manik malhotra_its my love story (part-33)


Manik Malhotra _its my love story

Manik called nandini
“Hai! Congratulations for winning so as per bet I have to take you to Lonavala”
“Hai Manik! Thank you! Yes” nandini smiled
Manik felt a small wave passed in his stomach by her smile. He is blushing too. Manik when heard about bet he felt that spending a total day with her alone is a bonanza rather than listening I love you, so he left two loop poles in his project where as nandini being very much conscious about her project she done it perfectly. Automatically she won, which Manik already expected. Now it’s time.

Nandini said”hello are you there?”
“Ya! So when we have to start?”
“Frist you have to plan your friends, mom dad, everything you have to manage I took permission from my dad mom they said ok as its with you”
“O so you are ready”
“Yes Nandini murthy is ready”
Manik smiled “you are correct I have to manage ok in one hour I will convince all. Tommorow morning at 5 I will pick you”
“Ok but not car bike I love bike riding”

Manik laughed “you drive I will sit back holding your waist tight”
Nandini blushed and felt shy remembering the incident when she said not to sit on any other girls bike “I can’t drive on that road”
“O is that only reason? If so do one thing this time you hold mine tight”
Manik is enjoying her silence he know she is blushing he badly felt to kiss her then kicked on his head saying no
“Ok Nandini I will message you after an hour”
“Will you be waiting for my msg?”
“What do you think? Some questions are not to be asked they are having default answers”
“Ok! Then love……… get such gesture” Manik bit his tongue “Manik no love yous keep control on yourself baby” Manik spoke to himself
Nandini dripped her heart for a second and felt relief and smiled
“Ok bye” Manik hanged up call felt little tension free “o god this girl makes me go mad offff! Manik! Act smart” manik blushed with smile

Manik called fab4
“Guys tommorow iam going to Lonavala with Nandini”
“What? Why? So we all will go”
“No only me and nandini as I lost bet with her in science fare and before you guys shout questions let me clarify yes it’s Nandini who made me get mad I like her no love her but I never said it to her its in flow just going on and no more questions bye” Manik cut the call

All the four in call
“Did you all guys heard the same as I heard now” cabir asked
“So it’s not any dream” Aliya trying to figure it out
“Buddy is in love see I knew it I was saying to you all but Nandini?” Druv confused
“How? When?” Mukhti

They all called Manik again
“Can you be eloberate or shall we come to your place now?” Druv warned
“Ok listen before college we had beach volleyball competition remember in that day I saw Nandini runing I fell for her but as usual Manik the great can’t accept so took lightly then in college I saw her dancing in rain in parking lane I couldn’t resist hugged her still not figured out then I went on drawn to towards her like a magnet but cursing myself for it one day I caught her on road and blamed her for making me mad she was I too hurt the day when I broked everything in my room
After that I realised its not just attraction its love but between us there is a little game going on no one is ready to express our feelings just beating bushes around in process is the bet.
That’s it” Manik said in one go

“O my god! All this is going under our nose and we didn’t knew”
All said
“Yes! It’s happening”
“So Manik Malhotra is keeping secrets”
“No Manik Malhotra is a idiot can’t even sense his own feelings”
“You have to pay for this”
“Ok we will all decide and say” Aliya declared
“Wait aloo punishment is we will join you tommorow” druv said
“No no not at all guys please don’t do this”
“Ok druv we have now trump card with us to make Manik a puppet” mukhti laughed cruelly
“You are correct mukhti we will go wild” cabir too laughed
“Guys now on Manik and Nandini are on lesh we will start the game now you go and enjoy for oneday we will kill you from next day” Aliya blinked

“Ha ha ha Manik is afraid shut up guys ok bye!”
“You….,” all shouted
They laughed and hanged the call

Manik felt happy and relief
“Miss Nandini murthy you are really special you made me go crazy”
He Msgd Nandini “tommorow at 5am I’ll come and pick you go to sleep yearly and be ready on time miss murthy”
“Sure mr. Malhotra gn”

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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