manik malhotra_its my love story (part-34)


Manik reached nandini’s house.
Mr. And Mrs. Murthy came out to see off nandini and Manik
“I know my daughter Manik still iam sending nandini with you alone because once you saved her and kept her dignity safe. Today same I expect from you. Enjoy yourself” mr. Murthy patted manik’s back

“Yes sir! I know nandini safety and dignity both are my responsiblity always I will take care of her. We will try to return soon.”
Manik and nandini started
Mrs. Murthy asked murthy “is it good idea to send these two teenagers alone? We can believe them not age, and now a days this scams and all iam scared”
“Stop watching crimepetrol gum rah etc ntg happens it’s just a trip take it easy iam there” both walked in

Manik when looked nandini he felt little shock as she is wearing a jeans and a white top so simple and comfortable as other girls no make up no over stylish very simple his lips have a best smile by seeing her
Nandini sat back of Manik keeping her hand on shoulder

Manik driving slowly without jerking bike nandini after watch for ten mins she asked Manik”are feeling sleepy?”
“No? Why?”
“Iam feeling with your driving”
“It’s ok you can sleep on my back”
“Budhu! Drive fast”
“No safety first and if bike jerks you wantedly touch me see which I don’t like” Manik is looking into rare view mirror for nandini’s reaction
“Waw! Great idea! I know on freshens day I think that was not you who was totally touching my body and…..” Nandini unknowingly blushing

“And…..”Manik want to listen
“Nothing” nandini smiled looking in same mirror
Manik smiled back “she is just like a beautiful flower her hair are like fleaces of soft bird she is as pure as morning dew which shines with sunlight I feel Devine when she smiles I like to be with her. Her presence gives me srength and safety I want to be with her forever”
“Manik it’s not fair you are not my driver and iam not a passenger just traveling iam getting bored like this”
“Sorry iam just …. Ok shall I ask you one thing?”
“Why did you choose to travel with me instead of asking me to confess” nandini said what Manik want to ask
“Yes!” Manik surprised
“I want to maintain this untold bond like this it’s funny and entertaining which is making both to be more contious and interesting not like others after confessing just taking eachother for granted and fighting for silly things”

“Amazing but this trip I didn’t get”
“To know eachother better as now a days we are not finding time to talk and this msgs and calls ok but to get better of each other”
“It’s you who started so say your likes and dislikes”
“No Manik frist we will say how much we know eachother”
“You start frist”
“Ok! You like to wake up early
You love coffee filter one
You prefer completing works without postponement
You care navya somuch
You love dance in rain
You are comfort in jeans nd tops
Bangles are your fav accessories
You look beautiful when you leave hair freely ”

“Thank you for the last line your complement its me now
You love your friends they come frist in your life
You feel happy reading
Basket ball is your favorite game
Your weakness is your parents
You like bikes
White suits you the most but you like red black and white
You wantedly loose to me though you would have won science fare”
Manik stopped bike with sudden break and turned back
“How do you know? Even fab5couldnt recognize ?”
“Mr.manik malhotra now a days you are most predictable. I done same project last year I know the loop pole which you wantedly avoided to loose marks”
“Unbelievable tremendous”

Manik is totally surprised by her argument he loved her more
“I just can’t express you are like a surprise book me daily a new surprise which makes me breathless in happiness”
“Iam obilized by your compliments”
“Nandini! ……nothing” Manik kissed her on forehead and started bike again
A teremera kahani hai barishoka pani song running background

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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