manik malhotra_its my love story (part-26)


Manik malhotra_ita my love story

Nandini is waiting for Manik in parking place
Manik came after10mins
“Hai nandini”
“Hai Manik”
“Waiting for navya?”
“No! Actually for you. Why are upset yesterday?”
“No not all”With surprise Manik asked
“Then why you were serious when I rejected… ” nandini could complete the sentence
Manik smiled ” Iam not upset but I was thinking I either shout ,try to dominate you or try to kiss you forcedly which I felt guilty. It should be neutral. Both when feel it and can’t resist to express our feelings then we should kiss not just I want it and snatched it.I don’t feel sorry that I did it but I will try to maintain balance and behave matured.”

By listening to manik’s words Nandini looked him with a Devine feeling which made her feel proud of him. She is just starring at him. Whole night she was just tensed and cried but now she is overwhelmingly happy. This time she hugged him and kissed on his forehead
“Manik now I feel like iam with my father so secured and safe. Every girl needs dignity and security. The day when you saved me for sir I felt that you are my protector now you maintained dignity. I can’t say thank you but I can feel proud”
Manik smiled

Navya came to college nandini happily wished her for which navya turned her face and went to class
“Ayyappa! Iam died today” nandini went back of her
As cabir was late fab5 didnot meet
All by seeing navya’s sadda hua face they decided that cabir will be in sad mood and got dull
Nandini is also sad navya is not talking
Manik looked her, she is trying hard to convince navya but navya is not trying to listen to nandini
“Bus yaar navya! Just listen na”
“Why should I? You gave party to those people not me gave wrong address then why should I talk?”
“It was cabir’s plan to take on date yaar please understand”
“Arey why are you harsh at me because of cabir? Gussa uspa nikal not on me?”
“Who said iam gussa on cabir? We had great evening we enjoyed a lot. It’s on you as I missed party”
“Youuu! Drama queen yar you are impossible you enjoyed your date and still want a party now it’s your turn to give me party for sending you on date”
“No it’s cheat you have to give”

“No it’s you frist”
Navya throwed paper bits on nandini
Nandini started beating her navya ran nandini is back of her. Both are shouting and running whole class
Everyone are laughing Mukhti and Aliya to joined
Cabir entered and class is like a messy play ground where all girls are jumping from one bench to other and shouting
Druv explained cabir

Cabir is giving commentary
“Now mukhti is running back of navya Naveli, nandini is out of reach of navya, Aliya with her cute smile trying to catch navya ooooo she missed her, here goes navya to catch mukhti yesssssss mukhti bachgaya nandini caught navya, Aliya is trying to beat her but navya the fighter got out of nandini’s grip here again running mukhti come onnnnnnnn fighter…..”
Druv is wistling.

Credit to: Sunitha

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  1. wow….awesome man….love the bond between them

  2. Superbbb yaar

  3. Soo there is no misunderstanding between manan? Gud..i like it. But i think u can also add nandini s feelings too as u said nandu cried at nit,thats will give the story more emotional touch. N also u can add talking on phn over nit, study tour,class bunking n manan s secret meeting at night as all these happen at teen love. N u can show both manan s feelings and activites outside their college as in their home.Sorry 4 giving so much suggession in ur story. in case u mind just ignore those.i just felt it so told. Plz update 1 more today

    1. Everything will come up
      Jealousy no not in this story it’s totally about trust blind trust

      1. Okay.waiting for the rest 😀 .plz give another update today

  4. I forget to mention 1 thing…;-) plz add some jealousy in ur ff. As u showed a little jealousy of manik over aryaman incident at ur rivals story i really liked that. Moreover it is very natural incodent at college

  5. Hi m One of the silent readers of all up stories. And I just love them. I don’t know if anyone noticed it. Just ignore in case u feel it is just nonsense. U started this story from manik’s point of view and u gradually started generalizing it though ;). But it’s ook. Keep writing

    1. Yes it’s Manik point of view but what they shared with Manik we will know mostly cabir and navya’s date part actual you get clarity in next episodes

      After nandini and Manik’s closeness in relation story turns generalisation

      1. Sorry for the confusion I meant u started writing as if manik is writing the story abt his love, friends, and family.

    2. If its about only manik s feelings then nandini feelings woll be surprassed which will not emotionally connect with us properly…its my point of view. Altough u asked the ques to sunitha, i m sayimg what i feel, plz dont mind

      1. Ooh ya nandini feelings are important as well. And ya don’t worry I just said it because I noticed it.. But any which ways it shouldn’t matter which point of view is being expressed as far as we stay connected to the story well. And we all love it. Thanks. Lisa

  6. i liked the diginity of manik its good

  7. Awesome, wowwww super cute episode. ..cabir’s commentary was hilaaaaaaarious. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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