manik malhotra_its my love story (part-24)


Navya enters
It’s beautifully decorated cabin for two with balloons, dim lights, flowers, which gave her glance at elegance and beautiful ambience made her feel happy
“Did you like it?”
“Yes! It’s wonderful but it’s not your style.”
“Ya! It’s Aliya”
“So all your gang and nandu made me fool”
“No you are fool actually who refused my offer so we have to force”
“I agree” both laughed
Food was served
Both are silent just trying to make things go on.

After dinner both came out
“O my god now iam feeling like breathing. These star hotel are dreadful I hate silence in them” navya keeping her arms open said
“Really! I too feel same” cabir folded his full shirt arms up
“Good come on I will show you a place where real enjoyment is there come on”
Both started they reached beach
“Look cabir this my favourate place in Mumbai, and this panipuri stall, bhaya! Two plates panipuri”
Both started eating
After that they walked along beach
Runing back of eachother, fighting, laughing.
“It’s best place navya! When ever I feel upset or sad I come here”
“I too”
“My dad left my mom when I and ranverr are at 7. He is a military man strict and discipline. He used beat my mom. I hate him to core of my heart but I love my bro. We are twins. Look alike.”
“Twins if I kiss him thinking its you how?”
“Ha ha ha! Funny after looking closely for sometime you can find difference”
“I love watching twins but identical twins are difficult to handle. Did you watch gopikishan movie in that Sunil Shetty double action heroines get confused.”
What about your mom she can identify?”
“Ofcourse! Yaar”
“Identical twins seriously handle you is tough task and handling two same as you horrible poor aunty”
“Ranveer is soft not like me and no Bichara for mom she is most mishevious than me she is cool mom ever”
“So you got genes from her”
“So I had to handle you both bichara me”
“Do you think you are anyway less than us?”
“Yes iam sweat”
“Sweat! Arey yaar if any man asks for date say yes or no what is this? Not in rule book? And what if boy asks for date don’t say yes in one attempt? Everything fair in love and war”
“Haa! You listen girls talking? Chi”
“No but we all were listening your answer for party. And what’s chi in it?”
“You are dangerous”
“You are”
“You spy on me”
“You take adventage of me”
“I will? How dare you say that?”
“And you pissme off saying rule book”
“That’s one which you already agreed”
“I too just out of curiosity heard”
Both laughed

Manik started thinking why am I always thinking to kiss her? Touch her? Am I not behaving same as trilok? No? No? Never, then why? Frist time when I saw her I felt the same as iam feeling now. It’s attraction Manik which is common in teens but it’s you who have to control. The way of controlling your feelings show your charecter. She is so pure and delicate her dignity is frist most priority even don’t have the right to touch her. Feel her presence, her smile, her beautiful heart not her skin.

Druv called Manik
Manik came out of his thoughts
All had dinner came out and started there car.
Nandini looked Manik he is seriously in his thoughts she felt upset “may be my no made him get angry?” She felt sad
They dropped nandini frist as they all want to talk to cabir
Nandini got down said bye to all looked straight to Manik he smiled and said waved his hand bye and drive the car back
Nandini got tears in her eyes

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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