir, he frist respects me, he is so romantic, sensitive, and sensible. I love him a lot I want to say this but I can’t the game which is between us is awesome it’s crazy game we are enjoying it”
“Nandu! Shall I ask you one thing”

“Yes you don’t need permission to ask when you don’t need in doing somethings”
“Oho! Then I will ask do you feel that iam crossing my limits”
“No if I feel I will be clear and loud don’t worry girlish shy is different from my own safety so …”
“Ok then” Manik stopped by near roadside and asked Nandini to get down he too parked bike and took nandini back of tree and hugged her tight frist Nandini felt shocking and surprised then felt happy and hugged him tight
“I need this a lot when I hug you I feel that you are only mine and I belong to you”
“Manik malhotra are loosing our bet?”
“No but iam confinding my wish”

Nandini smiled “you know that you are cunning you drag me to the end and leave me to cross it always did you remember on that you shouted me on road you said me your feelings but in wrong way”
“Iam sorry nandu”
“No need! I feel that situation made us to get together”
“I too”
Both released hug Nandini is about to walk Manik took her back and kissed on her lips with total passion she too resiproked to kiss

Manik and nandini reached Mumbai Manik dropped Nandini home
“Sorry uncle it’s a bit late”
“No problem distance is long” me. Murthy said with smile
Nandini smiled and said bye Manik returned back to go home
Manik is missing Nandini her presence on bike gave him strength and responsibility her breath on his back giggled him
Her smile made him go crazy her kiss is just amazing thing in world
Manik loved this trip its most memorable one in his life

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Wowww so cool dr

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  3. superb sunitha
    thank u

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    Plz keep going….

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    As for ur child, u will surely get a college for her.
    Looking forward to ur post on the two ff.
    Keep going, manan rocks and u also rock.

  9. Sunitha plz update the nxt part soon. Ur stories r just amazing bt its too ur rivals one u gave 4-5 update in a day n now u r giving 1 update in 2 day that too small.sorry i m not complaining bt waiting like crazy. Plz try to update soon whenever u get time

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