manik malhotra_its my love story (part-29)


Manik malhotra _its my love story

Manik completed nandini’s all subjects notes. Fab5 daily coming to spend time with her navya is also taking care ofnandini

After one month nandini returned college typhoid made her weak and pale.

Mid term exams were going on all are studying in groups this time Manik and nandini are in competition both are best at studies

College announced science fair at their primisses. All the student as to show talent
Manik and nandini are at steps of music room after a long time
“So science fair what are you planning?” Manik asked with curiosity
“Any thing which will be best”
“Ok but I have a track record of winning science fair awards from school age”
“I too”
“Ok then we will whose will be best”
“Manik let we have a compitition who wins can ask anything from others”
“Anything like?”
“Like anything”
“Think about it you may be in trouble when you have to pay back”
“May be its you who may be in trouble” nandini blinked
Manik got curious what she will ask? Is making him get goosebumps may be she want me to say I love you may be ok! Nandini murthy let’s see game is going to be much interesting.

Drvu felt something fishy with Manik. He smiled always behave weird, going on looks all time.
“Look guys! Now a days Manik is changed why? We don’t know but we have to find out what you all guys say?”
“Yes, druv its true we have to” all together said it
Mission Manik started.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Ab manik tho gaya

  2. Hey sunitha, how r u feeling now? Have u recovered properly?plz dont stress urself. We love to read ur stories bt we can wait. Take care of urself

    1. Iam fine Lisa
      You may get ffs little late

    2. Thank you for your concern

      1. U r welcome dear

  3. Hey just relax. No need to hurry if u r not well. Thx for update

    1. Thanks for your concern vrutika

  4. Awesome episode, manan competing each other wowwwww. you loads

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