manik malhotra_its my love story (part-35)


Manik malhotra _its my love story
“Ok nandini how many times did you visit lonavala before?”
“Many times”
“Then why again?”
“It’s with you frist time”
“Smart answer, which place shall we visit now?”
“Dam and ekvira temple”
“Only two ok”
“If time permits we will go to shooting point”
“As you wish, frist shall we have breakfast”
“Yes iam hungry”
Both had breakfast at a hotel Manik is watching her closely she prefers healthy food.
Nandini is wearing jeans with white sleeveless top a pair of flats not heels , she not like other girls who prefer to look hot and attractive neither fashion freak nor old model she is attractive and there is a spark in her eyes which show smile in them
Nandini’s eyes speak more than her
They smile, feel pain, show tiredness, makes me active, asks many questions which she does do
She is unique and simple.

Both started
This time nandini didnot leave any place between them Manik felt happy and smiled to himself
They reached lonavala

Manik took her to a lake before going to other places. It’s his favorite place
“I feel happy and relaxed when I come here it is bit lonely but feels great”
“Yes it’s very calm and peaceful”
Manik removed his shirt and pant with shorts and banyan he jumped into water
Nandini just kept her legs into water and watching him
“What is this come on join me”
“I can’t swim”
“Here water is not so deep you can just walk come on”
“No iam comfortable here”
Manik came near her took her in arms and dropped in water before nandini realized she is in water
“Manik! It’s too much” she started to beat him he is laughing she got more angry this time hit him hard for which Manik held her hand back strongly to stop her both are facing eachother with just half inch distant both eyes locked there breath is touching eachother Manik went more near their bodies are touching each others , Manik loosened his grip nandini is breathing heavily Manik took her face in his hand touched her cheeks, forehead, lips with fingers
He tucked her hair back of ear
“You know you always make me go crazy and wild. It’s most toughest job for me to control my emotions” he took her waist pressed it little she took deep breath, “shall I or not?”
“What?” Nandini asked looking at him in trans
“Control my emotions or not”
“What you really want to?”
Manik smiled “do I need to answer?”
Nandini nodded no
Nandini kept her hand on his bare shoulder Manik got signal he touched her lips with finger once again looking straight into her eyes lifted her face little and took her lips with small peck then just started kissing his one hand is on her waist the other on her neck
Nandini closed her eyes took the other hand and kept it in his hair to grip it tight and close to her face

Everywhere greenery small water fall with a lake nice music of water fall and birds everything calm middle of the water both are in each others arms kissing so passionately and caringly he took breath looked her and kissed again this time nandini opened her eyes and totally surrendered herself to him.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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