manik malhotra_its my love story (part-28)


Manik Malhotra_its my love story

Manik and Nandini are busy in projects daily chatt is on only project

Everyday good morning to good night they go on chatting things are growing between them. Fab5 are also making good efforts to maintain friendship with Nandini and navya

Nandini didnot come to college. Manik searched for her. Since morning she is not even messaged him. I checked all night messages so that he find anything which may give him clue for not coming but found none. He messaged hai. Went to class

Total day no reply not a call even navya don’t know the reason. Manik felt tensed evening he decided to go to her house

Evening after college he went to nandini house and rang the bell, seeing Manik nandini’s mom radhika welcomed him with a warm gesture and smile
“Aunty! Today nandini didnot come to college”
” yes Manik she is suffering with fever. She just sleeping. ”
“Fever? How is she now?”
“Still same doctor said its typhoid so takes time from night temperature is frequently changing. She always sleep till temperatures controls.”
“Did she take tablets?”
“Can I see her aunty if you don’t mind”
“She is sleeping”
“Ok then I will leave”
“Ok beta”
Manik came out with heavy feat he badly want to see her, but he couldn’t
Manik went home but his not in mood to do anything. He again went to nandini house but he didn’t go in just stood infront of her house.

Next day Manik again went to Nandini house
Nandini is sitting on sofa keeping legs up. Sitting with weak face.
Seeing Manik she smiled.
“How are you nandini?”
“What fine? Look how weak you are?”
“Did you take medicines?”
“What did you eat?”

“What did you eat I asked?”
“Everything is tasteless”
“Shall I bring something?”
“No iam feeling weak iam not intrested”
“Then how you will get healthy? Shall I bring some fruit juice?”
“No Manik did you submit project?”
“Yes navya too submitted yours”
“Are you feeling sleepy?”
“Yes Manik”
“Ok then go and sleep”
“Ok bye”
Manik came out he felt sad for nandini.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. U know since from morning i was waiting 4 ur its okay as family comes first 🙂

  2. Awww so sad nandhu

  3. mindblowing as always..?..

    1. Yes this is a fan made story…

  4. Manik is soo caring. Thx for yet another wonderful update

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  8. Wont u give any update today? I m waiting 4 some long updates of ur both ff

  9. Sorry I am not able to post ff’s becoz I am not feeling well I will continue writing as soon as I get well

    1. Take care. I hope u will get well soon and we will get some awsome update again.

    2. Take care dear… We will wait for ur awsum epi’s…

  10. Awesome episode, feeling sad for nandu. you loads

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