manik malhotra_its my love story (part-30)


Manik malhotra _its my love story

“Girls check all the girls who looks at Manik”
“U and me will follow Manik” cabir explained
“We have to check manik’s mobile” Aliya said
“We can start listing his entries like nandini , navya etc” mukhti suggested
“Navya not valued, nandini what you guys say?” Drvu told
“Yes nandini may be? Look he saved her, when she was ill completed her works, speaks softly with her” cabir recollected
“May be we are over reacting?saving nandini is humanity it was nandini out of gratitude done his works frist Manik returned it and about speaking softly conditions made it” Aliya thought
Ya you may be write aloo so whom?” Cabir confused
“So best thing is shadow Manik” druv said
“Ha ha ha it’s the Manik malhotra don’t forget head strong short tempered unpredictable arrogant one who can kill us with looks think properly” mukhti warned
“So what we are bond James Bond” cabir showed two fingers as gun
All laughed at the way he said
“Ok! Parking to washroom just be with him” boys decided
“Try to steel his mobile” girls said
“Manik malhotra games is on” all hugged

Manik when he was entering to class he heard the gang discussion about him totally so he messaged nandini in detail that not to msg or call and not come to music room steps as his gang is spying on him. Then he deleted all the msgs, call list, photos of nandini which he took unnoticed by her.checked once again and entered class

Seeing Manik all the gang gave a broad smile and wished good morning
Manik too returned smile and wished them
All the day Manik made himself busy with science fare activity all four got board with him by evening
“Guys! I said na it’s Manik not so easy iam done” mukhti raised hand, Aliya to gave up, cabir is also fed up but druv got more suspesious but postponed for next day

Manik msgd nandini
“Did you start for science fare?”
“Yes and I think you should get ready for loosing ”
“O! Nandini murthy is a astrologist I don’t know this talent of yours”
“Mr.malhotra no need of prediction its fact”
“Fact is Manik malhotra wis the title”
“Let’s see you defeating”
“Overconfident nandu”
“It’s only confident”
“Ok let’s come to point what is the bet? Anything doesn’t work out”
“O! Scared?”
“No curious what you want from me?”
Nandini got a smile “I will say when I win”
“Look we can try more harder to win if we know the bet”
“Ok then you say what you want if you win?”
“Nandu it was you who started so you know you have already in minds I speak out I had to think”
“Still I insist”
“Ok! ……..” Manik thinking
” yes! You should say me what you understood frist between us?”
Nandini opened her mouth with shock and surprise
“Nandini now you say? What’s your bet?”
Nandini came out of shock and said”spend a day with me driving to lonavala”
Manik was mesmerized by her idea

Both are totally excited as both plans are mind blowing let’s see who wins and how?

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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