manik malhotra_its my love story (part-25)


Manan;its nandini my dream girl

Nandini is happy that Manik is found and safe. She want to see him, hug him, feel him. How badly she is missing him only she knows but his safety is at priority than anything.

She remembered oneday in Denmark
“It’s early morning Manik was still sleeping nandini wake him up he was feeling lazy after long pleading he woke up and sat on bed nandini brought his fav black tea he looked her seriously and asked her to keep it there and went to washroom after returning asked nandini to leave the room nandini got surprised and asked
“Manik I just woke you up arey why so serious? Like a monster?”
Manik looked really angry “your just a butler behave like it don’t dare to talk to me like this and where is your dress code? Who the hell permitted to enter my room”
“Manik! It’s me nandini”
“So what? Call me sir”

“Manik! Please recollect iam nandini look this she should him the photo frame of both
Manik looked with arrogance frist then starred at it and nandini
Nandini is in tears
Manik in confusion asked her” are you my……”
“Iam your nandini please Manik don’t forget me” she hugged him tight and cried.
Nandini’s tears flowed now “that was the day you started forgetting me before you used to forget my words or our beautiful moments but now it’s totally me. Manik forgot nandini which was impossible it actually happened

The day when nyionika came and sent me out you were there standing seeing everything. I badly wanted to hug you kiss you but your looks kept me very long distant. I didn’t loose you Manik I just kept myself away from you.

I wish iam with you
I wish iam taking care of you
I wish my Manik should and must be with me.
Nandini is silent but her eyes are flowing her heart is roaring
“Dil ya mera kyu shoor Machaya” from kites movie song is running back

Manik returned home
“Where the hell eye you Manik? You know that you can’t go like that” nyionika shouted
“Iam not kid and I remember our house very well I forgot the past not present iam forgetting I remember things very well. So stop screaming at me all the time and spying”
“Manik! Is this the way to talk to me”
“Yes! Iam fed up with both of you why I don’t know but I get negative vibes from you both. Though you are my mom, calling you mom does get used to I feel like calling you with your name still I respect don’t drag me to wrost and please remove this guards and that gprs from my car. It’s better and I have my own space”
Nyionika and soha looked total shock.

Manik walked to room soha followed him
Manik stood at doorstep turned back and warned soha “Iam uncomfortable with you do shift to other room if not I will” he banged the door.

Druv went to manik’s address looked from outside
He took whole day to observe.
He spoke to watchman
Made friendship with them and got lots of information from them

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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