manik malhotra_its my love story (part-31)


Manik Malhotra _its my love story

Manik is busy in doing project for science fare. All others are also forced to help him. Cabir and drvu are crying for doing Somuch work

Manik is working on radar detection-how to make airplanes invisible

Nandini is working on black holes and time

Both are giving there best to make the project work

Navya , cabir, mukhti,Aliya, druv are fed up with these science fair
So they started to avoid them but Manik and Nandini are not leaving them

After tendays of hard work and rivality the day came all the students are exhibiting there work.
Mr.Abdul Kalam visited there college(he was alive at that time),
He is observing each and everyone in detail it was Manik turn he showed radar detector which made Abdul sir impress he took each detail and asked many questions about it and appreciated Manik

Everyone decided that Manik will be winner, nandini is happy but looked tensed
It’s nandini’s turn she showed her project he just watched everything and made a serious look asked some questions and left for another one
Nandini lost her hope. Manik felt bad for her.

Mr.Abdul Kalam gave speech he talked about each and every product exhibited, he appreciated all the participants.
It was prize distribution time manohar is called for second runner up, Manik is called for frist runner up, all shocked.including Manik.
“I know everyone will be shocked but as in all participants I personally liked Miss.Nandini Murthy’s black hole and time concept best one. I can’t express in words who beautifully she executed her work. I congratulate Nandini murthy for winning frist prize” Abdul Kalam personally announced
Nandini was surprised, Manik is very happy for her.

Function completed after two hours everyone are tired as all are working from morning. Manik messaged Nandini congratulations
Nandini smiled and replied “so you lost bet”
“So it’s my wish to be fulfilled as soon as possible”
“What about tommorow?” Manik replied smilingly
“Ok I’ll inform you night” Nandini replied happily

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Woww nandhu os the winner superrr yaar

  2. I was thinking in mind that nandu should win as her bet was more interesting as it is an unofficial date 4 them. Nandu was a scholar at kky bt seeing manik in that form is impressive. Plz sunitha turn this into a larger one n try to briefly explain manan s feelings towards each other which u did at rival one and doing at nandini my dreams will be best if u explain their emotoins in details

  3. Awesome episode, yayyy,,nandini won….love you soooooooo muchhhhhh

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